Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Island Adventure aka Return to New Island

I met up with Leslie this morning and drove to the Super 8 where I parked the car and then we walked to the start of the NEW ISLAND TRAIL, in order to find TINA'S TEASE, a geocache hidden by el fartero.  It was a LOT of walking and it was chilly and sometimes windy, but we perservered. New Island Trail: Oneonta, New York by JuneNY By the time we got back to the Super 8 we both felt and probably looked like scarecrows!  We had lunch at Denny' before heading to Laruens to find the LAURENS CEMETERY CACHE, which was quick and easy.  On the way back to Leslie's house, we stopped for desert at THE UNDERCOVER EGGLANT.  The coconut mound cake was delicous.  It was a great day!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ham Supper

Christ Church in Gilbertsville offered a free community dinner tonight.  Carol and I went........ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots and apple crisp with ice cream for desert!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Secret Caverns and more: 10/21/13

I called Judy this morning to see if she was busy and she said she wasn't.  She asked me to pick up a couple of items at Price Chopper before driving out to Westford to meet up with her.  We decided to go to Ardy's for an early lunch, mostly because I had a gift certificate that I won a couple of days ago.  
     When we got to Ardy's at eleven a.m., we found out that it would not open until noon.  I suggested that we go to Cobleskill for lunch.  When I mentioned Rubbin' Buts BBQ, Judy was interested, since she had heard about it on the radio.
     We had lunch at Rubbin' Butts..........we both had the pulled pork sandwich for $5.00 (the lunch special) and a soda.  Then Judy asked if we could go see Ryder Elementary School where she did her student teaching.   I agreed and we found it.  
     I suggested a drive further east on Route 7, since it was such a nice day.  When I saw the colorful signs for SECRET CAVERNS, I suggested we find that place, since I had heard about how colorful the building was.  We followed the signs and drove through a small hamlet called Bramanville before we got to the caverns.
     I was surprised to see the caverns open.  This is the building where you pay to go in and it is also a gift shop.  Judy waited in the car while I went in and checked it out.  It is very interesting and colorful.

Secret Caverns by JuneNY
On the way back to Route 7, we went through Bramanville again, and I stopped to take a picture of the Caverns Mill Museum and Country Store, which, unfortunately, were closed.   I hope to return someday when it is open.  Bramanville is a sleepy hamlet. I noticed one storefront, but did not stop to take a picture.
     Once back on 7, we headed towards Schenevus.  We made one more stop: at a farm stand/store.  It was very nice.
 They sell a lot of items from other countries (I think Italy mostly) and offer sandwiches and other foods.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 New York State Right to Life Convention

This year the convention was held at the Holiday Inn in Oneonta, New York!  So, I had no reason to NOT attend.

The featured spearker was Courtney Elizabeth, a 17 year old abortion survivor.  She was very good! Karen Cross and her mother spoke about the impact Karen's two abortions had on the entire family.

I think that was prime rib on the buffet lunch!!!  There was a silent auction and I "won" a very colorful set of four handmade placemats and a gift certificate to Ardy's in Worcester.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Seven Geocache Adventure (New Berlin to Bridgewater to West Winfield and back)

Carol stopped by late yesterday afternoon and I suggested she and I do something today.  She said she did not have any money, so I suggested we do something free like go geocaching and have a picnic.  She agreed.

We got a bit of a late start because this morning because Carol had to get some hay first.  We met up a few minutes before 11 a.m. in New Berlin and headed north on Route 8.  We did not find the first geocache (Route 8 South Brookfield Road). Carol found the second one (Route 8 Snow Plow Turn Around).  I was looking in all the wrong places when she found it, and then she claimed that I "LET" her find it!!!   NOT!!!!!  I think the next find ws Route 8 Hoxie Road.  I found this one but I lost the log when the wind picked it up and took it away!!!!!  (I replaced it with a new log).  Then We found Route 8 Beaver Creek Road pretty easily.

By then we were getting hungry so I suggested we head to West Winfield where there is a cache hidden in a park where we might find a picnic table.  While going through Leonardsville, Carol suggested we stop at the place where she picked apples a few years ago.(Wratten's Apple Farm). They have a neat little shop in their barn. 

