Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day Three Lockport Trip (Day Trip to Wilson, Youngstown and Ransomville) September 28th)

Since yesterday was our "work day", today was a "play day" and Peg and I decided to go to Wilson for some exploring and geocaching.    Just as we were leaving, Peggy received a phone call that a friend had died of a heart attack, so we took some time to go over to her daughter's house.  I offered to "scratch our plans for the day" but we didn't.

We stopped at a farmstand on 78 on our way towards Olcott.  We were getting hungry and it was getting close to noon, so we had a picnic lunch at KRULL PARK at Olcott Beach before heading west towards Wilson.

We found our first geocache outside a historical building and ran into Peggy's friend Ursula.  Then we went to the Wilson Historical Society.  It was closed, but we looked for a geocache and I took several pictures.  I would like to go into this old schoolhouse someday.
I had read online about a huge fossil of a turtle at Erway's Tree Farm, but their was nothing going on there when we arrived and we could not find it.  We did see a couple of animals there!  

Imagine, a ZEBRA in New York State.

The highlight of the day was hiking a trail at the WILSON-TUSCORORA STATE PARK and finding a geocache.  The trails are very well maintained, but not very well marked.  After Wilson, we got back on 18 and headed towards Youngstown where we found two more geocaches near a couple of public docks.  Our total for the day was FIVE finds, but there were a few we were unable to locate.

On the way home we stopped at a restaurant south of Ransomville.  Our meals were very good.  

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