Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mini Franklin Adventure: 9/5/13

Mel in the Doodlebug Clubhouse by JuneNY
Mel in the Doodlebug Clubhouse, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.
The Episcopal Church in Franklin was offering a buffet supper tonight. I asked Betty and Carol if they wanted to go and both of them did. We left a bit early because I wanted to take them to MEL'S ANTIQUE RACE CARS to look around.

Mel and some of his friends were there and as usual, they were friendlly and willing to answer questions and pass on information about the collection, both inside and out.

Mel took us into the Doodlebug Clubhouse.  He said that they meet once a month and its MEN ONLY, but that  they have parties a couple of times a year and women are welcome.

Mel;s friends: John and Denny and a young man who I think is John's son posed for a picture.
The buffet supper at 
thechurch was very good, especially the fresh corn with avocado salad.  

My complete set of pictures can be seen here.

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