Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend of May 31st PEGGY's WEDDING

Peggy's Wedding ADVENTURE

I headed out towards Lockport on Thursday
morning, May 29th, taking the thruway most
of the way.  After I got off in Batavia, I
took a different route, up  through Elba and
______.  I stopped to take a couple of pictures.

I arrived at 17 about three p.m.  I spent the
next 45 minutes unloading my car and starting
to put items away.

Then I drove to FAITH TABERNACLE CHURCH to meet up
with Peggy.  The plan was for me to help her and
some friends decorate the sanctuary.  However, the
friends were delayed.  I met Jo, the woman who was
in charge of baking the cake and cupcakes.  She
mentioned that she forgot to buy the carrot cake
mix, so I offered to go pick them up for her.  When
I returned, the decorating was almost done.  Peg
put me to work folding the program/bulletins for
her wedding.  I think that took close to an hour.
Peg said she was going to order a pizza for all of
those at the church helping.  She called PIZZA OVEN
and I went to pick it up.  I set it up in the
hospitality room.  It was a tray pizza, half with
mushrooms and half with pepperoni.  It was sooo
good.  After eating, I headed back to 17.  Peg
joined me soon after.

FRIDAY morning
I spent the morning unpacking and putting stuff
away and cleaning.  Peg left to go to the bank and
check on the progress of the work at the church.
We met up for lunch at l:00 p.m. at TOM'S DINER on
Main Street.   Before going back to 17, I stopped at
LAKE EFFECT DINER and purchased two pints of ice cream.
Frozen Hot Chocolate and Peanut Butter Epiphany.

I took a nap and Peg did some yard work.

Peg and David held a mock wedding ceremony at
THE ROAD TO NOWHER (the location of a geocache that
Peggy and I hid a while back).  It was a very
nice ceremony and that area seemed especially
beautiful.  Then they took a lock and two keys to
the BIG BRIDGE and attached the lock to a wire fence
and threw the keys into the canal.  This seems to be
a new Lockport tradition for brides and grooms.

Then it was time to go to the church for the rehearsal.
Rehearsal went well, and then we had catered food from
TOPS for supper, right there at the church.  It was
very nice.

Gail and I went to PAYLESS so she could look for a pair
of black flats since she decided that the heels she purchaseda wihle
back were just NOT going to work.  I also bought a pair of black flats
but when I got home, I decided NOT to keep them, but instead to wear
the pair I bought in Oneonta a few months back.

SATURDAY: wedding day

I went and had my hair styled by Peggy's hairdresser, Heather.
Then I got dressed for the day and then I took Peggy to
the church.  I ran to Payless to return the shoes and a
small purse I bought in Oneonta.  REFUNDS SUCCESSFUL!!

Back at the church, Michelle and Marisa were helping Peggy
get ready.  Peg was NOT very relaxed.  When it was time,
Gail and I went to the little room where we were to wait
for the wedding to begin

The ceremony was beatiful!  Then it was picture taking time
and then the reception.  Peggy must have practiced those dances,
because she pretty much stole the show with her fancy footwork.

Home to 17 at last, with a bunch of stuff that belongs to Peggy
including the top of the wedding cake which I put into the freezer.

SUNDAY June 1, 2014

I put the final touches on my new apartment, since this was my last trip
before my final move, talked with Christa on the phone, and when Peg's
friend Betty came to feed the cat, I showed her around my place.  I loaded
up my car and headed out "the transit".  I stopped at Denny's and had
breakfast.  I got on the thruway and stayed for a while, getting off north\
of Seneca Falls.  I stopped in Seneca Falls to take a picture of the old
knitting mills building, and to take a tour of the Historical Society.  By time
I left SF, it was lunch time and I started looking for a place to have lunch.
I stopped at THE HILLTOP DINER, just west of Skaneateles and had an
open face Reuben Sandwich.

I arrived home a few minutes before five p.m.

the complete set of pictures is here:

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Adventure

Wendy, Carrie and I set out this morning to do a self guided tour of barns in Delaware County, using a brochure I picked up a few years ago  BARNS OF THE CATSKILLS.  We drove first to Grand Gorge and then through Roxbury and looked for our first barns near Halcottsville and Margaretville.  We missed them, I am not sure how.  We even missed the ROUND Barn, which I recall as being VERY big.

Before going to Margaretville, we took a side road to see the Hamlet of Halcottsville.  We drove through the hamlet to the museum, but it was closed.  Coming back through, we stopped and I took several pictures.  Here is the old fire station.
Susan's Pleasant Pheasant Farm
   The post office is in this building.

Then we headed to Margaretville.  We were stopped by the Memorial Day Parade,
but were able to turn around and take another route.

We drove through New Kingston, and stopped so I could take photos.  Here is one: 
New Kingston is a very small hamlet that still has its own post office. Between New Kingston and Bovina Center, we stopped at this antique shop:
They did not have any small cobalt blue pieces or any hobnail salt dips.  

We drove through Bovina Center.  Russell's Store appeared to be very busy (it was right around noon).

Continuing on, we finally saw a barn listed in the brochure:  
It is a classic dairy barn.  Even though the "barn tour" did not work out, I was happy to get to see the quaint hamlets of Halcottsville and New Kingston.

We thought we might stop for lunch in Delhi, but instead decided to return to Oneonta.  Brooks was open, and not crowded.  I purchased one chicken dinner and an extra half of a chicken.  At home, Wendy, Carrie and I had chicken, fries, coleslaw, 3 bean salad, potato salad and Amish oatmeal cookies.  

Friday, May 23, 2014

May 22 and 23 Short Trip to Lockport

Wendy and I headed out for Lockport this morning.  We went to Richfield Springs and then north on 28 to get on the thruway.  We got of at the Palmyra exit in order to have lunch at the YELLOW MILLS DINER on Route 31.  We shared a greek salad and an italian sausage sandwich. Both were very good.  Before getting back on the thruway, we stopped and I took a picture of an old gas pump in front of an antique store.

Once back on the thruway we stayed on until we got to the DEPEW Exit, arriving at 17 around four p.m.  I called Peggy at work and we made arrangements to have supper with David at his house.  In the meantime, I went out to get gas and I stopped at LAKE EFFECT  ICE CREAM and purchased five pints of ice cream:  Frozen Hot Chocolate, The Full Minty, Angry Orange, Peanut Butter Epiphany and Salty Caramel. When I  returned Mike and Dillon and Dominic were at the house. I  offered the boys ice cream and they quickly built this ice cream tower:
and Wendy, the boys and I sampled all five flavors.  Mike did some work on the rear door and floor in the back bedroom, so  that the door can be opened more easily.

Supper at Davids was great!  He prepared a prime rib and we had that with a huge salad. We saw a couple of Amish buggys go down the road in front of his house.

Friday morning Wendy and I headed back home a little after six a.m.  Our first stop was DUNKIN DONUTS where we had breakfast.  Then we got on the thruway heading east.  We didn't stay on all  that long, getting off north of Auburn in order to go down and get on Route20.

We had lunch at the KLING MILLS GENERAL STORE AND DINER:  we both had fish fry.  We stopped to buy some baked goods from two little Amish boys, just the other side of Morris.

Arrived home at 12:45 p.m.  My complete set of pictures can be seen here:

Monday, May 19, 2014

COVENTRY and COVENTRYVILLE Adventure and MORE! 5/19/2014

I was able to arrange a visit to an old general store in Coventry and Betty agreed to go with me.  However, this morning she woke up feeling ill, so I looked for someone else to accompany me.  Mary was available and more than happy to join me.

We headed out on 88 and got off at Bainbridge, where we first went to THE FROGPOND.
 I bought some grapes, onions, melon, a tomato and some brocolli.  Mary bought a few items, also.
We then headed out 206 towards Coventry.

We arrived at the home of the family who owns the old general store a few minutes after 11:00 and he took us to the old store, right across the road from his house, on their property.  He purchased the small 1935 store a few years back and moved it to his place.  It was originally a few miles down the road in CHURCH HOLLOW.
The former name of it was THE BIG LITTLE STORE.  It had stood idle for about 50 years before the Berwicks purchased it. The original siding and one of the counters inside survived but for the most part the rest of the inside items have been added by the owners.  The outhouse came from another location.  He showed us around the rest of his property, and told us some of the history of the various buildings.  

Before we left, Mr. B told me the directions to two schoolhouses, one in Coventry and one in Coventryville.  We located both of them and I took pictures.  This is the one in Coventry.
 This is the one in Coventryville, which houses the Town of Coventry Museum.

