Thursday, April 24, 2014


Leslie and I met up this morning and headed to Walton, New York for some geocaching.  It was sunny and dry but a bit on the chilly and windy side.

We found our first geocache just outside of Walton (A Rock and a Hard Place) and then headed into Walton where we found a few geocaches in parks, and two at the fairgrounds.  Then it was time for lunch.  We went to THE PENGUIN CAFE.
I enjoyed my lunch at THE PENGUIN.  I would like to return someday and have some ice cream. 

After lunch, we continued geocaching.   Our total finds for the day was SEVEN !  I think my favorite was the one on edge of the river of the fairgrounds, one we had looked for previously without success.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday 4/19, 2014 Lunch at Riverstone

I was packing and sorting all morning until about 11:00 when I got a hankering to go out to lunch.  I called Connie and she was free so we agreed to meet at Riverstone for lunch at 11:30.

The golf course looks great, and there were a few golfers out.  We ordered a "starter" of chicken wings (garlic parmesan flavor) which were very good. We decided to order two sandwiches and share.  We ordered the vegetable panini and the Riverstone Chicken.  We substituted a cup of soup for the french fries.  The soups were delicious, very thick and rich.  Our sandwiches were very good.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day Out With Judy

I met up with Judy at her place near Westford.  She asked me if I would take her for a haircut and I agreed to do so.  She made a few calls and was told to go right over to Chris's place on Main Street in Schenevus.  We did and she got a nice haircut for $7.00.  I knew I was going to like Chris's shop before I went through the old fashioned front door.  It  kind of like a museum, lots of her collected items on display.  Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me.

After that, we went to Ardi's for lunch, and I used up the rest of the gift certificate I "won" at the Pro-Life event last fall.  I had the grilled cheese and split pea soup, both were very good.  Then we went to THE WEAR HOUSE where Judy purchased several items.  We returned to Judy's place and then I came home, stopping to drop off books at FoxCare and two bags of clothing at the clothing drop off at the small church on Winney Hill Road.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday April 14, 2014 (drive back home with a stop in Rochester)

I said goodbye to Peggy a little bit after eight a.m. and headed east.  My first stop was in Batavia where I went to Denny's and had sausage gravy and biscuits.  I ma

pped out a route to Rochester.

My first stop was in Byron, New York when I noticed a huge old hotel
(still serving food) and a museum in a historic church.
 I also stopped in Clarendon to take a few pictures of the historical
society.  Clarendon was originally known as Farwell's Settlement.  

Then it was on to Rochester and the Liberty Family Restaurant.
I called Terry Aleksandrowicz and she met me there.  We had not seen each other since 1973, when Megan was a baby.  Terry does not remember babysitting for Megan when she was a few months old.  After that we lost touch until 18-24 months ago when I found her on facebook.

We had a lot of catching up to do.  She told me all about her kids and grandkids and her new apartment (she just moved out of the house she had lived in since about l968 or 69).  We spent close to two hours together, sharing news about our families and our friends Roxanne and Marcia.
Unfortunately, Marcia passed away many years ago.  I had not known that she had a seventh child, a girl names Jennifer.

After leaving Terry, I continued east, stopping in Walworth  to take a few pictures.
 I drove through Palmyra and saw a huge building which must have something to do with the Mormon church.  After that I got on the thruway and stayed on it until Canastota, then drove down to Route 20.  I arrived home around 5:15 p.m.

Sunday April 13th, 2014

Kind of a laid back day.  Peg and I went to church.  We arrived early because Peggy had stuff to do.  I decided to take a walk while waiting for church to start.  Former Pastor Wayne Dent spoke....he talked about the early days of his Christian experience, including Pastor Don Riling and Brockport Christian Center.  I felt like standing up and hollering "and I was there, too"...which I was.  Brockport Christian Center was where I met Jesus and became a Christian in l972.  I think that was the year Wayne and Sharon left CC and moved to PA, where they started a church.

After church I went back to 17 and put supper in the crockpot (which I had forgotten to do first thing in the morning).  Then I met up with Peggy and David at church and we went to the Village Eatery for lunch.  I had the eggplant parmesan, which was very good.

Back at 17, I took a nap and did a bit of "putting stuff away".  Betty came over for supper, bringing kaiser rolls and a desert pizza from PIZZA HUT.  The pulled bbq beef sandwiches were great!