We checked out the types  they offer, but she decided to pass since they do not have any McIntosh apples. Then we headed to West Winfield and located the park. 
Then we headed to West Winfield via Route 20.  We had a great picnic lunch (egg salad sandwiches, potato chips and pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes) at a very nice park.  I think it is West Winfield Memorial Park.  There is a very beautiful grove of pine trees that we walked through in order to find a geocache.   

While looking for a geocache just north of Bridgewater, I noticed this garage!
Our last geocache find was in a wooded area off of a cemetery.  Then we headed for home.  I was pretty worn out!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


RIVERSTONE: West Oneonta, NY, : Connie with the chef
I met up with Connie at her place and after she walked her dog Daisy, we headed to West Oneonta for lunch at RIVERSTONE, which I think is Connie's favorite local restaurant. It closes for the winter at the end of this month, so we wanted to go one more time.

We ordered chicken wings as a "starter" I think they were garlic/parmesan flavored. They were very good. Then we split a grilled vegetable panini, which was also very good. We split a chocolate desert.  We visited with the chef, and I took his picture with Connie:RIVERSTONE: West Oneonta, NY by JuneNY

Then we took a walk around the area just outside of Crestview Heights Golf Course. The weather was perfect today and we thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Solo Oneonta Adventure

When I stepped out of work at 12:30 today, I realized that it was a gorgeous, and even WARM fall day, and I decided I MUST not waste it.  Sooooooooo, I went to SUBWAY and purchased a six inch sub and went to the small park at the end of Maple Street and ate my sub while reading a book. Then I decided to go to Neahwa and walk around the lake a couple of times.  However, I decided to find a parking spot and walk around Main Street.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Main Street.  I checked out the back alleys and a new shop in the old Bresee's.  Also, I went to the Lady Ostapeck exhibit at the FOOTHILLS again, this time with my camera so I could take a few pictures.  Here is one.

Monday, October 14,2013

My friend Betty fell a couple of weeks ago and shattered her elbow.  After a week at Bassett and major surgery, she went to Chestnut Park for "rehab"  After a few days there, they decided to release her since there really was not anything they could do to rehabilitate her arm since it was in a huge cast/contraption.  She had an appointment with the surgeon today, so I picked her up at noon at Chestnut Park.  She was all packed up and ready to go!

We had lunch at Pondo's and then headed to Cooperstown.  She was x-rayed and then finally saw the surgeon  (he was running late, so this took a lot longer than we planned).  The surgeon took off the cast, which really was not a total plaster case, it was pretty soft and came off pretty easily.  A splint like thing was put on Betty's arm and locked into place.

I finally delivered Betty to her apartment around five fifteen p.m.  She and I were both exhausted, mostly from the waiting around.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Richfield Springs Geocaching Adventure

     I packed a picnic lunch and Leslie and I met up at my house and headed towards Richfield Springs for some geocaching.  Our first stop was at BAKER'S BEACH where we found our first geocache, one that Mr.Science hid.  Then we continued on towards Richfield Springs, stopping for a glass of cider at DYN'S CIDER MILL..............they were making cider today and it was very crowded.
     Once in Richfield Springs, we had a bit of trouble locating St. Joseph's Cemetery where a geocache is hidden.  I had found it previously.  Leslie found it within a couple of minutes.  After that we headed back to Main Street and the park where the next cache was hidden.  It was hidden on the fence around the area where there used to be a spring.  This picture shows one of the old hotels in the background.    I found that nano almost immediately and then we set up our picnic lunch (egg salad sandwich, potato chips, cherry tomatos, peach cobbler and Loganberry drink.  Then I checked out the small farmers market and purchased three green peppers.  I liked this display of gourds:

After that we headed out for more geocaching.  One of them was off of a "rail trail" and we enjoyed a short hike on a fairly well maintained trail.  
After finding the geocache and hiking back to Leslie's car, we drove down the road further (I think County Road 24) hoping to see some Amish farms, but I don't think we did.  We drove through the hamlet of Monticello, which does not have much, but I did notice at least one storefront and a cemetery, so I might return someday to take pictures.  We then drove around in a circle and approached another geocache which was at the opposite end of the same trail.  We were unsuccessful in finding this one, and we were surprised at the No Trespassing signs on the old bridge at that end.
     Then back through Richfield Springs for a couple more geocaches.   We stopped at Weaver's Lake and Leslie found that one (I found it a couple of years ago).  We one or two more but did not find one called "643", which seemed to be on, in, under or near someones mailbox.  Then we headed for home.  My full set of pictures for today is here:


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Downsville ADVENTURE!

