Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oneonta Etc. Adventure

The plans were to pack a lunch and meet up with Connie at FoxCare and then we would go in one car to Wilber Lake for a hike.  However, when we arrived at FoxCare, it was so chilly and windy that we thought maybe a hike in the great outdoors might not be a good idea.  We took our lunches into FoxCare and ate there.  I found several books on the book cart outside of the cafe.  We decided to scratch our plan to go to Wilber Lake and instead to go to the CITY OF THE HILLS ART AND MUSIC FESTIVAL in the Dietz Street Parking Lot.  Connie drove and we agreed to split up and meet after twenty minutes.  I didn't purchase anything, but I ran into Solveig, a woman who at one time ran the DV shelter that I work in.  She now has three children!  We talked for a while.

When Connie and I met up, she asked me "what next?"  I suggested we go somewhere for a desert.  She said "why not try the new cafe attached to the laundromat?"  I agreed to that.  When we got there, it was closed, but one of the owners opened it up for us.  We each purchased a few desert items to take with us and talked with the owner for a while.  She told us about her catering business "Patty Cakes".  

After Connie dropped me off, I went to the library and picked up some "holds" and then came home.

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