Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th Geocaching in and near Bovina and Bloomville

Leslie and I met up at her house this morning and headed to Delaware County for a day of geocaching.  My GPS took us directly to Bovina Center where we found our first cache "BOVINA CHURCH"......behind a church on Main Street in a pretty area along a creek.  Because of our late start and the long drive it was very close to noon.  We had noticed a new business TWO OLD TARTS in a storefront that had been vacant the last time we were in Bovina Center so we checked it out.  It is mostly a desert/coffee shop but they offered a few lunch items so we ordered two sandwiches and shared them.
     And then we headed out for more geocaching.  Without my cars navigation system on, we ended up driving on some VERY back roads, not all of them paved, but we eventually made it to BOVINA ROCKS, another geocache in an interesting spot along the road.  I think it was then that we realized we were pretty close to Bloomville so we drove there and found a couple of TURF WAR caches along the hiking trail and another one along the road.  in Bloomville I remembered that I had something to mail so we located the Post Office.  I noticed this building Bloomville, New York by JuneNY across the street from the Post Office.  Then we headed back towards Bovina where we found a few more geocaches.  
     Altogether, we found EIGHT geocaches before time ran out and we needed to head back towards Oneonta. One last stop was at this old cemetery on Route 6 a couple of miles from Bovina Center:   It was late and I did not have any plans for supper, so I stopped at UNDERCOVER EGGPLANT and bought a pizza for supper.  

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