I met up with Peg in Delhi at 9:30 and off we went.  She knew the way to Downsville, so I did not need my navigator.  Once in Downsville, we stopped at the hardware store.  I asked directions to the covered bridge and then we drove to it.  We looked for a geocache there, without any success. After leaving the covered bridge area, I stopped at a small wine shop and asked about other historical sites in the area and the girl told me about the chimney in the hamlet of Corbett.  It sounded interesting.

We headed to Corbett and drove through it the first time, so had to turn back.  It is a very small hamlet, which no longer has a post office.  Here are pictures I took:    This is a chimney that was associated with the acid factory.
 This was the "company store"
 and this former schoolhouse is now the Corbett Community Center.
I have to say that Corbett can most likely be classified as a "ghost town" because it is a "shadow of its former self".  After leaving Corbett, we headed back towards Downsville. We stopped at the Old Downsville Cemetery.

Lunch at the OLD SCHOOLHOUSE RESTAURANT was very good.   This is a beautiful place, both inside and out.  I had the patty melt and Peg had the reuben.

We had a little bit of extra time available before our appointment at the Colchester Historical Museum, so we went t the EAGLE DOLLAR STORE.  
We met up with Kay H. Parisi-Hampel 
Colchester Township Historian at the Colchester Town Hall and she let us into the museum, which is very interesting, with lots of artifacts and information. It was especially intereseting to learn about Corbett!  After that we headed back towards Delhi.  I stopped
 to take this picture of the Octagon House in Hamden and also we stopped at the LUCKY DOG farmstore, which Peg had never been to.  
I dropped Peg off at Price Chopper and I went in to get a few groceries.  Then I headed for Oneonta.  I stopped at Chestnut Park to drop off a couple of sweaters for Betty, who is in there for rehab after her recent fall. She gave me the good news that she will be released on Monday. 

My complete set of pictures taken today are here

It was a great day but I was really worn out by the  time I got home.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lady Ostapeck

I went to the photography exhibit at the Foothills.  It is photographs that Lady Ostapeck took..........of dolls dressed up with various scenes.  It is very nice!  Unfortunately, I had forgotten to put the recharged battery back in my camera so I could not take even one picture.  I took a nice long walk at Neahwa, since its a gorgeous fall day here in Oneonta.

Friday, October 4, 2013

QUILTS and MORE: 10/4/13

Got up to a bleak, damp day and decided to visit an old friend in Sidney.  I arrived at her place a few minutes before ten a.m. and we went to the Sidney Historical Society Museum, then to KMart and then to the Chinese buffet for lunch.

I started to head home after dropping her off and then I remembered the Quilt Show at the Majors Inn in Gilbertsville.  I decided to check my GPS to see how long it would take me to get to Gilbertsville and it was less than 20 minutes, so I decided to go.  I drove down a colorful backroad which got me to Route 51 a few miles west of Gilbertsville.

The Quilt Show was magnificent.  All that color and wonderful pattern, inside a beautifully restored old building!  I was there for  about 45 minutes and then I remembered that I was parked in a thirty minute parking spot, so I quickly finished up.  I took a few pictures of the Majors Inn from the outside then headed to my car.  It was parked outside of what used to be a quilt shop, but is now a book shop, so I decided to check it out.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Columbus Quarter ADVENTURE (and more) 10/3/13

Carol told me about the harvest meal at the Columbus Community Church, but she had to work so could not go so I asked Wendy and she said yes.  We left my place about  9:20 and headed to New Berlin and then north on Route 8.  When we arrived at the Columbus Quarter Schoolhouse,  Susan Pope was already there opening up the church and school.  We went into the school first, and then the church.

We drove up 42, following a sign for FRESH PRODUCE.  Before we reached the Amish Farm Stand we passed this barn with a sign saying GOOSEVILLE, NEW YORK.  Wendy and I each purchased an item or two from the stand and talked with the Amish teenage girl.  Then we headed back to Route 8.  Just down the road from the church and school, (right next to the Livestock Auction House)  at a very old, non-maintained cemetery, we found a geocache.

Then we headed to Columbus for their annual harvest meal.  It was roast beef\ and it was delicious
Then we headed back to New Berlin where we stopped at THE DOLLAR GENERAL and SERVICE PHARMACY.