Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friday April 29th, 2016 DAVID'S BIRTHDAY GATHERING at Papa Leo's

For David's 71st birthday Peggy planned a family gathering at Papa Leo's.  Davids best friend and his three grown kids and two grandsons were there, as well as Mike and Janie and Dillon and myself.  The pizza and wings were very good.  We had italian cookies from Moninaro's instead of a birthday cake.  I think everyone had a good time.

my complete set of pictures can be found here:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Niagara Falls

Before going to the falls, Vera and I went to Grand Island to go to Kelly's Country Store.
 We arrived a few minutes before it opened, so we explored a bit in Grand Island, just to see what was there.  Also, right next to the store is this old one room schoolhouse which was moved there from across the street:
Vera purchased gifts for her family and I bought a few very small items.

Then we headed to Niagara Falls.  Construction blocked our direct route to Niagara Falls State Park, but we found it easily.  We went first to the Visitors Center in the park and were given directions to follow.  We walked down to the lookout area of the falls and then went to the observation deck. 
This was Vera's first time to see the falls and she thoroughly enjoyed i.

Then we decided to go see the Casino.  Vera signed up and was given ten dollars free play, which we used on one of the WHEEL OF FORTUNE machines.  She won $1.25
We talked with this worker: 
She suggested we go to this diner for lunch.  
Luckily for us, we arrived a few minutes before their 1;30 p.m. closing time.  Vera had an omelet and I had a Beef on Weck.  Prices here are great.  Its really a vintage diner that has not been redecorated in a loooong time.  
I loved it!  That ended our day and we headed back to Lockport.  

Craft Stores, Paula's Donuts and Bill Grays

Vera wanted to go to craft stores to look for supplies for her projects.  First we went to CRAFTS AND CREATIONS here in Lockport where she made a few purchases.

Then we headed out the Transit to  HOBBY LOBBY.  Once again she found some items she needed.  As we headed back towards Lockport we stopped at JOANNE'S FABRICS and then at MICHAELS and she found stuff at both places.   I found two small hanging lanterns one in purple and one in blue, to match the red, orange and green ones I already had.

We had lunch at Bill Grays (buy one steakburger and get one free) and we also went to PAULA'S DONUTS and used another coupon for two free donuts and a free coffee (Vera had both of these).

That evening Vera, Karra and I went to the VILLAGE EATERY for supper, using a gift certificate I won at a basket raffle a couple of months ago.

Rolling Hills Asylum: Sunday April 24, 2016

Becky, Vera and I met up at Peggy's house and Peggy drove us to East Bethany, NY to go to a historical tour of ROLLING HILLS ASYLUM.

It was never really an asylum or psychiatric hospital,   It was established in l827 as the Genesee County Poor House (originally it was a working farm), and it soon became a dumping ground for the outcasts of society.  Widows and orphans mingled with mentally ill people.

The present owner (Sharon) is the third private owner of the property.  She moved to New York from California.  Previous to that, another owner had shops and I think another previous owner may have rented rooms out.

At any rate, 12 participants gathered at four p.m. and Sharon took us inside where we signed waivers and gave information about emergemcy contacts, etc.  Many in our group were avid ghost believers and hunters.

Sharon focused on paranormal stuff, which was disappointing to us since we merely wanted a HISTORICAL TOUR.

Here are a few pictures:

here is Vera in one of the many rooms.

Here is a picture of Peggy and I at the entrance fo the asylum.  
My complete set of pictures can be seen here.

The weird thing about the tour is that the believers were seeing and hearing things that the non believers did not see or hear.  Go figure!!!  My theory is that if you try hard enough you will see and hear things.  BUT NOT REAL THINGS!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016 at home

Today Vera and I stayed home. She worked on a project, making some "shirt protectors" for Carrie.  They turned out great.

 I prepared a turkey dinner, complete with stuffing,  mashed potatoes, winter squash, cranberry sauce, etc.

Peggy and David came for supper and brought a pecan pie.

It was a delicious meal.

Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016 Drive Back to Lockport

Since I was in the area for a few days, I offered to pick up my friend Vera and bring her back to Lockport for a few days.  She spent the night at her daughter Melessia's house so she would be closer to where I was staying.  I picked her up at 8:40 a.m. and we headed towards Lockport. I drove up and got on Route 20 since it is a more interesting drive than the thruway.

