Thursday, August 31, 2017

CANALSIDE and more: 8/31/17

Marlene had a great idea:  to drive to Buffalo and park in the "park and ride" lot at UB and take the subway (Buffalo Metro Rail) all the way to the end and get off and explore CANALSIDE.  I had been to CANALSIDE once before with Peggy, to take a boat tour, but had not explored it.

When we arrived, we noticed a group of people gathered, so we headed over and found that there was a ceremony going on.  I think we arrived close to the end of the ceremony.
It had to do with BUFFALO NIAGARA WATERKEEPERS.   I think the ceremony signified the name change from BUFFALO NIAGARA RIVERKEEPERS to BUFFALO NIAGARA WATERKEEPERS.  At the end, the dignitaries and visitors signed their names to this:
Marlene and I signed it!  I found this picture online, which show my signature in the top right and Marlene's down in the bottom right.
and then we walked along the SHORELINE TRAIL.  We passed the METRO STATION
and saw this old building: 
which is the MIAMI STREET FREIGHTHOUSE.   We also saw the Buffalo Fire Department Boat:  The EDWARD M. COTTER: 
It is so large that I could not get the whole boat in the picture.  
After walking a while, we noticed a building which we thought might be a restaurant:
It is the TEWKSBURY LODGE, a very nice restaurant.  We had fried bologna sandwiches and salad, and then we headed back towards CANALSIDE.    We saw this along the way:

We saw a TAE KWON DO demonstration (actually, maybe these kids were just practicing) going on, so we sat and watched it for a few minutes.
We continued walking back towards where we had started, checking things out along the way.  

When I suggested that we take the BIKE FERRY across to the other side, Marlene hesitated, but we decided to do it.  We had trouble with this ticket machine,
and an employee helped us, but she had difficulty, also.  I had to use my credit card and we finally got our tickets.....each round trip is only two dollars.
Once we arrived on the other side, we walked to the park where the BUFFALO LIGHTHOUSE is, but the area is under construction, so we could not go past the coast guards gates and see it.  

So we turned around and walked the other way.  We came up an area that looked interesting, the TIMES BEACH NATURE PRESERVE.  

Marlene said she was concerned about ticks and did not want to go on the trail.  I suggested we walk down a little way, and she agreed and led the way.   After several yards, I told her to let me know when she was ready to turn back.  She kept going and I am so glad of that.  We continued and walking this trail was the HIGHLIGHT of the day.  The scenery is SO beautiful and included some wildlife:  

 much of the trail was boardwalk:
and  a real bonus was the views of the lighthouse that we saw along the way:  
 too bad this fence is in the way!
We took the ferry back to the other side and checked out the kiddie area where there are paddle boats (not to mention that there was a small but nice ladies room available)
these pools(or canals) are used as ice skating rinks in the winter.  There is more that we saw, and we spoke to several people (usually asking directions or for ideas of where to go). 

We  took the METRO back to UB.  We went to Wendy's for a cold drink and then headed back to Lockport.  My complete set of pictures can be seen here:

It was a wonderful way to spend the last day of August!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Outing with Karra

Karra picked me up and we headed towards Niagara Falls for lunch.  Since we would drive right by it, I told her she would be surprised by something (the huge sunflower field). We stopped and spent a few minutes there.

She had me  take a couple of pictures of her on her phone and she sent them to her mom in Florida.

We went to a new Mexican place on the boulevard LA GALERA.  It is  a very colorful place (inside) 

Our lunch was great, it was SO MUCH FOOD.  We both took boxes home.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

LONG, LONG, LONG Saturday in Buffalo and Amherst

Marlene and I decided to go on an OPEN AIR BUS TOUR today of PICTURESQUE BUFFALO, but a few minutes before she left her house to drive to Lockport to pick me up she received a phone call from the bus company saying that the tour was cancelled due to lack of interest.   Sooooooooooo, she called me and we decided to make another plan for the day.  Marlene found a walking tour of the Elmwood and Delaware area and printed it out.

When we arrived in the area where the walking tour starts we were surprised to see how terribly crowded the area was.  Parking was at a premium.  We saw a lot with some spots and a fellow gave us permission to park there for free.  We did not understand why, so we talked with him.  I think he was hired to make sure that patrons of the festival did NOT park in this lot.  Anyways, we parked here and returned a few hours later and Marlene's car was not towed away.

We started following the walking tour and it took us through several blocks of the festival.

