Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th!!!!

needs caption? got any ideas? by JuneNYI decided to use this free day to visit Judy in Westford.  On the way there, I saw Vera walking and I offered her a ride.  She needed to go to SFCU,  and we were in one of the "drive through" lanes when we looked over and saw this guy waiting!!!!  When I got to Judy's place she was ready to go.  She had banking to do and needed to go to the post office and she wanted to go to the thrift store in Worcester, too.  She found several items and I found a couple.  Then we had lunch at the Worcester Hotel.  We both had a half sandwich and cup of soup.  The cream of cauliflower soup was outstanding.  After I took Judy home, I found a geocache on a back road at a fishing access.

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