We stopped in Waterloo for lunch at CONNIE'S DINER,   It is a very cool place

  I think this was our only stop.  We arrived in Lockport mid to late afternoon.  I was pretty exhausted from my time with Carol and the two drives across the state. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vernon Exploring and Geocaching April 21, 2016

Carol remembered seeing what she thought was an Amish Store a few years back in the Vernon area, so we headed towards it early today.

Our first stop was at a really neat salvage business.  R.E.B. Demolition.  It was like a scene out of AMERICAN PICKERS.
The owner said he has been in business since he was a little boy, working with his father.  

We went to several antique shops.  The two I liked were JUST LIKE GRANDMAS 


  We found the store that Carol thought she remembered, but it was not very impressive.  It was a standard Mennonite Bulk Food Store.    

We couldn't find a park with a picnic table, so we pulled into a spot on a side road and made sandwiches for lunch.  

We went to a Friehofers Discount Bread Store and we each purchased several items.  Carol pointed out what is left of a popular restaurant that recently burned down.  
We stopped at the village square in the village or hamlet of Vernon Center to find a geocache.  The cache was easily found and then we noticed a consignment shop so we went to it.  Carol found some drapes.  

Altogether we found 7 geocaches today.  When we got back to Carol's place, the roast beef she had put into the crockpot that morning was almost ready.  We peeled some potatoes and cooked and mashed them.  It was a very good meal.  

I was able to log my caches and start my blog on Carol's wifi.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 20th, 2016 around Otsego County

Carol and I started the day by having breakfast with Connie at her place.  Connie provided a very nice breakfast of cereal, yogurt, croissants and more.  We visited for over an hour before heading into Oneonta, where I found Mary's new place.  She bought a small horse farm just outside of Oneonta about a year ago.  Here are a few pictures:

in the house, are a few relics from the bowling alley that was formerly known as Monica's

Mary treated us to lunch at Brooks.  We each had the senior chicken dinner
 and we all had desert.  Carol thought she would be getting two small scoops of ice cream, but the scoops were huge and served in a sundae dish.  
She finished it anyways.  

We did some geocaching that afternoon.  We found two near Taylor Hill  near Edmeston and one on a pig farm.  
The one hidden near this replica of a church was my favorite.  

April 19, 2016 Drive to New Berlin

I left early this morning and headed towards Oneonta for a three night stay with my friend, Carol.    I had arranged to meet Linda at NEW YORK PIZZERIA in New Berlin and when I arrived at exactly one p.m. she was waiting for me.

We had a nice lunch and then took a walk around town.  Then I went to the park on Main Street and parked my car to wait for Carol.  My plans were to take a short nap.  I figured out how to recline my seat and reclined back and heard someone pull up behind me and it was Carol.  The timing was perfect.

We went to the farm where Carol keeps her horse Mystique.

 We had supper at the NORWICH BUFFET which is a very nice Chinese buffet.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Rambling Around with Pam ADVENTURE

I desperately wanted to try the Apple Fritters at Feltfrishes Store and asked Pam if she wanted to accompany me today.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, we found that Feltfrishes has closed, and it looks like its NOT just a seasonal closing.  We were disappointed, but continued with our day out.  We drove down to Point Breeze to see the lighthouse and look for a geocache hidden there.
the wind was wild and crazy, nearly knocking us over, but we managed to look for the cache for about five minutes before we had to give up.  We drove east on 18 a few miles and then turned around and headed back. We made one stop at a meat market that appeared to be Amish, but it was not open.

  I turned north to go through Lyndonville.  We had lunch at Curly's a very nice bar in Lyndonville.   We each had a scrumptious cup of clam chowder for only a $1.50 and then BLTs with hand cut fries.  Curly was very friendly and helpful, and I would definitely eat there again.

After lunch we continued heading south until we got to 104.  Pam had never been to Millers Bulk Food so we stopped there, where we both made a couple of purchases.  

April 7, 2016 Prison Ministry Banquet

Peggy gave me two tickets to the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry 29th Annual Banquet. It was held at the Cooperative Extension at the fairgrounds just outside of Lockport.  I invited my friend Bonnie to accompany me.
Pete Robinson sand The National Anthem.  
Donna Eick catered the was a buffet and it was so good.

It was a great evening.