Monday, May 30, 2016

Rambling Around Two Counties with Peggy

Peggy and I decided that today would be a good day to do a lot of geocaching BUT it did not work out that way................

We met up at her place at ten thirty a.m. and we drove some VERY back roads as we headed to Newfane to look for the geocache hidden at Murphy Farms.  We gave up when what we thought was a trail did not work for us but mostly we quit because of the heat and humidity and sun beating down on us.

On the way to Olcott Beach we stopped at the old caboose where we looked for the magnetic geocache hidden on the caboose.  Both of us had looked for it before without any success and we did not get it today, either.

Next stop Olcott Beach where we found a geocache and then in an antique shop where Peggy saw a dollhouse she might like to buy for her collection of dollhouse furniture.  Then we backtracked a bit to a winery

where there is or was a cache hidden, but it may be missing. We sampled a sweet red wine and Peggy purchased a bottle.   And then back to Olcott beach where we enjoyed a picnic lunch of sandwiches and fruit.  We parked near SOME TREES ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS and Peggy found the geocache which I had found previously.

We headed east along 18 towards Lighthouse Christian Camp.  I thought there was an event going on there today, but I must have had the wrong date.  Peggy showed me around and we visited our friends, Wayne and Sharon,
who have a  great spot there for their trailer.

After that, we continued east a bit more to beyond Golden Hill State Park and took a path past some ruins and found the geocache NOT A BED OF ROSES. It is near these ruins.

 And then we headed back.

Along the way back to Peg and David's house she showed me where some Amish families that she knows live.  And when we got to Seamen Road, we stopped at the Beachy's and she introduced me to Marilyn Beachy and several of her children.  They are all so friendly!

It was a great day!!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

MASTERS OF AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE Walking Tour, etc. Saturday May 28, 2016

Peggy and I met up with Cynthia (our tour guide through EXPLORE BUFFALO) and a few other people at the Visitors Center

for the 


walking tour.  These buildings were included in the tour:  
  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral – Patrick Keeley
  • Old County Hall – Andrew Jackson Warner
  • Guaranty Building – Louis Sullivan & Dankmar Adler
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral – Richard Upjohn
  • Ellicott Square Building – Daniel Burnham & Co.
  • Old Post Office – Jeremiah O’Rourke, William Akin, & James Knox Taylor
  •  We thoroughly enjoyed the tour even though it was getting hotter by the minute.  After the tour we had lunch at the PAN AMERICAN GRILL AND BREWERY in the HOTEL LAFAYETTE.  It was a great lunch, salad and sandwich and drink for ten dollars, in a gorgeous place.  
    and then we delivered some books to a friend of Peggy's and then we went  to Trader Joes and the Entenmanns Discount Bread Store. 


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday May 25th, 2016: Lowertown Adventure

The girls I graduated from high school with in l967 chose Pleasant Valley Tavern for our weekly lunch.  It was a gorgeous day so I decided to head to what we call Lowertown an hour early and take a walk.

I parked across from ART 24/7 and started to walk.  I heard voices inside a building that I had always wondered about, and I also noticed that there were light on inside.
I walked around the area a bit, and noticed a school bus nearby, so I figured it was school children.  I  took a chance and walk in a side door and found what looked like a GREAT museum.  It appeared that there were two classes of elementary age kids.  One group was listening to a lecture and another group was lined up to try a hands on activity.  Nobody seemed to think my presence was out of the ordinary so I walked around the entire first floor, stopping briefly at a couple of exhibits.  Two of the exhibits that stand out in my memory are the UPSON COMPANY exhibit and the exhibit about WESTERN BLOCK.  I noticed that the UPSON COMPANY exhibit said something like FROM FIBERBOARD TO PUZZLE, but they did not have any puzzles on display.