 There were a LOT of interesting things to see but Marlene and I were on a mission so we didn't spend much time checking festival things out.

The walk was interesting and it was over three miles long.  One of the first things we saw was this building on Cleveland Street.
Chemical No. 5 Firehouse was originally built to house horse drawn fire equipment and is now a private residence.  

Much of the walking tour was down streets of absolutely beautiful homes with great landscaping.  This statue that we saw was not on the tour,  the name of it is BIRDS EXCITED INTO FLIGHT.
Marlene was able to point out a few things, places she has been during her job as school bus driver, such as Larkin Field.  
At Canisius High School there is this plaque which speaks for itself.
There are a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings along the walking tour, but we were unable to identify them, all the large trees contributed .

This private home and garden on West Delevan was highlighted: 

I love this statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Marlene   suggested walking around Hoyt Lake 
but I was starting to fade a bit, so I suggested we do it another time.  

One of the highlights of our walk was walking by the Old Psych Center.  There is an interpretive walk on the grounds, with signs, but that too, will have to wait until another day.
We continued on, following the directions, and ended up back in the area where we started.  We stopped in TALKING LEAVES BOOK STORE
where I found a Christmas gift for Tyler!!!!

Before  going to the car I stopped to take a picture of this great mural
Then we headed back to Lockport and met up with Peg and David at their new house.  We all went to the AMHERST BUFFET for Peg's birthday dinner, meeting up with Pam and Amber.  It was a great day.

Friday, August 25, 2017

EGYPTIAN FESTIVAL and More: August 25, 2017

Elaine and I saw the sign for this festival the day we went to the HERSCHEL CAROUSEL Museum, about a month ago.  I found out more details and we decided to attend.

First, though..............we went to Tonawanda to find the exact location of the TONAWANDA CASTLE since we will be going to the CareNet  Banquet there in October.  We found it all right
and we were even allowed to go inside for a few minutes, since they were setting up for a wedding.

Then we headed to North Tonawanda, but we were driving through an interesting area along the canal and there were parking spots available, so we stopped.  Elaine said it was just opposite the area where the Canal Fest is held.  We spent close to an hour there, exploring and walking across a pedestrian bridge to the other side of the canal.

We met and talked with the HarborMaster (David)
Elaine spotted two painted rocks, so we each took one and we plan to place them somewhere in Lockport.

We had planned to eat at THE SOUP LADY, but it turns out it is not open on Fridays.  She let me in to take a few pictures anyways.
We drove down the street and found Lin BBQ & Grill
and decided to have lunch there.  It was very good.

And then to the EGYPTIAN FESTIVAL at the St. Mary's and St Moses Coptic Orthodox Church in North Tonawanda.  We had such a good time.  This young man took us into the sanctuary and explained a lot about being a "copt".
Several  people were dressed up and willingly posed for pictures.  
Elaine and I  each bought some baked goods to take home.
It was a wonderful afternoon!!!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

THE GLASS CASTLE and Schnitzel's

Mary Ann and I went to THE REGAL to see THE GLASS CASTLE.  I had read the book (I think twice) and liked it.

The movie was very good.

Then we went to SCHNITZEL'S a Swiss/German Restaurant on the Transit, closer to Lockport than the Regal.  I had the small plate BEER CHEESE FONDUE, which came with bread chunks, broccoli and apple slices.  It was pretty good.  I also had a side of potato pancakes, which I think were over cooked a bit.  There are a lot of other items on the menu that I would like to try, so I hope to return.

Monday, August 21, 2017

TERRY BUCHWALD at the Lockport Monday Night Car Cruise: 8/21/17

Several days ago, Mary Ann called me and said she was interested in going to the upcoming Monday Night Car Cruise at Ida Fritz Park.  I told her that Terry Buchwald (an Elvis impersonator) was going to perform.  We firmed up our plans a day or so ago.................agreeing to meet at FIVE GUYS for supper before going to the event.

Barb happened to be at FIVE GUYS, so we ate with her and probably stayed a bit longer than we would have if she had not been there.  Then Mary Ann and I headed downtown.  Barb needed to talk with her sister on the phone, so she said she probably would not be able to meet us there.

When we arrived at six thirty and found a spot to set up our chairs, the concert was just beginning (PERFECT TIMING).
The first half was Elvis songs and after an intermission, he impersonated some other popular singers such as Garth Brooks and Neil Diamond.  He got the audience to participate in various activities, such as line dancing.  
It was a great evening.