We decided to go to Afton to the Afton Bakery and Grill for lunch, however when we got there, it was closed (because it's Monday).  I went into the variety store and asked a guy there if he could recommend another place to eat in Afton and he said HENRY'S just down the road.  So, we went there.  We were amazed at the low prices.

After lunch, we got on Route 7 and headed back to Oneonta.  I asked Mary if she knew how to find T.W.'s new house.  She said she THOUGHT she did, so we turned onto LOVERS LANE (somewhere near Babcocks).   We spent a bit of time going kind of around in a circle.  We saw another old schoolhouse in Sand Hill.  
It seems to be used as a community center now.   Eventually, we found the house we were looking for.  It is beautiful!

Then we headed back towards Oneonta.

Friday, May 16, 2014

ORIGINS CAFE Adventure (mini going away gathering)

My co-workers offered to take me out to lunch to celebrate my retirement from FSA and my upcoming move.   I got to choose the place and I chose ORIGINS CAFE at CAREFREE GARDENS just outside of Cooperstown.

Since I had a medical appointment in the morning, I met up with them at the bank in Milford and we headed up 166 towards our destination.  It was me, Geneen,  Eileen, Patricia and Kim and her husband Dave.  They all (except maybe David) really enjoyed the unique atmosphere. Here is our waitress showing us the list of specials:  

After we ordered, we all walked around and checked out the greenhouse area.  I took several pictures.

I had the Mediterranean Plate, which consisted of hummus, falafel, grilled bread and greens.  It was delicious.

Here are some pics of my co-workers.....I surely will miss them!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Saratoga Springs and Gloversville Adventure

Mary and I wanted to have one last day trip before my move across the state.  We made plans and set a date and I met up with her in Oneonta this morning and we got on I-88 and headed towards Saratoga Springs.  Our first stop was at the visitors center, where the kind workers suggested various ideas  to fill the few hours we had available.  By the time we had talked to them and picked up brochures, we were wishing we had more than a few hours.

First we went to CONGRESS PARK and saw some natural springs and tasted the water!
 is a gorgeous park. There is a huge museum in the center, that is in a building that used to be a casino.    After that we went to YADDOW, an artists retreat which has some gardens.  Unfortunately, it is too early in the year for flowers, but we enjoyed walking the grounds, which are meticulously cared for and beautiful.
I would like to return to the gardens at Yaddow when the flowers are in bloom.

I think our next stop was lunch.  The ladies at the visitors center had recommended Mrs. Londons so that is where we went.  We shared a sandwich and a desert.  This is one of the restaurants that Rachael Ray featured on one of her shows.  After lunch we did a bit of shopping...........I bought a pair of capris at EDDIE BAUERS.  Then we found the library and Mary bought a book in the library bookstore.  I took a break and rested in one of the comfy seats scattered around while she was looking at the books.

Then we went to Saratoga Spa State Park.  I had information about a virtual geocache that looked very interesting.  I did not want to take the time to find the answers to the questions, but going to this area was worthwhile......seeing Geyser Island Spouter.
and  hiking the trail alongside Geyser Creek was so neat.  Near the end of the trail there is this huge deposit of minerals....(Orenda Spring and Mineral Bank)  If you look closely you can see the water running down the sides of the mound.    
Somewhere in this area we talked with a young man who lives in the area and has walked this trail many times over the years.  He said it is the "highlight" of the park.

Apparently, there are a lot of spouters in this area, but we only saw one or two others, near the parking area.  One in particular is a very popular spot to fill up gallon jugs with water.  I tasted it and it is very good, with a slight iron taste to it.  

It was getting late and we were feeling a bit tired and a LOT thirsty.  After driving out of Saratoga Springs we found this place:  I had an old fashioned cherry ice cream soda (made with soft twist)

After that we continued towards Gloversville,  It was a nice scenic drive and if it had not been getting late, I would have liked to make a few stops.

When we got to Gloversville it was five p.m.  I suggested to Mary that we allow ourselves one hour to find one geocache and a few ghost signs.   We took a detour to see if Mary would recognize the house she lived in with her former husband.  The geocache was fairly easy to find and on the property of an old factory.  We found a ghost sign at another old factory that may or may not be totally abandoned.  The third ghost sign was a Coca Cola sign on the side of the building which one held the opera house.  We were checking out that area and taking pictures, and at the GLOVE THEATRE, Mary mentioned that there was a man inside the lobby.  He came out and I spoke to him about the possibility of going into the Glove Theatre (I had tried unsuccessfully to make contact with someone about doing this before we came).  He said the man who ran it would be there in a few minutes.  