The finale to my day was watching CALL THE MIDWIFE and MR SELFRIDGE on PBS.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday April 12th in Lockport (Peggy's Bridal Shower)

Peggy and I worked more on my apartment this morning.  I set up my stereo system and got it running.  I wanted to go to REID'S for lunch and Peggy is not fond of their food (because it is so darned unhealthy), so we went to SUBWAY on the way to REID'S.  However, Subway was crowded so we both ate at REID'S.  I had a white hot with sauce, fries with sauce and a small loganberry drink. Then we returned to 17 to get ready for Peggy's bridal shower.

We picked Janie up and went to the church for the shower.  It was SO much fun!  Our table consisted of Peggy, Janie, me, Betty and Megan.   The best part was the toilet paper wedding gown contest.  Each table close one person to make a gown for.  OF COURSE, our table chose Peggy.  It was a lot of fun.  Andrea won the contest.  Here is a picture of Peggy:

The food was great, the deserts were sensational.  Peggy received a lot of beautiful presents, and a lot of gift cards for various restaurants and stores.  She seemed to be really happy with the check I gave her to pay her hairdresser when she goes to have her hair colored a week before the wedding!

I took Janie home and and then went to TOPS to buy a few things.  Peggy and Dave arrived at 17 a bit later on and Peggy showed me all of her wedding gifts.

Friday April 11th in Lockport

I had an appointment at OPPORTUNIES UNLIMITED in Niagara Falls this morning.  The appointment went well.  Then I located the LOVE CANAL area using coordinates given for a geocache hidden in the  area.

I met up with an old
friend from junior high, Alice (Chickie) Schank at Wagners on Park Avenue.  I had the beef on weck, which was very good, along with the sweet potato fries.  Chickie and I had not seen each other since around l970 or 71 when we ran into each other at a drive in theatre in or near Lockport. We had a great time...............she is interested in exploring and especially urban exploration.

In the afternoon, I worked in my new apartment, cleaning out the two closets and the bookshelves in my bedroom.

Peggy had plans to go to a birthday party for her fiancee's grandson, so I made other plans.
I met up with another old friend from junior high, Barbara (Bidleman) Lindke at the SUGAR SHACK.  I had the fish fry which was very good.  Then Barbara came over to see my new apartment and I showed her a little bit about what can be done with internet.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Drive from W. Laurens to Lockport (4-10-14)

I left at ten a.m.  First stop: at Community Bank in Morris, where I cashed in $104 worth of rolled coins.  SECOND STOP: Bridgewater to fill up on gas.  Then I drove on 20 to Morrisville and then drove north through Peterboro to get to Canastota where I stopped at DUNN'S BAKERY and bought a couple of donuts.  On the way to the thruway, I stopped at a convenience store and bought a half gallon of milk.  I got on the thruway and stayed on it until the LYONS exit.  Got off and drove north through Alloway, Just before Lyons, I stopped to take a picture of a helicopter outside a VFW building.    Then I continued through Lyons up towards 104.  I located the cobblestone school in Wallington, and then found some old farm gas pumps that I read about on  and then located an old abandoned mill near Sodus Center.  Continuing on, I went to the HELLUVA GOOD CHEESE COUNTRY STORE.  On to Sodus Point where I located the lighthouse.  While finding my way back to 104 I saw a huge old abandoned factory.  Not totally abandoned, it looked there are a few yachts stored inside an area that is all open in the front.

On to Ontario, New York to find a virtual geocache at Heritage Square Museum.  New Yorks largest sugar maple tree!  It is in an old time village.  I took several pictures of some of the buildings.  That was my last stop before the final drive to Lockport.

I arrived at 17 about a half hour before Peggy got home from her conference at Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York.  Peggy and I went to the CUP AND SAUCER for spaghetti (its all you can eat for $2.00 on Thursday nights).  We stopped and bought a pint of ice cream at a 7/11.  When we got back to 17, we found that Janie had left us a couple of Easter cookies.

Friday April 4th geocaching

I met up with Leslie at her house and we went  to WILBER PARK to look for one of el fartero's new geocaches.
No luck
We DID find a cemetery cache in Milford Center
lunch at Brooks
Unadilla found RV Magnum/s cache that we had tried to find before unsuccessfully