Friday, September 22, 2017

Meet up with Nancy and Mike

Many years ago Nancy and I became friends and our friendship lasted many years.  However, when I moved to Oneonta, somehow we became disconnected.  I was able to find her phone number online and I called her a couple of weeks ago.  We set today to meet up for lunch.

We met up at a restaurant in Batavia.  Nancy and Mike treated me to lunch.  We had a nice get together.  I invited them to come to Lockport to sightsee and possibly go to Niagara Falls and I think they might take me up on that offer (after various surgeries that they are both having).

Thursday, September 21, 2017

West Seneca, New York ADVENTURE

Once again, Mary Anne and I planned on going to Buffalo to take a free tour of City Hall.  However, when I called  I was told that the tour guide was not available, so there would not be a tour given today.  I called Mary Anne and we made a quick change of plans.

We decided to go to the BURCHFIELD ART AND NATURE CENTER in West Seneca, NY.  On the way there Mary Anne said she was hungry so we started looking for a spot to get something to eat.  We saw a CHECKERS and I was able to use  one of Peg's BUY ONE GET ONE FREE coupons there.  We both had a chicken sandwich and a drink. (the wild cherry pepsi tasted soooooooooo good)

We absolutely LOVED the Nature Center.  My entire set of pics taken there can be seen here:   but I  think these are my favorites from Burchfield:

After leaving this wonderful area, we looked for four geocaches, finding THREE of them.  The first one was at a huge Pet Cemetery, where we enjoyed looking at and reading the grave stones.  
At  another geocache spot we saw two interesting mounds.  Here is one: 
We had passed a restaurant that advertised mac and cheese and Mary Ann wanted to find it so we could have an early supper.  We found it!
Our meal was outstanding.  We shared the 1531 Deli Salad and a small serving of Beef on Weck Macaroni and cheese.  Good thing we ordered the small (on the advice of the waitress), because it really was more than enough.  But we finished both the salad and the mac and cheese.

On the way back, Mary Ann drove a bit out of her way to show me the Lancaster Opera house (at my request).  Note to self:  SMOKING LITTLE DINER on Broadway just before we turned right to get back on 78, looks like a REALLY old, interesting small diner.  

It was a wonderful day!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


An old friend from the early eighties cancelled our planned lunch today because her husband needed the car.  So, I was faced with a free day.

I invited my Uncle Norman and Aunt Jane over.  Uncle Norman grew up in the house I live in and had been telling me that he really wanted to see the inside of the house again.

They came and I prepared lunch for them (grilled cheese sandwiches, sliced fresh tomato, waldorf salad, homemade peanut butter cookies and apple cider).  We had a great time reminiscing.

After a much needed afternoon nap, I decided to walk to the library and back.  I ran into my cousin Steven there and we talked for a bit.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Spaghetti Lunch and Basket Raffle at Faith Tab (9/17/17)

This event was today.  Before it started, I hosted a table at the LIFE GROUP's Peg's Life Group, but she was busy helping out with getting ready for the dinner.  

I had invited my cousin Becky and she came.  We sat at a table with the Enzinna's, Peg and David, Betty and Marie.  Peggy had purchased a LOT of tickets and won a LOT of items including a ride with a pilot in a small plane. Here she is pretending to fly, right after she picked up her certificate.
  (I think its for three people, so I might get to go). Becky won three items

and I won the only thing I wanted
now I have TWO Vera Bradley bags.  

The spaghetti meal was very good!  It certainly was a fun afternoon.  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

DAY TRIP TO CORNING that did not work out.

Pam, Marlene and I planned to go to the Corning Glass Museum today, but right after Pam and I arrived at Marlene's place,  I developed diarrhea, so I decided to go back home.  Pam and Marlene continued on their way.  I had a rough ride home and continued with my symptoms for more than an hour.

When I was sure I was done, I went to this event:
I was unable to arrive early like I planned, so the vintage jewelry was all picked over.  I talked with Elaine and Nancy a bit and checked out the other sales. I purchased two change purses for fifty cents each.

I stopped at the library on the way home and picked up a couple of books they had for me.

Marlene dropped Pam off at my house later on so Pam could get her car.  They had a really good time, but hope to go again since they did not get to see everything.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

HCS Family Dinner at Samuels Grand Manor 9/14/17

I had a great dinner at Samuel's Grande Manor in Williamsville.  I met Tonelle and his mother and godmother and got to know staff from the Oxbow House better.

Carrie seemed  to have a good time, too.  She stayed awake the whole time and ate well.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Livonia and More Adventure with Natalie

Natalie and I were friends way back in late 1979 into the early eighties.  Then we lost touch with each other.  I located her on facebook and we connected and got together today in Livonia, NY where she now lives.

I met her at her apartment behind TWISTERS (an ice cream place) and we walked to Shelby's Family Restaurant for lunch.
then  we went to the Union Cemetery where Natalie's parents are buried.  While she spent some time at their gravesite, I took a few pictures.  
these 2 are my favorites.  

We did a bit of exploring.  First we went to Hemlock Lake, which I had not seen in years.  
Natalie  showed me the two properties where she grew up near Hemlock.
In Honeoye, I checked out the house I used to live in and we went into this shop:  
It was a pleasant afternoon.  Natalie appreciated being able to visit her parents grave and seeing other sites from her past.  

I dropped her off at her apartment and headed home.  I stopped at Tom Wahls for a burger and ice cream.