Friday, August 30, 2013

Worcester/Schenevus Geocaching

Leslie and I met up at her house and headed to the Worcester area for some geocaching.   We found five out of six that we looked for.  Most of the caches were in the Maple Grove Cemetery.  There is one section of old grave markers that were moved from a church cemetery.  When we went to the convenience store in Worcester to see what they offered in the line of lunch items, we found out that the electricity was out for a large area.  We ended up going to Pondo's in Oneonta for pizza for lunch.

Connie and Ann Adventure! August 29,2013

I met up with Connie and her mother Ann at Fox Nursing Home in Oneonta and we took Ann to Connie's place for a visit.  Connie served up several desert items along with some delicious lemon curd.  It was a great afternoon. 
I took a couple of pictures of Connie with her dog Daisy. 

 and this picture of Connie with her mother. 
We had a great afternoon. We talked about how kids today do not learn the nursery rhymes that we learned when we were growing up!  It was fun! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 2013 Trip to Lancaster County

Peg and I wanted to see the play NOAH at Sight and Sound theatre, so we planned a short trip around going to see it (even though we saw it years ago in the same theatre),  

Peg arrived Thursday evening and we

 left my house early Friday morning and drove directly to Lancaster County, PA.  Our first stop was for a buffet lunch at BIRD IN HAND FAMILY SMORASBORD in Bird in Hand.  Once again, we were not disappointed.........for something like $12.50 we had a lot of choices (but not as big as at dinner time) in a friendly, homey atmosphere. I think this is my favorite picture from the entire weekend.  Several Amish people looks like two mothers and their children seemed to be waiting for a ride:
 Then we went to the Bird in Hand Farmers Market.  I purchased a few small items.  Then we looked for a geocache behind an antique shop across the road, but did not find it.  I noticed this  in front of an antiques shop across the road from the market.  Then we went on to our loding at the Motel 6 in Gordonville.  I took a nap while Peggy took a long walk and then we headed to the theatre.

The play was absolutely wonderful.  Even though we had already seen NOAH, years ago, it was like seeing it for the first time.  Upon returning to our lodging, we had a snack of bagels and cream cheese before retiring.

Saturday morning we went to a really neat Amish farmstand just down the road and also did a bit of geocaching.  We  found the one called PUBLIC RESTROOMS HERE but could not find the one near the library in Intercourse.  Our cousin, Susan, met up with us back at our lodging and we set out for a day of exploring and eating!  We drove down to Quarryville and looked around.  We really need to do this again on a day when we have more time, since its quite spread out.  We saw one schoolhouse, which I took a couple of pictures of.   We saw a second schoolhouse, I think in the Georgetown area, and we saw some beautiful horses there.   Then we headed back to Intercourse, where we went to the Intercourse Canning Company and Stolzfus Meats, which are both in new locations, directly across the road from each other.  I made a few purchases.

 And then it was on to SHADY MAPLES in East Earl.  Susan had eaten here many times, its her favorite buffet in the Amish area, but it was the first time for Peg and I.  The choices were endless!  I particularly liked the scalloped corn.   Then we went to the market associated with Shady Maples, and I purchased a couple of items including the best grapes I have ever had (black seedless).  We also found a geocache in the parking lot outside of Shady Maples.

Then we went to Leola to my favorite farmstand where I purchased several items.  Susan was really impressed with the prices here!  I purchased several items.  And from there back to our lodging.

Susan stayed a short while and we visited.  I sent some diapers and wipes back with her to give to Michael and Kim for their new baby, and I also sent some candy corn for Laura.  After Sue left, I took a nap while Peg took a long walk.

That evening we  did some quick geocaching before it got dark, finding THREE !  Then we stopped at Taco Bell so Peggy could get something and then onto FIVE GUYS where I had a great burger.

Sunday morning we went to THE OUTPOURING of Lancaster, which is really in Leola.  This church is very friendly and very lively!  Definitely NOT a "moderate" church!  After church we found a nice park like area along a creek where we had a picnic lunch before heading north.

We had supper at the Chinese Buffet on Chestnut Street before arriving home a bit before eight p.m.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 19th, 2013 out and about with Betty

 To celebrate Terry's birthday (which would have been tomorrow, but I have to work tomorrow), Betty and I decided to go out for lunch together.  We chose PONDO'S, but it was closed and we ended up at Jackie's Restaurant in Milford, where we both had patty melts.  While in Milford, we checked out a new diner, which we might go back to sometime in the future. 

