Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Cooperstown, NY by JuneNY
Cooperstown, NY, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

Megan, the kids and I headed up to Cooperstown this morning. I took this opportunity to show them my favorite places in Cooperstown: Brookwood Gardens, The Indian Mound, the stone bridge, Council Rock.  I think Megan particularly liked Brookwood Gardens.

By the time we were finished up at Council Rock, it was lunch time. We went to the library to use the restrooms and the kids and I spent a couple of minutes in one of the art galleries while Megan walked back to Estlie Avenue to get the car.  She picked us up in front of the library and we went to the DEPOT DELI and purchased sandwiches and took them to Badger Park. Unfortunately, we did not find the picnic tables in the woods until after we ate our lunch on a picnic table out in the sun. The kids and I looked briefly for the geocache (THE LEGEND OF THE CHOPPER), but did not have any success

Then we drove to the temporary BLUE LOT at the elementary school, where we parked and then caught the trolley  which took us  downtown where we did some shopping and sightseeing.  The kids each got a baseball card, and Tyler got a YANKEES baseball cap.  We kind of wanted to go to the HALL OF SHAME, but the directions we were given were a bit confusing, so we skipped it.   I suggested to Meg that the kids might like to see DOUBLEDAY FIELD so we headed down in that direction.

When we got to the statue of THE SAND LOT KID, Cassy said she wished she had a baseball bat so she could pose like the statue. I went to a nearby gift shop and borrowed a bat, and both of the kids posed for photographs..
  In the store where we borrowed the bat, we purchased some postcards and I think Meg bought a couple of other items.

Then we caught the trolley back to the school and headed towards Oneonta.  We stopped at POP'S PLACE for ice cream.  I had the creamsicle flavor burst which was really good.  One more stop after that was at WalMart so Megan could purchase some beach/bath towels for our upcoming trip to Canada's Wonderland.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tina's Birthday Lunch

As part of celebrating Tina's 59th birthday, Megan wanted to take her and Mike out to lunch.  She wanted a place not too expensive but very nice and settled on THE STELLA LUNA, and Mike and Tina and their grandkids, Lexy and Cody planned to meet us there.

Megan, the kids and I went to Walmart and the library first and we had some extra time so we went over to Neahwa Park where I showed the kids the 400 year old tree,  and the caboose.  They played on the new playground for a while.

When we got to Stella Luna, we found it CLOSED.........even though the website says it is open Monday through Saturday.  Mike and Tina arrived a minute later and a quick decision was made to go to MOREY'S.  We had a nice lunch there and all of the kids were very well behaved.

Megan dropped the kids off at Mike and Tina's house for a couple of hours so she could take a very well deserved nap!  I took one, too.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tina and Mikes Birthday Celebration

Megan ordered and picked up an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen and she also picked up rolls, lunchmeat, salads, chips, etc. and took it all over to Mike and Tina's house, since  today was Tina's birthday (I think she turned 59) and Mikes birthday was a couple of weeks ago.  Everything was delicious.  Mike cut GINORMOUS (one of my grandsons favorite words) slices of the ice cream cake, but we all managed to
finish ours.  It was a nice afternoon!

Friday, July 27, 2012

SHOPPING ADVENTURE (and a bit more)

SHOPPING_FLYCREEKCIDERMILL 013, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr
When we woke up to drizzling rain, we decided to scratch our plans to go to Cooperstown in favor of going shopping just outside of Utica. Megan wanted to get some beads at MICHAELS CRAFT SHOP and look for some clothing for her and the kids. So, we headed out about 9:30 a.m.   Along the way (I think it was West Winfield) we saw an Amish stand and we stopped and purchased pies, bread, donuts and cookies.

First stop in New Hartford was at  FIVE DOLLARS AND UNDER, a store where everything is priced at five dollars or less. The kids found some LEGO people and their mother and I each bought each kid one. Next stop was the craft store, which is very big and has a great selection, but we could not find any modelling clay in small amounts. Third was a huge shoe store and the last shopping stop was OLD NAVY, where the picture at the top was taken.  We had fun getting large bouncy balls out of a machine and trading them with each other.  Both the kids and I have a collection of smaller ones.  .

Then it was time for lunch.  I suggested FIVE GUYS and we were able to locate it, but the kids did not want to eat there, so we checked out at Chinese Buffet, and Tyler did not want to eat there.  We then checked out Ninety Nine and decided to eat there.  It was a good lunch.

