Friday, September 24, 2010

Apple Adventure

It was a gorgeous INDIAN SUMMER DAY, and five of us set out for a STAFF FUN DAY.

First stop: Middlefield Orchard in Middlefield, New York. This was my first time ever to go apple picking and it was delightful. The apple farm is beautiful. We parked and met up with the owner in the shop where he sells apples and other fruits and vegetables. He offered us samples of "Honeycrisp" apples............he cut them in half with a machete!

Then we were off to pick our apples. The trees were all small and we were able to choose the ones we wanted. Then we picked some raspberries in an adjacent field.

After leaving there, we headed over to Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek, New York.
We sampled many of their items before having lunch at their outside stand.

Mary suggested we all go to her club (Otsego Sailing Club) and relax a bit and maybe walk over to Brookwood Gardens. So that is what we did. I put my feet in the water and it was so refreshing.

We all walked over to Brookwood Gardens. They were setting up for a wedding which must be tomorrow. I thought that since it is so late in the season, that the flowers would be gone, but there are still a lot of beautiful flowers to see and take pictures of.

One last stop before heading back to Oneonta: Stewarts in Cooperstown. We stopped there and had ice cream. Then we split up, so Mary and carol could go pick up an item for an upcomng chinese auction, and Geneen, Kim and I headed back to Oneonta. We stopped at a roadside stand in Milford and Kim purchased a couple of pumpkins for her kids.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reservoir Adventure

We are having some glorious pre-fall weather and Connie and I wanted to spend some
time outside this afternoon. Leslie had mentioned in an email that there was a new geocache hidden at "the reservoir" in the Laurens/Mt. Vision area. At first I did not know what she was referring to, but I realized I have been there before, but that I did not know it was a reservoir. I just knew it as Wilber Lake, a place I geocached at a couple of times in the past.

Soooooooooo, after work, I met up with Connie in the parking lot at the corner of Winnie Hill Road and Chestnut Street. Connie drove and we ended up at the parking area on the Airport Road side of the lake.

A minute or two into our hike we noticed this interesting structure:
We went into the woods and checked it out. We do not have any idea who built it or what it is for. It appears that a log was hung up in the middle to be used as a place to sit.

We continued walking until we got to the lake. I asked Connie if she wanted to find a geocache and she said OK. So we followed the trail to the left and then went into the woods. It was fairly easy to find. Connie and I both signed the log and I took a piece of a WW2 bullet that the owner or one of the previous finders left. COOL!

Then we went back to the main trail and crossed the bridge to the other side of the lake. We saw a tiny snake on the path, Connie said she thought it might be a baby rattlesnake.

The neat thing about this trail is that it used to be a road, and the signs are still up. Here is a picture of one of the signs.

We reluctantly headed back to Connie's van. We met up with a college student who was taking some pictures for an assignment and we told him about the "mystery structure". It was a great afternoon! What a treasure a nice day is!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


My friend Carol M. and I went to the Old Plane Fly-In at the Cooperstown-Westville Airport today for the OLD PLANE FLY-IN. The last time we went, it was cancelled due to the weather being to windy, but we lucked out today as the weather was beautiful. We really enjoyed seeing the planes fly in and out. Not all of them were old though, many were more contemporary. Apparently, the pilots fly in for breakfast (they were serving pancakces) and they they fly out. While walking around looking at the planes "parked" along the runway, we saw three very old cars, here is a picture of one of them:
Here is a picture of one of the many planes we saw, I think this might be one of the old planes:

After we left the airport, we went to the Susquehanna Valley Garlic Festival at Wood Bull Antiques in Milford. There were booths set up by various vendors and they offered products and food items to eat on the spot. I had pasta with garlic and tomatoes at one spot. It was really good. We sampled garlic and garlic products.
Carol went inside the huge barn where Wood Bull has most of their antiques. I had never walked around the outside, so I took that opportunity today.
I was surprised at how many items they have bedind and to the side of the barn.

I had geocaching information with me, but Carol was having a hard time with the sun, so we skipped it today. Back in Oneonta, we stopped at BROOKS so I could purchase some BBQ sauce, the library and at FSA.

It was a great day!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


It was a gorgeous September day and my friend Terry and I set out for Afton, New York. Terry loves to go to museums and historical societies and they agreed to open the museum up for us today, even though normally they are closed on Saturdays. We arrived a few minutes before eleven a.m. (the agreed upon time) and went inside. Nobody seemed to be around, so we signed the guest book and started looking around. A few minutes later, Charles (an elderly man) showed up. He walked through the rest of the museum with us and explained several items and answered questions. The house is full of amazing stuff. You can see pictures I took here. We also spent some time in the bar behind the museum, which holds a lot of farm and household equipment, some dairy farm items and some Mormon artifacts. After we left the museum, I took a picture of a small abandoned laundromat right next door to the museum.

Then we drove a few miles towards Ninevah to see the homestead of a man (Josiah Stowell)who housed and employed Joseph Smith (of Mormon fame). Here is a picture of the homestead:

After that it was back to Afton where we had lunch at the Afton Grill and Bakery, a very nice small restaurant on Main Street.
The food and service were really good! Then we located a private residence across from the Afton fair grounds that used to be a schoolhouse.
Then we headed down Route 7 to Bainbridge, where we went to the FROGPOND. With the pumpkins and the plants, it is very colorful there now. Here is a picture.
I spent eleven dollars and got bananas, potatoes, onions, carrots, plums, pears, a tomato, grapes and a couple of apples.

Then we did some geocaching, finding a geocache behind the Scout Cabin in Bainbridge.
On the way to Wells Bridge for more geocaching, I noticed some old cars parked in front of a shop and we stopped to take pictures.
We were successful in Wells Bridge, finding the geocache hidden in the middle of the old foot bridge. Its a good thing I had a tetanus shot in July, because I scraped my leg up on the rusty bridge. While there, I checked on my geocache hidden on the Route 7 side of the bridge. It was intact and in good shape.

I dropped Terry off at her apartment in Otego and returned home. I recorded my two geocache finds, downloaded pictures to and started this blog!