Thursday, September 19, 2013


DSC03022 by JuneNY
It is a gorgeous early fall day here and I was starting to do some housework when Connie called and said she wanted to go to Wilber Lake.  I quickly abandoned the vacuum cleaner and started getting ready.  We met up at FoxCare and took my car.  We hiked all the way in to the Lake from one of the entrances.  We thoroughly enjoyed every single minute.  I took several pictures which can be seen here:

On the drive back to Oneonta we debated about where to have lunch and finally settled on the East End Cafe.  I had Pasta Fajoile Soup with a Foti roll and a piece of peach custard pie for desert.  It was all very good.  Then we went to the Lettis
Auction House and looked around.  

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