After that, Megan said "what next?" and I suggested we go to the FLY CREEK CIDER MILL.  She had never been there, and she and the kids enjoyed it.  They purchased a few items, fed the ducks, I took a lot of pictures and then the kids located a geocache APPLE OF MY EYE.    After that we headed for home.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Linda and I set out for the FROGPOND this morning. They had a LOT to offer today and I purchased potatoes, sweet potatoes, plums,
peaches, nectarines, grapes, black cherries, melon and probably one or two more items.

Then we went to PINE RIDGE GROCERY (commonly known as The Mennonite Store) but they did not have the one item I wanted, their honey meat sticks. They did, however have KUTZTOWN SODA at about half the price I paid the other day in GALLUPVILLE, so I bought a dozen or so bottles.

After that we decided to go out to lunch, but were undecided where to go. We drove through Sidney looking for SUBWAY, but did not see it and all of a sudden we were on the other side of Sidney and I saw the sign for six miles to Masonville, so I suggested that we check out the General Store there. We checked it out but they did not really offer food. They had a nice area with tables and chairs and some snack food, but thats about all. It seems to be more of a gift shop.........but its very nice and has many old fixtures.

By then we were getting hungry, so we headed back to Sidney. I saw a sign for the Chinese Buffet and suggested to Linda that we check it out, and if we were not satisfied, we could go to Subway.

We chose the Chinese Buffet and it was very good, but I did not care much for their fried rice.

After lunch, we headed back to Oneonta, it was a nice day!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Looooooong Day Adventure

The original plan for today was to go to Cooprstown, but it turned out that this weekend is HALL OF FAME WEEKEND, and Cooperstown will be very crowded, so we needed a new plan.  Even though we had recently been to this same area, I decided that a visit to the Blenheim Gilboa Visitors Center might be a good place to start.  So, I set up an itinerary, found some geocache information and we headed out early Friday morning with a picnic lunch
    I think we arrived at the visitors center around ten thirty a.m.     The visitors center features interactive activities (which have to do with power and electricity) which the kids loved. .  
 It is housed in a restored 18th century dairy barn.   After we finished up with the visitors center, we went to LANSING MANOR, right next door, which is a  historic house museum.  The house itself is almost 200 years old.
     After that, we had lunch in a picnic area on the grounds.  Then, after using the rest rooms in the visitors center, we headed down the aqua trail to find two geocaches: GIANT TWINS and AT THE Y.  The giant trees are beautiful and I took a few pictures.  AT THE Y was a bit of a challenge.......very hard to get to, in fact, I got stuck behind some very unforgiving vines and could not even get to the cache, which Cassandra (Cachysandra) found easily.
     After finding those two caches, we headed back to the parking area.  A tractor pulling a wagon was coming through and they stopped and offered us a ride, which we accepted.  They were doing a "trial run" for a hay ride they are having tomorrow.  One of the guys noticed our GPS's and asked if we were geocaching and when we said "yes", he started pointing out geocaches along the trail.  He mentioned a "parks challenge".
     Once back at the parking area, Cassy insisted on looking for CURBSIDE, one of the caches we heard about during our wagon ride.  But without coords, she did not have any luck.
     After that, we headed to Gallupville to go to the OLDE CORNER STORE.    This old store (circa 1834)     is now a bulk food store and deli.  We all purchased Kutztown Sodas (delicious) and chocolates and chatted with the proprietor, who was very friendly.  The kids said they liked this store much better than the Breakabeen store.
     Our plans for the day included heading to Route 20 and going to The TEPEE, but we realized we were running out of time, so we scratched that and decided to just take Route 30 back to Stamford and then 23 to Oneonta and home.  We made several photo stops, though: first at a covered bridge and old home, then an octagon house, a farm stand (where Megan purchased a lot of berries) and in Grand Gorge, we stopped to go in an antique store.

ANTIQUES in Grand Gorge, NY by JuneNY
ANTIQUES in Grand Gorge, NY, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

which was our last stop except for a stop at Stewart's in Stamford to use the rest room and purchase ice cream.   Megan ordered and picked up a pizza at Long Island Pizzeria for our supper that night, which was a good thing, since I was pretty worn out!  It was a great day.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Geocaching

     Megan and the kids wanted to spend most of the day with Misty and her kids, so Leslie and I set up a geocaching expedition.   It was a bit cooler day compared to the few previous days.   After gassing up, I picked Leslie up at her house.
      We both wanted to wrap up our DNF's from last week near Bloomville so that is what we did first.  This time, it was super quick and easy to find the two cemetery caches (DUH)........I think we somehow got locked into various ideas we got from the cache info and clues last week, and were not able to see beyond our mindsets.  Anyways, we found them and then moved on to Harmony Hill, where we found BRIDGES AND BEGINNINGS under this little bridge.  The reason we did not find it last week is because this is a very strange place to hide a geocache.  When the rains come, and the creek starts running again.................what will happen to the cache?

Small Bridge by JuneNY
Small Bridge, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

     And then we drove to the Village of  Bloomville to continue to find ZenanSparticus's ALL ABOUT THE TOWN caches.  We were unsuccessful with the bullet hole cache.  Also, we tried NANO, NANO, IT ALL STARTS HERE again, without any success.
       We had a picnic lunch at SAL'S TRADITIONAL MEAT SHOP, on the picnic table out in back, with Sal's permission.  And then we went on to find four more ALL ABOUT THE TOWN caches.   I had to "sit out" two of them while Leslie did all the work, one of them was under a bridge, and involved getting down on your knees and reaching under to find, and the other one was down a short, kind of steep hill.  The other two were easier to get to, though.   There was one down a short road right off of Route 10 that we could not get to because there was so much farm activity going on.  One of the geoacaches was found behind this large rock on a back road. 
      We got mixed up somewhat on our way back to Oneonta, and did a bit of extra driving in the East Meredith area!  But it was a great day, and I thoroughly enjoyed being in the outdoors today.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pizza and Movies

Meg called me at work and we arranged to meet for lunch and then to go to Southside Cinema to see MADAGASCAR 3.

We went to WalGreens first to purchase candy and drinks to take into the theatre, in order to avoid the high prices. Then we went to Tino's for lunch. Megan had cold cheese pizza, and the kids and I each had a regular slice of pizza. We shared a deep fried Snickers, a deep fried peanut butter cup and a deep fried Oreo.

Then we went to the Oneonta History Center for a few minutes and then to THE GREEN TOAD BOOKSTORE. Tyler bought three Captain Underpants books.

Then it was on to Southside where we enjoyed sitting in the air conditioned theatre. 
  I dozed off a couple of times during the movie.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Howes Cavern Adventure!!!

Meg mentioned the idea of taking the kids to HOWES CAVERNS this summer, and I suggested that we do that today.  So, they got up a bit early and we were able to leave my house around 9:15 a.m. We took both cars and I dropped the PACIFICA off at Value Motors in order to have it looked at, since I noticed a strange light that came on this past Friday.

We arrived at Howes Caverns  .

around 10:30 a.m. and went inside.  I purchased the tickets while Megan and the kids meandered around the gift shop.  We were on tour five, and it left shortly.  We were in a small group of tourists, but I did not like our tour guide.  She seemed to be in a hurry. Here is a picture of Cassy and Tyler taken during the guided tour.

The four of us enjoyed the tour of the caverns, and I took a lot of pictures.  After we took the elevator back up to the lobby, I suggested that we have our picnic lunch.  I had made subs that morning and we had subs, potato chips, cherries and drinks.  AND some chocolate covered butter mints that I had purchased in the sweets shop.

After lunch, the kids wanted to immediately go over to the gift shop, but I suggested that we check out the
other activities first.  They have a lot of new above ground activities now that they did not have years ago.
The kids were each able to purchase a bag of sand with either fossils, arrowheads or precious stones and then "pan" them to see what they found.  Tyler chose fossils and Cassie chose precious stones and they had so much fun "panning".  Each kid chose a bag full of polished stones from the shop in that building.  They had SO much fun and were so excited with their findings.  I kinda wanted to purchase a bag myself and do it!

 We checked out the outside activities, there was a bouncing ride, an obstacle course and ziplines.  The kids wanted to do the ropes course.  And here they are!
   They really enjoyed it.  At first, I didn't think Tyler would make it through, but he persisted and made it!  I was so proud of him.

