Monday, October 25, 2010


Terry and I took advantage of the warm fall day to go to Hobart, New York. I had read about it being called a BOOK VILLAGE because of the number of bookstores they have, and wanted to visit.

We met up in Oneonta around 9:45 a.m. and headed towards Stamford. Once in Stamford, we stopped at the old Rexmere Hotel and went inside for a few minutes to see the exhibits regarding the old hotel. Then we found a geocache and then we drove around a bit and I pointed out some of the old hotels I have seen during past visits.

Then it was on to Hobart, about three miles down Route 10. We arrived shortly at Hobart's Main Street and were struck by how quaint and interesting it was. Our first stop was at one of the bookstores. I purchased a paperback copy of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. I read it when I was a teen and want to read it again. Then we visited another bookshop right across the street. By this time it was getting close to noon so we went to THE COFFEE CUP.
We had a great lunch, and we enjoyed the memorabilia on the walls and shelves.
I don't recall Twinkies with this type of frosting, but Terry remembers them. Maybe they were only available a short time, or in certain areas.
After lunch (I had a reuben and Terry had her usual Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich) we went to more bookstores. Terry found a book for her friend in the nursing home. By then it was close to one p.m., the time I had agreed to phone the woman who had agreed to open the Historical Society for us. I called her and we met up with her. Here is a picture of the Historical Society. The building used to be a Masonic Temple.
We were taken upstairs to see the room where the masons used to meet. You could just picture the "grand poobah" sitting on that throne at the head of the room!

After that, we drove around Hobart a bit, before heading back to Oneonta. Terry wanted to stop at the Davenport Garden Center to purchase a butternut squash so we did that.

Later that day, Terry and I met up at her place in Otego and went to a ham dinner at a church in Unadilla. Yummy!