It was a nice day so we decided to ramble around a bit.  The Cooperstown Cheese Factory was OPEN today so we topped and went in.   Betty bought a bracelet.  Then we went to Wood Bull Antiques and then to   .  .
This small antique shop.  It really was not open since the owners had just returned from the large antique show in Madison and Bouckville, but they let us go inside and glance around for a minute or two.  .  
Then we went to BEAR POND WINERY.and then home.  It was a nice afternoon!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cherry Valley Geocaching Adventure

 I had plans to meet up with Yvette and we were going to go to PINE LAKE, but her allergies are really bothering her (and I think she is a little bit depressed, too), so she cancelled. I emailed Leslie and she said she was free. We decided to go to the Cherry Valley area to geocache/  The first cache we found was the Cherry Valley Lime Kiln.......great hide! I want to find out more about lime kilns, particularlyl this one. Then it was on to Route 32 Triangle. This one was another quick find, but right in the middle of a patch of poison ivy. After that we drove to Sprout Brook and had lunch at the store there. I had a burger and Leslie had grilled cheese and tomato soup. Then we found the parking for Route 20 Scenic View. This one involved a half mile hike on a very nice trail  to a bridge that goes over Route 20 and a half mile back to the car. It was the perfect day for this. 

On the way back, we stopped at PONDO'S for an ice cream cone.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Plants, baked goods, vegetables and bbq chicken ADVENTURE

Carol, Carrie and I planned a picnic at Norton Park.  I packed up what we would need and we headed towards New Berlin.  We stopped at the supermarket and I went into the deli and purchased salads and deserts and then we headed north on 8 to the site where the Methodist Church was grilling chicken halves and selling them.  Traffic was kind of a nightmare because of all the people heading to the "races" just beyond where the chicken was being sold.    We arrived at Norton Park and had a very nice picnic lunch in the small pavillion.
  When we were done and packed up, I noticed a building which I thought might be rest rooms, but it turned out that it was an old train depot that is being restored.  Here is a pic:  
     After that, Carol wanted to go to PURE COUNTRY CAMPGROUNDS for a few minutes so she could talk to a guy about going to Richfield Springs to pick up a trailer she wants to buy.  While she was doing that I walked around and took some pictures.    We stopped at an interesting old cemetery just outside of the campground, on Kelly Road near Hemlock Road.
     Then Carol wanted to go see if the place near Leonardsville where she used to pick apples is going to be open this fall (apparently, it was not open last fall).  Turns out it will be opening on September 15th.  Further down the road we went to Sirko's Greenhouse.  Since it is so late in the season, they are practically giving away their summer flowers.  I bought a few for fifty cents each and Russell Sirko gave me a few more.
     Carol wanted to take a ride down a road she has never been on, so we went back to 8 and turned at Unadilla Forks. and then right on County Road 18.  We passed several Amish owned properties.  We stopped at YODERS FARM STAND and I purchased some potatoes from an Amish boy named Aden.  He pointed out the school he goes to, which was pretty much next door to where he lives.  Further down the road, we stopped at another stand, where their were Amish baked goods. Amish Baked Goods for Sale by JuneNY I purchased some zucchini bars.  Then we headed for home.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I met up with Connie at the Morris Farmers Market today where they were having the BUTTERNUT VALLEY SUMMER HARVEST FESTIVAL. It is the first time I have gone to this event.  By the time I arrived, Connie had purchased a few items and put them in her car.  It was a very nice event, very low key, with lots of area farmers and farming organizations selling items and giving out information about their products and services.
They were giving out free ice cream cones and the EMPIRE HOUSE Restaurant in Gilbertsville was giving out samples of chicken and potato patties with a yogurt sauce.  This was very good!  There was a man who had very old arrowheads on dis play.

I ran into Sandy Scaccia, who I have not seen in probably 15 or more years.  I noticed Kathy Shimberg playing in this band, and we kind of mouthed "hi" to each other but I did not have a chance to talk with her.  Her band was playing as I left.
BUTTERNUT VALLEY SUMMER HARVEST FESTIVAL by JuneNYI purchased a few vegetables and a book commemorating the bicentennial of Otsego County.  Connie and I took a ten to fifteen minute walk around the perimeter of the park, but it was really too hot to go any further.

I talked for several minutes with Sarah, who did a college internship in landscaping at Brookwood Gardens and now she works there three days a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.  She said the gardens are in very good condition, better than they have been in years.  I hope to go soon.
It was a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Yvette and I lost touch over the past few years, but connected again on the occasion of the death of another  friend.  We got together today.  I drove out to Cobleskill and we met up at WalMart.  Then it was off to have lunch at her favorite spot in Cobleskill: GRAPEVINE FARMS.  From the outside this place appears to be fancy and expensive.  I have to admit the prices in the gift shop are high, but the prices in the cafe are very reasonable.  After checking out most of the rooms in the gift shop, we had lunch.  We each ordered a sandwich and we shared them.  The "side of the day" was watermelon salad which came with each sandwich.   I thought both sandwiches were outstanding!