Then it was time to go to the gift shop.  I purchased some postcards and the kids each chose something.  And then we headed out.  Megan wanted some coffee from DUNKIN DONUTS, so we drove to downtown Cobleskill.  After that purchase we were  driving by some shops and I think Megan, Cassy and I all noticed some gorgeous tie die skirts hanging out in front  of a shop and we all exclaimed "look at those beautiful skirts."
I suggested that we stop, so Meg found a parking spot and we went in.  Megan ordered a blue tie dye skirt which will be especially made for her.  I look forward to going back to Cobleskill with her to pick it up, since Cobleskill has a very interesting Main Street.

Then we went to a used book shop just across the street and each kid chose a book
We were going to drive down Route 7 (the scenic route), but I called Mike and my car was ready and I was anxious to get to his shop before closing, so we got back on 88.    I was able to get my car back and we all arrived home around 5:15 or 5:20 p.m.  It was a great day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Dusty Friday ADVENTURE

I met up with Leslie at her house a little after 9:30 a.m.  I had been planning on driving, but I noticed a strange light on my dashboard which had not been there before, so I asked her to drive.  We

 set out for the Kortright/Meredith area to find some geocaches. Our first stop was at Kelso Cemetery.
What a disappointment when we could not find the geocache after close to a half an hour of searching.  Then on to another cemetery geocache at Blakeley Cemetery  just down the road and more disappointment, since we could not find that one either.  We were getting pretty discouraged, but we did find the next one which is called UNDER THE APPLE TREE.   And then we were successful with our next geocache, also (ENDLESS VALLEY).
      We set off to find HARMONY HILL RETREAT CENTER, because of a cache hidden there BEGINNINGS AND BRIDGES.  It took us quite a while to find this place but we finally did find it and
we walked on a gorgeous hiking trail to the cache site, but no luck, we could not find that one.  Later on, when I checked the cache description I found that having the clue with us may have helped.  I hope to go and look for that one again someday.   It was getting late so we headed back to Oneonta.  By that time, Leslie's new car was covered with red dust from the dry, dirt roads we had been travelling on.  The dust even got inside the car!
        Sooooooo, when I started up the Pacifica, the light came on again.  I decided to drive to the library to
drop off some books and while  there, I looked in the owners manual and found some information about the light, it has something to do with emissions.  I called Mike and asked if I could bring the car over to be checked and he said "yes, come on right over".  However, when I was leaving the library, the light was not on, so I called and told Rita that I will bring it on Monday if it comes on again.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pie in the Sky ADVENTURE!

My grandkids and I agreed to try to get to every possible ice cream spot this summer during their two month visit.  They have been here for 9 days, and today we went out to our third place........I combined a trip to Pie in the Sky with geocaching so they could find HEAVEN ON ROUTE SEVEN.  They found it quickly and easily without any help from me.  They each took a couple of those skinny bracelets and I added a few items to the twin containers.  

Then we went inside for ice cream.  I tried the chocolate covered cherry without any toppings and they both had mint chocolate chip with sauce and sprinkles.  Then we spent about twenty minutes looking around.  The kids especially liked "the beehive" and I enjoyed the vintage and antique items on display and for sale.  As we were leaving Pie in the Sky, I took this picture!  

We stopped at the new bridge that leads over to Pony Farm Road to see if there was a suitable place to hide a magnetic key holder, but the new guardrails are more solid than ever and don't offer hiding spots like the old ones did.  

I took them to the fishing/boat access site in West Oneonta just to show them the place.  And then we headed back home.  

Waltzing Horse Farm: July 12, 2012

WHFJuly12_12 011 by JuneNY
WHFJuly12_12 011, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

Carol invited Megan, Cassy, Tyler and myself over to the Waltzing Horse Farm for a tour. We headed out this morning and met her there at 10:30. She took us all around and introduced us to all the horses. The kids fed some of them pieces of carrot. The highlight was seeing the new colt, about a week old.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Geocaching and Foolish Farms ADVENTURE

Megan,. the kids and I went out so the kids could find a couple of geocaches.  The first was HIDE AND SEEK, just outside of Morris, and then they found my cache, CEMETERY WITHOUT A NAME 2.  Then we went to FOOLISH FARMS for ice cream.  The kids were kind of disappointed because the only choices were chocolate, vanilla or twist, one size, in a dish or a cone.  But they did have sprinkles.  We purchased fudge and pickles to take home, and Megan purchased a retro sign seen up above.  I forgot to take my camera on this mini-adventure!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


This morning I asked Megan and the kids if they were interested in going to see some huge fossils.  All three of them were enthusiastic, so we got moving and got ourselves ready for the day.  We packed up drinks in the coolerbag and bagged up some snacks and headed out.

On the way Megan commented on the sign for BUTTS CORNERS.  I told her that there is a waterfall down that road and she wanted to go see it, so we located BUTTERMILK FALLS, but unfortunately, it is all dried up.  

My navigation system took us right to the site of "roadside fossils", which is also the sight of a virtual geocache.

  I took several pictures and then we went back to the small GILBOA MUSEUM.  We were given a guided tour and purchased some items in the gift shop, and then we backtracked a bit to see the dam  and reservoir.  Unfortunately, their is consteruction work being done on the lookout point for the reservoir, so we didn't really get a good view.

By then we were getting hungry, so we headed out on Route 30 towards Breakabeen.  I had seen pictures of the Breakabeen Country Store on flickr and had wanted to see it.  Our tentative plans were to have lunch there, but we found out that while they DO make sandwiches and burgers, they do not have an area to eat them in.  Megan commented that "the meat appears to be questionable"......so we decided to go back to 30 and continue on to Middleburgh where there are several restaurants.  On the way we passed through North Blenheim and saw the site of the covered bridge that was destroyed in the recent flooding.

We had lunch at Middle Village Pasta and Grill.  While waiting for our orders I went outside and took some pictures of some interesting buildings.  I particularly liked this one: 

  I had a mixed italian sub, Megan had a burger, Tyler had chicken tenders and Cassy had spaghetti and meatballs.  Each one of us brought home half or more of our meal.

On the way to Gilboa and Middleburgh, we passed several things that Megan and I wanted pictures of and each time we said "we will stop on the way back"  however, after lunch we decided to take a different, quicker route back to Oneonta (via 88), so we missed those spots.

We arrived home around 4:15.  Later on I took the kids to Morris to find "ODDBALLS, ETC." and for ice cream.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Gilbert Lake Adventure: July 6, 2012

Megan wanted to take the kids to Gilbert Lake State Park today and I agreed to go along.  We ran in to Rite Aide for sunscreen, charcoal and bottled drinks and then came home and I gathered the items we would need for lunch.  We got into the park free when I showed my license which proves that I am over 62 years old!!
The picnic/beach area was pretty crowded but we were able to find a table with a nearby grill. !

 We grilled the burgers and had them with chips and drinks.  The kids did some swimming and Cassandra looked for a frog and caught one and kept it for a little while.  Tyler spent some time on the playground.

The picnic/beach area was pretty crowded but we were able to find a table with a nearby grill.  We grilled the burgers and had them with chips and drinks.  The kids did some swimming and Cassandra looked for a frog and caught one and kept it for a little while.    We all had a good time.  I was happy to get home and take a nap!  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

JFK Adventure!!!!!

     This ADVENTURE all started when my oldest daughter Megan was making plans to spend the summer in New York.  She  found that she could save a lot of money by flying into JFK International Airport (four hours drive away just outside of New York City) and wondered if I might be able to pick her and my grandkids up when they got there.  My wonderful sister, Peggy, agreed to go with me to get them.  Peggy and I decided to turn it into a short trip to the Catskills where we like to explore the BORSCHT BELT.  

     Peggy arrived late in the evening on Saturday June 30th, and the plans were to drive to Roscoe the following morning and find DUNDAS CASTLE, an old abandoned castle.  However, Peggy had problems with her cell phone which necessitated spending some time at the VERIZON Store in Oneonta, so we got a late start and by the time we got to Roscoe we realized it was too late to look for the castle since we had a four p.m. appointment to visit the LIVING TORAH MUSEUM in the Village of Fallsburg, New York.  So, we went to our lodging (Howard Johnsons) in Liberty and got settled in and then headed out.  Before leaving we found a geocache in Liberty and we drove through Woodbourne because we were interested in seeing how much damage was done to the Aladin Hotel which suffered a fire a few weeks ago.  The Aladin was very busy, it appeared that summer residents (Hasidic Jews) were arriving and moving in for the summer.  We saw the damaged building, but did not stop to take pictures because there were too many people around.  We also stopped at a Jewish bakery.

