Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CONNECT Seniors Christmas Luncheon at Faith Tab: Sunday December 4, 2016

Once again Peggy organized a Christmas luncheon for the seniors.
Thirty people attended!  We had a very nice lunch of sandwiches, salad, pizza and chips
After lunch Marie led us in singing Christmas carols.  
She did a great job.

After the carols, we had desert.  Marie's pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting was a big hit, while I brought most of my chocolate crinkle cookies home.  

We had a gift exchange which involved having the opportunity to steal someone elses gift and make a trade.  It was fun  
It was a great afternoon, filled with a lot of laughter.  

VICTORIAN TEA at Lockport United Church of Christ 12/3/16

Darlene and I reserved a table fo 15 and we had almost that number lined up, but there were a lot cancellations and we ended up with Darlene, me, Peggy, Elaine, Bonnie, Bonnie's sister Kathy and my cousin Becky.  So only six altogether!

The tea buffet was wonderful (it always is).

Becky won several baskets
and Peggy won two,
but as usual I did not win anything!

CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY at the Bond House 12/1/16

I met up with Peggy at the BOND HOUSE for CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY.  This years 
theme was old time store windows. 
While browsing in one of the rooms, I heard someone mention my name.  It was 
Mike Miller.  We had never met but he saw my signature in the sign in book and 
wanted to meet me because we both had written for the Lockport Star before it 
went defunct several months ago.  I introduced Peggy to him and we three chatted 
a bit.  He mentioned that some of his books are on AMAZON. 

I particularly enjoyed the live entertainment in the dining room.

id a self tour of the three floors and had refreshments, and I took a lot of 
pictures. Here are a few:  
Our greeters.
My complete set of pics is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/juneny/albums/72157677419743456

Friday, November 25, 2016

THANKSGIVING 2017 at my house

David prepared the turkey, stuffing and dressing, and I did all the sides, the pies came from Halls.

Christa and Nik came a bit early to continue working on sorting through the bins of her stuff that I brought from Oneonta.

The guest list was   Carrie and I
                                Christa and Nikolai (and Riley)
                                David, Peggy and Scott
and my cousin Becky showed up at the last minute, just before we sat down to eat, so
we set a spot for her.

The menu was turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, cranberry sauce,
muffins, devilled eggs and fruit whip salad.  Everything was delicious esp the pies: apple, pumpkin (with Davids REAL whipped cream), blueberry and chocolate peanut butter.

After everyone else left, I had to say my goodbyes to Christa and Nik.  It was their last night in Lockport.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Niagara Falls,NY with Nik and Christa (including some urbex)

Nikolai said he probably had been to Niagara Fall as a young child but he could not remember anything about that trip.  Peggy took a day off from work in order to accompany us to the falls.

We left late in the morning and headed to the falls.  We viewed the falls from the lookout at Prospect Point.  I took a few pictures.
 By then we were getting hungry, but we decided not to eat in the tourist area near the falls.  We stopped and had lunch at the Olive Garden on Military Road.  It was very good.  After lunch, we went to a BED, BATH and BEYOND and I purchased three large WORKING HANDS cream,
and  I gave one to Christa and one to Nikolai.

On the way back to Lockport, I suggested we stop at the Nikei Air Base and show the remains to Christa and Nik.  We were able to go into one of the buildings, which used to be the administration building or headquarters.

We arrived home close to four p.m.  Mike called and asked if Christa was around and said yes and he asked if he and Janie could come over.  They did and we visited for a while.  After they left, I served supper (tortilla chicken soup) around seven p.m.  I gave Christa and Nik the rest of their Christmas gifts (the bat flashlight for him and vintage Christmas ornaments for her)    It was a great day

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22, 2016 with Christa and Nicolai

I prepared breakfast for Christa and Nik (scrambled eggs, home fries with bacon, english muffins and cinnamon rolls)

We went to the geocache site (A Bridge to Nowhere) so they could see the old mill ruins, then to Upson Parks where there are more ruins, then to Grimbles, and then to see the big bridge and locks.
 I tried to reach my brother Mike at the police station but he was not there.  We went to Lake Effect Ice Cream
and then to the antique shop on the corner of Main and Cottage Street.

When we got back to my place, I laid down for a bit, and Christa also took a nap.  Nik was on the phone for a while resolving work issues.

We met up with Peggy at HONG KONG BUFFET for supper.

November 21, 2016 with Christa and Nikolai

My youngest daughter and her fiancee arrived late last night and are staying at a local hotel.  We agreed to get together at my house for breakfast.  I was getting really hungry waiting for them, but they finally arrived.

 we enjoyed a breakfast of oven blueberry pancakes, fruit and hash browned potatoes.  I had prepared bacon but forgot to bring it to the table.

We spent a good portion of the day going through some bins of Christa.s belongings that I brought from our old house in West Laurens.  

I had bbq pork ribs in the crockpot and pineapple stuffing for supper that evening.