Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017 Roswell and First English Lutheran Church Thanksgiving Dinner

Barb and I went to Roswell to visit Mary Ann this morning.  We found her in good spirits and stayed forty minutes or so before heading back to Lockport.  I was still a bit worn out from yesterday so I rested for a couple of hours before getting ready for the annual Thanksgiving dinner at my friend Bonnie's church.

Elaine picked me up and we met Darlene and Peggy and David there.  It was a great meal.  We met the new vicar and his family.

Roswell: Thursday 11/16/17

My friend Mary Ann recently found out that she has breast cancer again.  She had  a lumpectomy and  radiation twelve years ago, and now once again she has it.  Since she does not have any family, I am trying to be there for her.

Her friend Bianca planned to come from Connecticut to accompany her to Roswell  for surgery today but her asthma is acting up and she is trying a new medicine and her doctor told her she should not make the several hour drive.  Her brother, Joe, agreed to take Mary Ann and I to Roswell.

They picked me up a little after eleven.  We arrived a little early for her scheduled arrival and she started the paperwork.  Her surgery was delayed due to the length of the previous surgery her doctor was performing.  I think she went in to surgery around 4:30.  It took three hours and then the doctor came out and told Joe and I that all went well.   Just after she went into surgery, I found this SWEET BUFFALO ROCK near the registration desk.

Joe and I saw her for a few minutes after she was taken to her room.  She was awake and could converse.  I told her the doctor had given us a good report.  We went back to Lockport and Joe dropped me off.  It was an extremely long day.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Once again, Faith Tab offered two free THANKSGIVING dinners, tonight and tomorrow night.  This morning I cooked a turkey and dropped it off early afternoon.

My cousin Becky picked me up a little before five thirty and we went over to the church.   I offered to help out since we were early, but everything was under control.

We switched tables a couple of times.  My second cousin Bridget and her son Owen and grandson "Little Owen" came.  Our table consisted of then, Becky, myself, Marlene, Peggy and David and Davids daughter Kelly and her two sons.  It was so neat to spend time with people from both sides of my family tree!  My mothers side and my fathers side.  Bridget looks so much like my paternal grandmother.  Her grandmother (Celia) was married to one of my grandmothers brothers (Frank, I think).  I never met Frank, but I remember Ceil (that's what we called her).  She lived less than a block away with her daughter Rosemary (not Bridget's mother).  Here is a three generation picture (Bridget, her son and grandson)

The turkey dinner was delicious
There were two short videos and Craig spoke.  he did a great job!.  Then desert was served.  Becky and I left right after desert.  It was a great evening.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

VETERAN'S DAY PRESENTATION at Cold Springs Cemetery (11/11/17)

   When I saw a poster announcing this at TOPS, I took a picture and put it on several Lockport pages in Facebook.  Why? Because once again, my brother Mike was the speaker.

I invited Peggy and David to join me at Cold Springs, but they were late and missed most of Mike's speech.  He was great!!!!!  Here are a few pics.

also  here is one of Mike and Peg after the ceremony. 

After the ceremony, Peg and I went to visit our friend Myrna, who is going through chemo. and not feeling well.  We had a nice visit.  Then I took Peg to the church so she could unlock the door for the electrician.  

Friday, November 10, 2017


Every year this time, I go with Peggy to deliver the CHRISTMAS BOXES put together by Faith Tab.  We take them to a church in Pendleton.  I met up with Peg at church and helped put the boxes in her car and we headed out. 

Here are the Faith Tab boxes after we delivered them:  .

The guy helping us said that last year they collected  eighteen hundred boxes.

Then we went to RESTAURANT DEPOT in Buffalo so Peg could pick up some items for the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner at Faith Tab.  We found most of them.  It was kind of an experience, everything is sold in bulk and you have to use these huge wagon like carts.  
They do not turn easily.  We had to go into a huge freezer to get the butter and cream cheese.   Here are a couple more pictures I took at RESTAURANT DEPOT, the first is in the freezer above where they were selling seafood.
 look at this thirty four quart pot!!!!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The DALE!!!

Yesterday I saw in their newsletter that they planned a Swallow Screening done by University of Buffalo clinicians.  I decided to go to this.  When I got out of my car, I spotted Marlene, who was there for the same purpose.

We both had the screening and I think it was very helpful.  Alexis did  the screening and then she and I met with Caroline Lewandowski.  She made some suggestions.  

Before we made it to the screening room, a volunteer told us about a "Meet the Author" event down the hall.  I went to that while waiting for Marlene to finish her screening.  The author is a local woman, Kelly Artieri, who wrote A SPOT IN MY HEART about her special needs dog, Vinnie.
I did not have my camera with me, so I found this online.  (her hair is shorter now, I think).   I think Megan, Christa and Connie would all like this book.  

Marlene and I were heading out when a volunteer named Lorraine stopped us and tried to interest us in card playing.  I mentioned to her that my Dad used to go to the Dale to play dominoes and she insisted on taking me to the cafeteria to meet Shirley.  

Lorraine asked Shirley "who was our favorite man here at the Dale".  Shirley thought for a few  seconds and said "Bud Niethe".    Lorraine introduced me to Shirley.  Both Lorraine and Shirley commented on the fact that Dad was "such a gentleman".  I was so touched that I almost started to cry.  I told Lorraine and Shirley how important "the Dale" (Lockport's Senior Association) was to Dad.

Shirley gave me a menu for upcoming lunches and I plan to see if Marlene will accompany me some day to have lunch there.  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Turkey Dinner at Cambria Congregational Church

Once again, I got to go to this church dinner.  Elaine picked me up since I really should not drive after dark until after my second cataract surgery.  Sue and Darlene also went.
Even though we arrived late because Sue's son arrived late to pick her up, there was plenty of food left.  The meal consisted of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, squash and corn, roll and butter, drink and homemade deserts.  They sold extra deserts for a dollar each.

Everything was delicious.