     We arrived at the LIVING TORAH MUSEUM a few minutes before four p.m. and soon two Jewish women joined us and then the proprieter came and let in.
  We spent the next couple of hours watching a video and seeing ancient artifacts from the holy land.  We actually were able to touch and hold a bowl that existed when Abraham (of the Old Testament) lived.  This museum is a fantastic place!  Then we decided to check out the TAMARACK hotel which also had a fire.  Indeed, the main building was gone (appeared that it had been razed.  We found the bungalow colony associated with that hotel and explored it a bit.  and then we went to Woodbourne and went into a few shops.  We decided we were in the mood for chinese and went back to Liberty to eat at a buffet we had been to a couple of times.  However, it was closed down we drove to Monticello to eat at the other chinese buffet.  .  

     The next morning we decided to walk across the road to GROSSINGERS.  This is a HUGE old abandoned hotel from the Borscht Belt days.  We were able to get inside of a couple of buildings that we had not been in before.  We went back to Howard Johnsons and cleaned up and packed up the car and headed out.  We had the rest of the day to explore the Borscht Belt, get to Hoboken, New Jersey and then to JFK.

     Our first stop was in Hurleyville where I took a few pictures, and then it was back to Loch Sheldrake just in time for lunch at Dizzy Izzy's Knish Shop.  We purchased two knishes and a Snapple and shared them.  Then we went to the nearby antique shop in the old Chinese Cultural Center.  I found a tiny rooster which I wanted to purchase, but the owner wanted TEN DOLLARS for it, so I passed.  She kept saying how inexpensive things were, but they really were not.

     After that, we decided to drive some back roads in search of THE FOUR SEASONS LODGE, which was a bungalow colony that holocaust survivors met at for many summers.  I am pretty sure we found it at 99 Geiger Road (which is the name of the documentary about this), but it appears that it has been sold or changed hands and is now a family camp.

     We then went to Ellenville to go to COHENS BAKERY.  We stopped at the public library to see if the museum was open, but it was closed, and we found a geocache nearby.  And then  we decided to check out the NEVELE we were hoping to be able to walk around the grounds, but a security person at the front entrance told us it was recently purchased and has a new owner and it was clear that he would not let us past.  We were also not allowed to walk around the HONORS HAVEN next door unless we were accompanied by a security guard, so we passed on that.

    We only had a small amount of time left before we would have to head to Hoboken, New Jersey, but we decided to
check out the HOMOWACK lodge and found it was fenced in even more thoroughly than it was in 2009.  We decided to drive to Mountaindale, where I took some pictures of some interesting buildings and we looked briefly for a geocache (not successful).  From there it was time to drive to Hoboken.

     In Hoboken, we went to CARLO's BAKE SHOP, which has been on the Food Network.  There was a long line of people waiting to get in, so we took a number.  I think we waited about forty minutes before we could get in.  It was disappointing because there seemed to be absolutely NO order inside.  Potential customers seemed to be standing around with little movement either forward and the few workers did not seem at all busy.  After about twenty minutes of almost standing still at the back of the crowd)but more people were being let in), I decided it was not worth it and told Peggy I would find a bench outside and wait for her.

CARLO'S BAKE SHOP: Hoboken, New Jersey by JuneNY

Ten or fifteen minutes later, she came out without making a purchase.  HONESTLY, I think they could do more inside to move people along better than they do now.  We had planned to eat at a Cuban restaurant just down the street from Carlo's, but Peggy checked it out and was not impressed.  So, we had supper at TUTA PASTA, and it was very good, but a bit on the expensive side.
    Then it was time to head for JFK.  Unfortunately, the GPS led us right through midtown Manhattan, right through Times Square.  We arrived at JFK about an hour and a half before Megans flight arrived, so we waited, and read, and walked around.    Their flight arrived at exactly midnight and about ten minutes later, Cassy came running through the doors, followed by her mother and Tyler.  We had a happy reunion, waited for luggage and then went out to the car.  We had a bit of a time finding room for everything, but we managed.....poor Tyler was way in the back, with stuff all around him, but, he did fine.
     We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts for food and drinks around 1:30 a.m.  I think we arrived back at my house around 5:30 a.m.  I slept about an hour before the phone woke me up and then I had to stay awake for TIME WARNER's delivery of a new modem.  Peggy and I spent most of the day napping off and on hoping to catch up on our sleep.  Megan seemed to recover quickly and her and the kids went to see relatives in the afternoon.  I prepared BBQ pork ribs, scalloped potatoes and succotash for supper, and we all watched MALL COP in the evening.