I went over to the building next door which is a place where people book parties and they also offer canal cruises.  I asked a women in the gift shop about the building and the museum and she said it is their Heritage Center.  I mentioned that I have several TUCO PUZZLES and would be happy to donate a few if they would put them on display.  She directed me to the office of MIKE MURPHY, who apparently is in charge of both buildings.  He is very interested in the puzzles and he gave me his card and I will get a few together and call him.  He told me a little bit about the museum.  They do not have enough staff to open it to the public, but school groups come often near the end of the school year. He said the first electric elevator in Lockport is in the building and told me a few other facts tht I cannot recall.  I suggested that when I bring in the puzzles possibly someone might be able to show me the elevator.  He suggested  I come at 9:45 a.m. some morning when school kids are coming in (they ususally come at ten a.m.) and another Mike will be over there setting up and I can ask him about the elevator, etc.  

I still had some time left o I decided to walk across the lift bridge.  While doing so, I spoke with a couple from Denmark.  They said they were enjoying their time in Lockport.  
We were on the bridge chatting when all of a sudden, a clanging sound started and we realized that the bridge would be going up to allow a boat through.  Unfortunately, we headed off in opposite directions!  I would have liked to talk to them a bit more.  

I watched the tourism boat go through and I took this picture of the Danish people on the other side of the canal.  

I was going to climb up into this building to see if my second cousin Daniel Bowler was working.  I really do not know him, but would like to get to know him better.  However, I noticed that it was very close to noon so I decided to go back to my car and cross over the canal and get to PVT.
Lunch at PVT was very nice.  I had the beef on wick and hand cut fries for only $5.75 !!  Most places charge close to twice that much.  

I am really excited about finding that museum, but I guess I should not be telling people about it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday May 24th 2016: Adult Coloring, Movie and Lake Effect Ice Cream

Tonight was the once a month ADULT COLORING event at the Lockport Public Library.  My friend Elaine was unable to attend.  I called Pam and asked her if she wanted to meet me there and she agreed.

The group tonight was VERY small compared to previous months.  Pam and I had a good time.  We left a bit early  to go over to THE PALACE THEATRE for the documentary THIS CREEK.
 This short film is about the contamination of EIGHTEEN MILE CREEK which runs through the north end of Lockport.    The presentation and the film were very interesting.  There was quite a crowd at the Palace, too.

Pam suggested we go out for ice cream so we decided to see if Lake Effect Ice Cream was open.  It was and it was very busy. We each had a cone.  I had Peach Marscapone Caramel and it was delicious.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

 This morning I went to ART 24/7 to see a Joe Whalen display.

 He recently passed away.  He was my ninth grade art teacher.  This particular exhibit was of his art that he had given to a friend of his, Paul Hunt.   It was a small exhibit (one room) but I enjoyed.

After running various errands and picking up a few items, I headed towards home.  I saw a yard sale on Niagara Street, so I turned to go to it.

In a FREE BOX, I saw something red, so I pulled it out and found a red bowl in very good condition.  Since my kitchen has red highlights, it would be perfect.  I checked the bottom and found out it was Pyrex, so I rummaged around a bit more and found he yellow one.  Both are in perfect condition, no chips
Since Christa collects PYREX, I took both, and gave the seller a dollar.  It appears that these bowls are two of three pieces.  The larger one is blue (I would really love to find one of those).  They are from around l990, I think.

May 20, 2016 Solo Explorations

I woke up to a gorgeous spring day and decided I MUST spend some time outside.  I knew what I wanted to do...........go to Wilson and look for a place my family vacationed in the fifties.  I couldn't think of anyone who might like to do that, so I decided to head out on my own.

Along the way I saw this for the first time

Pease, A. Douglas, was born in Newfane, N. Y., December 30, 1834, a son of Enoch and Eliza (Douglas) Pease. Enoch Pease was born in Maine, January 12, 1705, and came to Newfane with his parents, where he was reared and educated. He was in the war of 1812 and his house was threatened to be burned, but owing to his kind treatment they were not molested; he was taken prisoner, but was released on account of the kindness of his mother. In 1835 he came to Wilson, where he resided until his death, which occurred in 1887 at the age of ninety two years. His wife was born in New Jersey in 1800 and died in 1849. A. D. Pease was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools and Wilson Collegiate Institute and Lima Seminary, graduating from the scientific course in 1855. He is a farmer and owns 535 acres, 400 where he resides. He is a large fruit grower, having about 125 acres in fruit. September 29, 1859, he married Abigail Sayer (born in Wilson, April 26, 1842), daughter of Jonathan Saver, who came to Wilson and practiced medicine until his death in 1849. Mr. and Mrs. Pease are the parents of seven children: Arthur D., of Wilson: Frances M., wife of Landon N. Bostwick, a lumberman of St. Louis, Mo.; Florence A., deceased; Mary E., wife of Edward Hall, of Youngstown, N. Y.; Howard Enoch, born September 19, 1875, at home; Harvey, deceased; and Edith G., at home. Mr. Pease is a Republican and was supervisor in 1882 and 1883, and served as a member of the Board of Education nine years and president five years. He was for six years trustee of Greenwood Cemetery. Mrs. Pease died February 3, 1897.

Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

I did not have a lot of success finding Harrisons Beach, there is just  NOT a road down to the lake that can be considered anywhere near as long as the road I remember.  However, I may have been searching in the wrong area...........I don't really know where it was.  

I looked for two geocaches.  I must have programmed in the wrong coords for the first one, as it was on a back road with no possible hiding spots.  I had almost zeroed in on the second one when several muggles appeared VERY close by so I abandoned my search.

I had lunch at a neat place in Wilson.  DOWN ON MAIN STREET.
I seated myself in a booth and the waitress yelled over to me "Are you drinking?"   I think she could benefit from some lessons on how to deal with customers.  My BLT was cheap and very good.  

Someone on facebook mentioned remains of a small amusement park on Irish Road, but I could not find them.......I need to try to go before the foliage is on the trees next year.  

On the way back to Lockport I stopped at a couple of yard sales and then at Reid where I had a small twist custard.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Monday May 18th: Anne's Commital Service in Niagara Falls

my friend Connie's 98 year old mother passed away in Oneonta.  Her burial was in Niagara Falls, New York.  Connie could not make it to the commital service (there will be another one in Oneonta) so I offered to go in her place.  Anne was a friend of mine, also.  It was a lovely spring day.  The complete set of cemetery and service pictures can be seen here.

I went early and found one geocache in Hyde Park and also had lunch at Porky's Hot Dogs:

 I had the chicken fingers lunch special with lemonade, and it was good.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday May 12, 2016 A Half Day of Geocaching !!!

Leslie and I had breakfast at our motel, and then wanted to go to a certain bakery that we had read about on TripAdvisor.  We drove separately, she was using a map and I was using my TomTom.  We both ended up at the same place but there was no bakery, only a dead end street.  So, we headed to the BASS PRO at the mall to find a cache there.  We spent the rest of the morning geocaching, and were very successful.  My favorite was near some locks on the Seneca-Cayuga Canal.
We drove some VERY back roads!
 As we were driving to the last one, I noticed a store which looked like it might be a Mennonite bulk food store, so I stopped there.
 It turned out I was right.  We looked around and purchased a sub to split.  We drove back to the refuge where Leslie had left her car and had a picnic lunch.

We set out on our separate ways (me to the west and Leslie to the east) at right around two p.m.  I stopped in Canandaigua for a vanilla cone at ABBOTT'S FROZEN CUSTARD (it was outstanding), and then got on the thruway.

I arrived home, pretty worn out,  at 5:10 p.m. to find Peggy in the middle of preparing supper. (fresh cod).

Wednesday May 11, 2016 in (13 geocaches and 2 historical sites, etc.)

After taking advantage of the continental breakfast at the DAYS INN, Leslie and I walked to a few geocaches: Sewards Folly, Bostwick Cache and Freedom Park.  Leslie took this picture of me at a sculpture which I think is dedicated to the creation of movies with sound.

Then we headed to Willard Chapel for a cache. (I think we were on our way to Willard Chapel when I accidentally tried to drive the wrong way on a one way street). This beautiful church has many Tiffany windows, but we were there too early and could not take a tour.  We spent the rest of the morning geocaching with lots of success.  Right around lunch time we began looking for the AUBURN DINER cache, which was a multi.
 We had lunch at the diner (it is truly an old time place)
We took a tour of the Seward Mansion.  It was very impressive, mostly because the furnishings are authentic.   
this is the old basement kitchen where slaves stayed during the Underground Raiload era. 
Our second historical stop was at Harriet Tubmans house.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside, but here is how it looks from the outside.

