Sunday, August 21, 2016


Once again, my second cousin, Becky Austin, put on my mothers family reunion at Outwater Park here in Lockport, NY.
The highlight (for me) was seeing my great nephew, Vincent.  Here he is with my brother (his grampa) 
My complete set of pictures is here:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

BUFFALO NIAGARA SCOTTISH FESTIVAL at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village in Amherst, NY

Pam asked me if I was interested in volunteering at the festival, and I agreed to.  We signed up and went early this morning.  We were given free T-shirts.   We were put together at the rear entrance to do admissions
It was a busy morning!  We were provided with cold water every now and then.  We were blessed with a pretty strong breeze most of the morning.  
and every now and then we were entertained by various characters.  This one was particularly interesting. 

We finished up and were relieved at about one p.m.  We walked up to the main building (which is air conditioned) and used the ladies room and purchased a snack and sat and listened to the music for a short while.

We finally braved the ninety degree weather and went back out.  We watched the 96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums perform and then march away from the pavilion.  

Then we were lucky enough to get seats in the shade so we sat and watched a group of girls from Hamilton, Ontario do some Scottish dances.

 Unfortunately, the power went out about halfway into their half hour.

We checked out a few of the vendors and watched one of the games.
and then we went inside several of the buildings.  

This is the Hoover House.
I had hoped to see all of the buildings but it was ninety degrees and very humid so we left around three p.m.  We stopped at Johnsons for an ice cream cone on the way home.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Alleghany State Park, more and drive back to Lockport

Mary Ann and I had breafast in our room and then we discussed what do do with our day.  Our choices were to start out the day aet either the Indian museum in Salamanca or to go into Allegany State Park for a couple of hours. We decided to drive towards Salamanca and decide along the way.  While we were driving, the sun came out and we decided the park would be the best choice.  We stopped on the reservation to get gas.

Once inside the park we went to the administration building.
 We checked out the gift store and I quickly went through the museum.  We looked at a take out menu for THE PARK RESTAURANT and decided to come back later for lunch.
We drove around the lake and went into the Red House Store.

We returned to the administration building to have lunch.   The Park Restaurant is upstairs. It is very nice and service was great.  I had the fish sandwich and fresh cut fries.

Our first stop on the way back up north was south of Little Valley where we visited the UDDERLY TOPNOTCH GOAT FARM.  The owners were very friendly and glad to show us around and tell us about their experiences.

 the owner with her ribbons and plaques

On the way back to Erie County, we drove all back roads and went through several small villages or hamlets.  In the hamlet of                     we saw this interesting place.

For supper, we stopped at Pautlers.  I remembered a great burger I had there last year.  However things have changed and the burgers we had were  very mediocre.

We did not stop in the village of East Otto, but I noticed several interesting old empty buildings and I hope to return some day.

Drive to the Southern Tier: August 17, 2016

Mary Ann and I headed out of Lockport early this morning.  Our destination was Olean, New York where we intended to go to ROCK CITY PARK.  Along the way we geocached (we found two in the South Wales area) and we had lunch at Krolicks's in Chaffee, NY.  Krolick's was great.

stopped for ice cream outside of Delevan at a place called SCOOPS

We arrived at RCP around 2:30 I think.  We spent some time in the main building/gift shop and paid our admission.

At first we were really happy that the trail was marked with arrows. However, at one point we realized we were back at a spot
we had already been to.  It was hot and humid and we really wanted to exit the park, and I thought I knew what direction to go. I was right!  So,we did not see all of the park but we did not care, we really just wanted to get out of it and sit down and have a cold drink.

MaryAnn bought a few small items and we then headed to our lodging at THE NEW LANTERN MOTEL in Allegeny.  We were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.   We rested for a while
before going out to QQ Buffet for supper.  (Quality and Quantity)............a Chinese buffet restaurant, which was very good.

my complete set of pictures is stored here:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Church Picnic at Royalton Ravine

Today was our annual church picnic.  It is the first one I have been able to attend.  I took devilled eggs and fudge brownies.  There was quite a spread of food.   The high temps had receded making for a more pleasant time than I anticipated.  There was a lot of leftover Chiavetta's Chicken, so I brought some home with me.

It was a fun few hours!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Discover Niagara SHUTTLE Adventure 8/8/16

Today was Carol's last day in Lockport and our last chance to do something fun together.

 I had heard of the free shuttle from the falls to the fort.  I decided that starting in Lewiston would be easiest.

On the way to Lewiston I turned off of Route 31 onto 459.   After a minute or two, I said to Carol "it looks like there is a huge American flag in the road up ahead of us.  She saw it, also.  We stopped and pulled over to take pictures.
While we were parked, a procession of emergency vehicles and a hearst came through.
We drove to Lewiston and went to the Visitors Center where I was given some info and we were given two tickets and told where to wait for the bus.  We were told that it would be about two hours from start to finish if we did not get off at any of the spots   While waiting for the bus, I wondered out loud if we might get hungry during the ride and Carol said we might, so I ran over to DeCamillo's and bought two plain donuts to take with us.  Shortly after I got back across the street,  the bus arrived
We headed first towards Youngstown and Old Fort Niagara   This was the only spot where we had a few minutes to get out.  Carol and I both took pictures of the lighthouse.  
We did not get off at any of the stops, but we enjoyed the scenery esp of the Niagara River.  Our bus driver did not narrate or tell us any history of the area.  

Eventually, we arrived back in Lewiston and were dropped off right near where I parked my car. We both needed to use a bathroom, so I drove down to the SILO and we used the outside ladies room.  Carol walked down to see the statue and I picked her up.  We went to DeCamillo's Bakery and bought a few items.  

We located SMOKING JOE'S INDIAN HILL DOG STAND and had lunch.  And then we headed back to Lockport where we went to Johnson's for frozen custard. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Taste of Williamsville: Sunday August 7, 2016

I went to the TASTE OF WILLIAMSVILLE today with Peggy, Karen and Betty.
 We arrived around one p.m. and set up our lawn chairs in a shady spot.  Each of us walked around and made choices and returned to our chairs SEVERAL TIMES.  I had Summer Beet Salad, Fish Taco and............

We also collected some freebies.

Here are some pictures.

The music was by UNBROKEN.

It was a great afternoon.  Of all the TASTE OF events I have gone to, I think this one is the best.