Monday, July 26, 2010

Broken Shoulder Adventure

Thirteen days ago, I fell at home and sustained a "minimal" fracture in my right shoulder. Believe me, it did not FEEL minimal. Anyways, that put my geocaching, exploring and flickering to a complete stop. I was getting a severe case of "cabin fever" so I asked (begged) my friend Leslie to take me out to do something fun this week and she was kind enough to oblige me. I am so blessed to have a friend like her.

I drove into Rite Aid near her house and she met me there. We headed out Route 7 to Worcester. We located two fairly new geocaches in Worcester. One is in a brand new park near the historical society. The society was closed today, but I took a picture of the contact numbers for future reference. What I could see through the windows makes it look like an interesting place. The other is along the road by Gulf Falls, pictured here.

After that we had lunch at Ardy's. Leslie wanted to take a back road to Westford instead of going on the main roads. We had a few difficulties doing this because of the lack of County Road signs, but we did make it to Westford via several back roads.

We stopped first so that Leslie could find my WESTFORD CACHE. There is a new sign for the park it is hidden in, so I took a picture of that. Leslie found the cache quickly and put a geocoin in it. She said the cache is in good shape.

Next stop was at the BADEAU CEMETERY. This small civil war cemetery is on a small steep hill.
I decided not to chance it with my injury, but Leslie scrambled up and found it after a few minutes. I will return another time when my shoulder is back to

On the way back to Route 7, we looked for and found THE GODDARD HOUSE, a historical house outside of Schenevus on Elk Creek Road. See the dog on the lower left hand side? This dog came out as soon as we pulled the car to a stop and barked up a storm. Leslie took the picture out of her window.

All in all, it turned out to be a great day. The wonderful weather helped!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brookwood Gardens and More Adventure

Carol M and I set out this morning for a day of exploring. I gave her the map and we headed towards
Richfield Springs, New York.

We stopped briefly in the hamlet of Schuyler Lake, New York when we noticed the small historical society. It was not open but the phone number for a contact person was on the door.

Next stop: DYN'S CIDER MILL on Route 20 west of Richfield Springs. The owner was very friendly and offered us several samples. We spent about twenty minutes before moving on. We watched for the BAKER OCTAGON BARN, on her suggestion. It was just down the road.

We arrived in Richfield Springs and stopped at SPRING PARK. Carol had never seen it up close. I tried a taste of the sulphur water from the spring and we walked around a bit and I took a few pictures.

By this time it was lunch time and I suggested that we take a short drive to Jordanville to CINDY'S KITCHEN AND PANTRY, a place I had read about on the www. Unfortunately, Cindy and her staff seem to be on vacation, so the place was closed. It looks like the small building may have once been a small town general store, and indeed it still does sell some merchandise as well as provide meals. I hope to return someday. We headed back to Richfield Springs but stopped to take a few pictures of a very interesting small church. It is the CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD (Episcopal) in Cullen, New York. Here is a picture of it.

Once we got back to Richfield Springs, we "cruised" Main Street before deciding to
eat lunch at a small diner. Carol and I split a cheesesteak sandwich and fries. They were VERY slow in preparing our order, but when it came, it was fine.

Our next stop was the RICHFIELD SPRINGS HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION MUSEUM. They do not have a whole lot of artifacts at this small museum, but they do have a lot of historical information. We learned a bit about the "hotel days". Richfield Springs served a wealthy clientele in the summer time in those good old days.

We went into a small antique store for a few minuts and looked around for a place that had postcards, but we were not successful.

Then it was time to head to Cooperstown so that we could be at Brookwood Gardens by three p.m. The woman I spoke to on the phone the previous day said that if we were at the gardens at three p.m., we would be able to go into the Garden House, since she had an appointment to open it up to show to a prospective bride.

We had a bit of extra time, so along the way we stopped for two geocaches. The first one we were unable to search for because of a HORSE! An Amish guy seems to have driven his horse and buggy pulling a trailer with a boat to the fishing access spot. His horse was parked right where my GPS was pointing, so I skipped looking for that particular geocache. I was successful at the next one, which was ROCK OF AGES, and hidden behind a sign at the intersection of 20 and 80, just outside of a cemetery.

We arrived at Brookwood Gardens a couple of minutes after three p.m. and went inside the Garden House and walked around the gardens, and I took a lot of pictures, which can be seen here: It was a great day, and I think Carol M. enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Return to Bainbridge Adventure

Linda and I decided to go to Bainbridge today, mostly to go to the FROG POND, the huge fruit and vegetable stand there. We met up at my house and headed out. First stop: FROG POND. It was their last day open before closing down for a two week summer vacation, so I thought that they would not have much to offer, but I was wrong. They had a lot! Both Linda and I purchased a LOT of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Second stop: Pine Ridge Grocery (otherwise known as the Mennonite Store). Once again, both of us made several purchases.

Then it was time for lunch. We wanted something inexpensive and light. We took a chance and went into the Olive Branch at the Jericho, which was formerly (and not too long ago) known as The Old Jericho Inn. It is a beautiful old building which used to be known as the Central Inn in the 1850's.

We had chicken wing pizza. The total bill was $6.00, and that included we met our goal of having an inexpensive meal. The pizza was good, too.

I had never taken any pictures of the building that used to be the train depot, so I took this opportunity to do so. The building is now used for village offices, but it still has the train depot look to it.

I had geocaching info. with me, but Linda is recovering from total hip replacement, and I didn't think she was up to doing it. We had perishable food in my car, so we decided to head for home so we could get it refrigerated. On the way home, we made one small detour, so I could show Linda the Otego Creek fishing access area on Route 8.