We had one DNF at a great park.  The name of it is WALKING ON WATER.  We chose the wrong pier to walk out on.  It was getting hot and we were tired, so we chose to NOT walk all the way out on the other pier.

Our last find of the day was at the agriculture museum.

After that I was exhausted so we headed back to our lodging.  I recovered after a half an hour or so and we decided it was time for supper.  Leslie had chosen a restaurant named Pavlo's but when we got there it was closed.  We drove around a bit looking for something interesting but we eventually settled for Chili's across from the mall.  We both had a very expensive bowl of clam chowder, but it was good.

It was a great day!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

To Montezuma and then birdwatching and geocaching!!

Early this morning I packed up my car and headed towards the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, to meet up with Leslie for some bird watching and geocaching as well as some visiting some historical sites.

I think I arrived at the refuge a little before noon.
 There were a few people on the "deck" with scopes looking at the Hudsonian Godwit, so I got to see it (through a scope).  Apparently, this particular bird is not often seen in this area, but he is here now and generating a lot of enthusiasm with birdwatchers.  I found this picture on the internet:
I had brought a picnic lunch so we had that and
then drove the route birdwatching.  Leslie has a new SCOPE so we were able to use that.  It is pretty neat!

Here are the birds we saw during this adventure:
 1.Canada geese 
2.trumpeter swan  
3.wood duck  
4. gadwall ( a tan duck that has a black butt)  
5.American black duck  
7.northern shoveler (duck with red sides, seen through scope in area where we 
saw the sandhill crane) teal ( a duck with reddish head, seen through scope with the 
black ducks in area where we saw the white egret) 
9.greater scaup (black and white diving duck, seen with the bufflehead)  
10.bufflehead (black and white diving duck)  
11.double crested cormorant (seen swimming near aquaduct)  
12.great blue heron  
13.great (white) egret  
14.bald eagle 
15.turkey vulture  
16.harrier (raptor) 
19.American coot (swimmer- black with white beak) 
20.common gallinule or moorhen (swimmer –blackish had bright orange on top of 
21.sandhill crane 
23.spotted sandpiper 
24.greater yellowlegs (a small wading bird)  
25.least sandpiper (smallest wading bird)  
26.Hudsonian godwit 
27. ring-billed gull  
28.caspian tern  
29.pigeon woodpecker  
32.great crested flycatcher (heard near old paper plant)  
34.northern rough-winged swallow 
35.purple martin  
36.tree swallow(seen flying about- white underside)  
37.barn swallow(has red on underside)  
38.white-breasted nuthatch  
41.yellow warbler 
42.yellow-rumped warbler  
43.chipping sparrow  
44.white crowned sparrow sparrow  
46.cardinal blackbird  
49.brown-headed cowbird (on lawn near visitor center)  
  We also found four geocaches today, one of them we had looked for last year without success.  My favorite geocache of today was AN APPLE FOR THE TEACHER, which is hidden on the very overgrown grounds of an old building which may have been a one room schoolhouse first and then a church.

We then went to the DAYS INN and settled in a bit.  We had supper at SWABY's which is a neat place with interesting artifacts including an electric chair and this:
 Our prime rib was kind of salty.  I took a large piece of mine with me.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Victorian Tea and Basket Raffle at Lockport United Church of Christ 5/7/16

I reserved a table for eight at this event, but was not able to find an eighth person.  So it was me, Peggy, our cousin Becky, Pam, Barb, Darlene and Elaine.  As usual the buffet was outstanding with many kinds of sandwiches and deserts.  Here are my tickets  (I spent $31.00)

Barb won three baskets.
Becky won two baskets
Peg won two sets of gift certificates for various restaurants and one basket 
Pam and Darlene didn't win anything.  I won a basket, but the strange thing is that it was not a basket I chose.  I may have put a ticket into the wrong bag.  I think I am going to save the basket and donate it to a future raffle.  

One of these twins won this huge stuffed horse.
Ir was a fun afternoon.