Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This years picnic was this evening.  I had agreed to help out with the food service.  Peggy put me at the beginning of the line, handing out napkins and paper plates.  I enjoyed greeting people and getting them started.  

We offered hot dogs, chips, a desert and drinks.  

The kids loved the bounce houses.  The best part of the evening was watching Peggy get handcuffed.  

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pendleton Petal-Pushers GARDEN WALK July 15, 2017

Elaine, Nancy and I went to Pendleton for the first PENDLETON PETAL PUSHERS GARDEN WALK, consisting of three families who opened their yards and gardens for the public to view.  All three property owners were friendly and their yards are absolutely stunning.

Then we went out to lunch at the Country Cottage, and then to an estate sale right across the street.  

We stopped at 5 Corners Country Store on the way back to Lockport.  One vendor has a large display of PYREX for sale, so I took pictures to show to Christa.

Elaine dropped me off so I could get my car, at her house and she and Nancy went to the SWEET CHALK Festival.  I went home and rested and later on Marlene and I took a long walk along the canal in Gasport.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12, 2017 Rambling East with Carol

Carol and I decided to drive to Olcott and  then head west along the lake, and just explore because last time she was here, we headed east along the lake.

On the way to Olcott, we stopped at a nursery so she could look for geraniums and miniature rose bushes.  No luck.  After we turned west on l8 we came upon Zehr's and stopped.  We found the prices a bit high, but we enjoyed seeing the gorgeous floral displays. 

We stopped at two public spots on the lake in Wilson.     At the first spot, the pier was under water, but at our second stop, we were able to walk out on the Wilson Pier and it was very nice. 

We stopped at Wilson-Tuscarora State Park and drove around to see what it offered.  We stopped at two farm stands in Youngstown.  Lakeside Farm Stand and 
the Henry Farm. 

where I purchased an apple pie. 

We continued on to Lewiston, where we went to ART PARK.  We had our picnic lunch there.  Egg salad sandwiches, chips, black cherries and apple pie.  
We  walked around part of the grounds of ArtPark, checking out the sculptures
and also went into a small building that had some art (if you can really call it that)
and we met the director of an upcoming theatre camp
and saw this interesting car in the parking lot:
On the way back to Lockport we topped at Ann's Antiques. and another farmstand/gardening Center

and Carol found some inexpensive perenniels and I bought some sweet corn for our supper.    After supper (the corn was great) we went to Dollar Tree and then picked up some vanilla ice cream from Lake Effect to put on our apple pie.  It was a great day.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Becky won four tickets to the Herschel Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda.  We arranged for her, myself, Elaine and Carol to use the tickets today. Elaine agreed to drive and she picked the three of us up at my house.  

We all enjoyed the museum,
 I think these signs are original and have been restored. Notice the way they spelled CARROUSEL !!!!
which told the history of  the carousel building, etc.  I think this was taken in the painting room.  
We all got a free ride on the carousel:  

the Herschell Company also made other rides for amusement parks, I think they did that BEFORE they started making carousels. 

We went to the PANE RESTAURANT on Payne Avenue.  Our meal was good, but service was very slow.  It was a great day and we all enjoyed ourselves.  

When we got back to Lockport I gave both Becky and Elaine some of the BUNDT PAN SPAGHETTI PIE to take home for their supper.  

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Peggy arranged for the CONNECT Seniors group to go to Tillman's for lunch and then to The Cobblestone Museum.  Last year we visited this museum and toured and learned about the three larger cobblestone buildings, and had decided to return someday to go through the remaining buildings.  Today was the day.

I had agreed to carpool and take both Pam's with me in my car but Pam P. did not follow through with her plans.  Pam and I met the rest of the group out at Tillman's

  We all had the brunch, and it was very good!    Then we walked over to the section we were going to go through.  

A guide met us and we went into four buildings: Farmers Hall, the Print Shop, the Harness Shop and the Blacksmith shop.  It was really hot and humid and I spent most of my time outside the buildings where it was somewhat cooler.  

It was a nice afternoon,  but I was glad to get into my air conditioned car and head back to Lockport.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tuscarora Nation 172nd Field Day/Picnic July 8th, 2017 and WATER MUSIC and FIREWORKS OVER the CANAL

Even though I grew up here, so close to the Indian reservation, I never attended this event.  Pam told me about it a year or two ago, and I have wanted to attend it since then.  It is not highly advertised.

When I found out the dates, I asked Pam if she wanted to go and she agreed, but she cancelled out due to other obligations.  Mary Ann seemed happy to learn of it and eager to go.  She offered to drive.  We found the location easily enough.  They were offering food (mostly regular American items, but one booth offered fry bread.)  There were lots of vendors offering American Indian items, mostly jewelry and beaded items like these. 
There was a short parade and then a procession to a stage. 

In the evening, Elaine picked me up and we went down to the Big Bridge area to set up our chairs for WATER MUSIC.  The Albany Symphony played from a barge. 
The event was very crowded, but we got there early enough to get front row seats along the northern side of the canal.  We met up with Nancy there. 

Later on, while walking down to Lake Effect Ice Cream, we met up with Janie and the boys and then we located Mike and Kim and Vincent. 
As soon as the music stopped, the fireworks began.
It was a very nice display.  

Friday, July 7, 2017


Elaine mentioned a concert tonight at the Erie Canal Discovery Center (FUN, FOOD and FOLK by the Might Erie Canal).   I met her there. 

They were offering Chiavetta's Chicken Barbecue so I purchased that for my supper.   THE TRAVELLING TOWPATH TROUBADORS performed and they were great. 

After the concert, we decided to walk down by the canal to see the newly built replica boat.  We waved to Kay and Bill McDonald (of the Troubadors) and Kay invited us down!!!!

Elaine said she was kind of tired and thought had had enough for one day, but I told her that we might not ever get an opportunity like this again, so she agreed.  Kay gave us a tour of the houseboat they are renting
and we also met Susan and Rich, who have a tugboat and were docked behind the McDonalds.  We had a tour of their boat. 
Here are Bill and Kay
I think the official name of their band is OLD HIPPIES.