Richard Samrov took us into the GLOVE THEATRE MUSEUM.  Here is a picture of him with the jacket he wore for his first job as usher in the theatre in l953.  After that he took us into the theatre itself and told us all about it.  People were waiting to have a meeting with him, but he was not in a hurry!  
This is the theatre: 
Right next door to the museum is STORTO'S GLOVE SHOP.  It must be the very last of the glove shops in Gloversville.  It was closed for the day, but we peeked in.  
You can see the patterns for the gloves hanging up.  According to Richard, Mr. Storto makes gloves for celebrities.  
We went into an organic grocery store on the first floor of the old opera house building before heading back to Mary's truck.  I stopped to take a picture of a ghost sign for a jewelry store, as well as the vacant storefront itself.  Finally, we headed home.  In Caroga Lake, we passed Sherman's Amusement Park and I would have loved to stop and look at this very old park,but it was really getting way too late.  At some point, we also passed Saltzmans Hotel (in Ephrata).
So much to see and so little time!

my full set of pictures can be seen here:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Visit with Gerri Moorehead 5/8/14

I met Gerri several years ago at FSA, and then I hired her to do some gardening for me, and
we became friends......but this is the first time I have been to her place in Otego.

She invited me to lunch and it was very good, especially the lemon pie which she learned how
to make from a program on the Food Network.  After lunch she showed me around her trailer, which is very spacious and she has it well furnished and decorated. Then she showed me her
gardens, which are her pride and joy.  She had several wooden "little girls" in various spots and they looked familiar and she reminded me that I loaned her MY little girl, which she used as a pattern to make her own.  She gave me one.

It was a nice afternoon.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Driving East May 4, 2014

I left Lockport around nine a.m. and headed up "the transit" towards the Depew Thruway Station where I got on the thruway.  At one of the thruway stops, I looked at a map of NY state and decided to stay on the thruway until north of Skaneateles and then drive down the east side of
Skaneateles Lake, a route I have never taken.

My GPS could not find Borodino, but I found it.  It has a very nice country store that serves food and has nice, clean bathrooms.  I bought 1/4 lb of antipasto and continued on.  I briefly explored these places: Borodino, Spafford, Scott and Homer, and bypassed Cortland and typed NORWICH into my navigator.  I saw this VERY old building that was used as a "lodge".  It may be in Scott, NY or maybe Spafford.  

The city of HOMER looks very interesting and I stopped for a few minutes to take pictures.  I like this ghost sign.

Before getting to Norwich, I drove through the village of Preston, and just beyond Preston, I stopped at an old cemetery.  It did not have a sign identifying it, and I can't find anything about it on

In Norwich I stopped at SUBWAY and had a tuna sub.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014: Another Drive Across the State: from Oneonta to Lockport

I left my house at 8:30 a.m. and headed out.    My virst stop was at MARY'S PANTRY in Schuyler Lake, where I purchased two pieces of pie:  coconut cream and chocolate cream.  This trip, I went to Richfield Springs to drop off some books for Olivia Weaver.  I met her mother, and her new baby Violet Grace.  They invited me to stay for breakfast, but I had already eaten so I declined.

After that, I headed up 28 to Mohawk, where I got on the thruway.    I drove for a couple of hours, only stopping to eat a piece of pie.  I got off at Exit 43 and headed north to Palmyra.   I went to their history museum, to an old store, an old print shop and into the newer depot museum.  The store was magnificent, its like it was frozen in time.  The owner decided to close shop during WW2 when rationing coupons were introduced.  Many of the items that were on the shelves the day he closed the store (including eggs) are still on the shelves!!!!

Palmyra has some nice murals.
I decided to get back on the thruway instead of driving through or around Rochester.  I stopped around two p.m. and had a stromboli at one of the plazas.  I got off the thruway at the Depew exit.  I stopped at the new Niagara Produce and bought some groceries.

Peggy arrived at 17 a couple of minutes after me and helped me carry boxes in the house.  We ate supper together and then she was off to go to the World Day of Prayer Meet and Greet Event downtown.  I was too tired to go.  I was glad to find that I could connect to wifi that evening.