Saturday, January 7, 2012

Geocaching January 7, 2012

Leslie and I met up mid morning at her place to do some geocaching. First stop 23 PIT STOP. We had tried to find this geocache a couple of times before without any success, but today we found it.

After that we headed to Fortin Park where we found a tribute geocache.

Then we drove to Milford to find two geocaches in old cemeteries.

On the way there, we stopped so I could take a picture of this.
I am not sure what exactly this place is.........was it a blacksmith shop in former days? Is it currently operating? I cannot find any information about it on the internet.

We finally found the ADAMS CEMETERY.

My GPS was flipping all over the place, from one direction to another but Leslie's must have been working OK since she quickly found the geocache.

Then onto the Village of Hartwick, where we located County Road 11 and returned to another old cemetery where we were unable to find a geocache once before. We had a pretty good idea where it was, but it was a bit hard to get to and get out, but Leslie was able to get it.

It was around two p.m. and we were hungry so we went to Dino's Tavern and Grill where we had burgers. We had eaten there once before. When we came in the front door, everyone sitting at the bar turned to look at us. It seemed like the bar and restaurant were being run by one person who was doing the waiting tables, cooking, serving food, etc. We noticed this old door
and asked about it and were told that we were sitting in a former grocery store and the door used to lead to a walk in freezer.

We both ordered the Junior Cheeseburger, but they turned out to be HUGE, and also very good. After that we called it a day.