Friday, September 20, 2013

Rambling Around Adventure

Wendy told me about a diner she likes in Cassville, New York (off Route 8, south of Utica) and I wanted to try it, so I suggested that we go there for lunch today.  We set out late morning and headed to Cassville.On the corner of 8 and 20 we noticed a small Amish produce stand, so we stopped and each of us purchased a couple of items. At WENDY'S DINER, we both had the fish fry, their Friday special, and it was delicious.  It is a very cute little diner.

in the same building as the Cassville Fire Department.  After lunch we did some geocaching (Wendy's first time).  The first one was COP WATCH, and fairly easy. Just down the road from this geocache, we saw this very old car.  A KAISER!!!  Old "Kaiser" seen near geocache in Cassville, NY by JuneNYWe did not find the second cache we looked for, in a nearby cemetery, but Wendy found the third one in a cemetery just south of Bridgewater.  
We decided to to to the Amish bulk food store in West Edmeston, since Wendy had never been there before.  She purchased several items.  On the way back to New Berlin, we stopped at another Amish produce stand and we each made a couple of purchases
We hoped to stop at a Amish baked good stand that we both remembered, but we did not see it.  Once back in Morris, we stopped at the supermarket  and at THE VALLEY CAFE, where I bought a cherry pie for us to split.  It was a great day!!!

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