After lunch we went to the WINE CELLAR, which Yvette said is a new addition.  When I was asked what kind of wine I like, I said "I don't like wine, but I would like to leave here liking wine".  We were each given a list of this week wines and given samples of each one we wanted to try. I tried three wines and actually enjoyed them.  If I didn't have a full bottle of wine at home, from my brothers wedding, I would have purchased a bottle today.   Yvette purchased a bottle.  All of the wines in the GRAPEVINE FARMS WINE CELLAR are made here in New York!

After that our plans were to go to Cave House Museum of Mining and Geology
(in the original hotel built by Lester Howe).  We had a hard time finding it, and Yvette suggested we stop at the Schoharie County Animal Shelter to see the dog she will be taking home in a week or two, and to ask directions.  I met her dog SNOW and we got better directions. It turned out that we were very close to it when we were at the shelter.
We finally arrived at the museum.  It is very close to a huge stone quarry.  It was interesting.  The most interesting part was seeing the original entrance to Howe Caverns!  We returned to the animal shelter so that Yvette could take Snow for a walk and while doing that I took pictures of a couple of old empty, abandoned buildings.

Yvette then suggested that we go to THE APPLE BARREL.  It is just outside of Schoharie.  It is a combination nursery/cafe/gift shop.  We looked around the shop and then had desert in the cafe.  I had a slice of  peach raspberry pie with a scoop of ice cream and it was delicious.

Yvette then took me to her apartment, so that I will know where she lives (for future get togethers).  On the way out of Cobleskill, I stopped at the CATNAP BOOKSTORE and purchased three holocaust books.  It was a great (but exhausting) day.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Charlotteville Adventure

Several days ago, when Nancy, Leslie and I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce in Cooperstown, I picked up Summer 2013 Kaatskill Life Magazine.

The very first article I looked at was about the Hamlet of Charlotteville in Schoharie County.  I decided that Charlotteville was a place I did NOT want to miss.  I called the proprietor of the museum and set a time to visit (Today at eleven a.m.) and recruited Carol to go with me.  It was sort of a belated birthday get together for us (only a month and a day late for our June birthdays).

Carol and I met up at my house at 9:30.  First we went to Oneonta so she could do some banking and then we headed out on I-88.  We got off at Worcester and then headed down Route 39.  It was a windy, hilly route and we were glad to get to the bottom of the hill and turn left and head towards Charlotteville.  We were about fifteen minutes early for our appointment with Marilyn, so we went to the General Store.  I purchased some oatmeal-raisin cookies and a fresh tomato.  
  Charlotteville General Store in Charlotteville, New York by JuneNY  Then we headed down to the museum and met up with Marilyn, who unlocked the museum and let us in.  The downstairs is the ANONYMOUS ART EXHIBIT, which is absolutely fantastic.  It is decorative pieces of buildings that were saved.  Many of them are "green men"......mens faces with foliage around them.  Upstairs is the history museum, which is very interesting.  Marilyn kind of
narrated as we walked through.........topics and photographs are in sections.  
     After that, we went over next door to the old Methodist Church.  It is very beautiful inside, all the gorgeous woodwork and the huge star in the front of the church.  One small room has objects that were excavated from the seminary site.  
     After leaving the church and museum, we drove around a bit and I took pictures of various interesting buildings including the old school, hotel and another store.
     We drove back to Oneonta by a different route, which was less hilly but probably did not save us much time, we came out on Route 23, after driving through South Worcester, Fergusonville, Simpsonville, etc.            Then began the debate over where to have lunch.  We stopped at the diner in Davenport, and looked at the menu and decided not to eat there.  We decided on Applebee's but were told that we would have to wait fifteen minutes for a table, and then we decided to go to Brooks but when we got there the parking lot was full and there was a long line.  We then decided to go to the Undercover Eggplant but then I stopped at the No 1 Chinese Restaurant and asked Carol if that would be OK and she said that would be fine.  We had a nice lunch, very inexpensive in an empty restaurant.  I had the brocolli with beef, which included soup and fried rice for only six dollars.
     Then we went to WalMart and each of us picked up a few items.  We talked about going SouthWind Farms, but we were both kind of tired when we got to my house so we called it a day.  It was a good day, in spite of the rain (mostly light) when we were in Charlotteville.  My complete set of pictures for this great day can be seen here: