Sunday, September 15, 2013

LOOKING UP: A Tour of Downtown Oneonta's Upper Floors

Betty and I attended this event today.  Several upper floors of several old buildings on Main Street were open to the public (for a fee).  I particularly wanted to see the old ballroom on the third floor above the history center and it did not disappoint.  It is currently being restored.

Our second stop was at the STEVENS storefront.  I was surprised to see that not all of the items from this very old store (which closed in 2012) were gone.  Several remained.  Visitors were allowed up on the second floor.  Mr Stevens jacket is still hanging at the bottom of the stairs.  
     Snacks were offered at a few of the sites, which was nice.  Doing this tour meant climbing up and down LOTS of stairs, but it was worth it  
     For me one of the highlights was seeing some memorabilia from TOYLAND, which was on one of the floors above where Newberrys used to be.

I loved the stain glass windows up above KEY BANK.  I think, though, that going into the MASONIC TEMPLE was the best part of the afternoon.  We did not take the guided tour, but we were allowed to walk around all three floors.

My complete set of pictures can be seen here:

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