Wednesday, August 16, 2017

8/16/17 MOMENTUM KIDS at Skateland !

Peggy asked me to help out with registration at SKATELAND tonight during MOMENTUM KIDS during the MOMENTUM KIDS event.  Faith Tab does this one night event instead of Vacation Bible School or Kids Crusade.  It is open to the public and is offered free of cost.

I helped registering a few kids and helped Candace with putting tokens in gift/prize bags.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Detroit to Buffalo 8/16/17

When I checked my email at Megan's house this a.m. Delta was telling me that I should arrive at least two hours before my scheduled flight departure (which was four p.m.)  That email suggested that I check in ahead of time, so I did it online and printed out my boarding pass.
We left Plainwell a couple of minutes after noon for the two hour drive to the airport in Detroit.   I checked my luggage outside via the valet service, which was very helpful.  The worker kept the boarding pass I supplied her and gave me a new smaller one which also had my departure gate on it.  
Going through security was quick and easy.  I checked the "board" as soon as I found one, and saw that my flight was delayed 35 minutes.

Getting to my gate was quick and easy.  The airport is huge, but signs giving directions are clear and easy to read.  SOOOOOO, here I am, charging up my laptop while I use it.  I just ate my granola bar, and should be able to wait until after my arrival in Buffalo to eat with Peggy and David.  Now, it seems that my departure is further delayed.  I am glad to be able to use free wifi on my laptop.

Updated announcement says the flight is delayed another twenty minutes.  Several minutes later, an announcement says the original 35 to 40 minute delay is reinstated and would passengers on the flight to Buffalo please return to the gate.

I was assigned a seat in the very last row and it turned out to be fine.  The flight did not take as long as was expected. Peg picked me up an we went out to supper at MoMo's.  I was glad to get home and I started unpacking and checked phone messages and looked at some of my mail.  After a bit of time on facebook, exhaustion set in and I went to bed.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Final Day in Michigan: August 14th, 2017

I called Gail this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday.

We all met Chris for lunch at Erbeli's for the pizza and salad buffet.
  It was pretty good.  Then the four of us headed to Portage to visit the CELERY FLATS INTERPRETIVE CENTER.  We found it easily enough, but the buildings were closed.  The schoolhouse was moved here from another location
and so was the grain elevator/feed mill.

tried to find a nearby geocache, no luck.  It was so terribly hot and we decided to call off all geocaching.

where we purchased a dozen donuts.  They really are little and they are also kind of expensive.
We relaxed and Megan and Tyler and I played games off and on for the rest of the day.  Megan prepared mac and cheese for supper.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saugatuck Dunes State Park: Saugatuck, Michigan

Megan, Chris, Cassy, Tyler and I went to SAUGATUCK DUNES STATE PARK this afternoon.  It involved a mile long hike along a pretty good trail to
get to the beach and the dunes, some time on the beach,
a walk along the beach to see the dunes
snacking and then a walk OUT via the same trail, which is well maintained and offers lots of wooded scenery.
  Afterward we stopped for ice cream at DAIRY DAZE.  They serve HUGE  cones
Chris prepared  a nice late supper of twice baked potatoes and chicken.  

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Half Day Trip to Allegan and Otsego (July 12. 2017

Megan, the kids and I set out for an afternoon of exploring.  We first went to Allegan Michigan to the OLD JAIL AND MUSEUM.  We all enjoyed seeing the original cells as well as the other exhibit.  We left a painted rock in front of the museum.

Then we went downtown to go to some antique shops.  We went to three of them and Megan and the kids made some purchases.  We also went into the restored REGENT THEATRE.
 Before leaving Allegan, we found one geocache.

Then we headed towards Otsego.  On the way we noticed that the LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE Antique Shop was open, so we stopped and went in.
We looked  for two geocaches in Otsego but only found one.  It was a large one on private property.  It was a great afternoon.

Day Five in Michigan

Megan, the kids and I had plans for the afternoon, but as we headed to the car, Chris texted Megan and said he wanted to get the transfer of the Pacifica taken care of, so we quickly abandoned our plans.

Megan, Chris and I drove to Allegan to the DMV and took care of it.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

DAY FOUR in Michigan: geocaching and Binder Park Zoo

 Tyler and I searched for seven geocaches this morning and we found all seven!!!! We stopped at Wendy's and we all had 50 cent frosties.  We picked Cassy up after swim practice and stopped so I could take a picture of this interesting spot
.We had sandwiches at the house before heading to Battle Creek where we went to the Binder Park Zoo, which is a very nice zoo. Cassy's boyfriend Quinn came with us.  There is an area where you can feed the giraffes out of your hand.

Here are a few of the pictures I took:

The  kids also enjoyed the CHILDRENS ZOO, which is a petting zoo.

Chris fixed burgers and hot dogs, Cassy made a salad and someone prepared corn on the cob and we had supper on the back deck.

Later on, Megan and I watched MILLION DOLLAR BABY>

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

DAY THREE of Michigan Trip (August 9, 2017)

In the morning Megan helped me to get started on making a couple of bracelets out of the beads and memory wire that I purchased at THUNDERBIRD S  UPPLIES in New Mexico in 2012.

After lunch we went to Kalamazoo to go to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.  We all enjoyed the museum.  There is a lot for kids to do (hands on)

and items that many adults would find interesting:

After the museum, we walked to  BRONSON PARK.  It is beautifully landscaped
we found  several painted stones:

We looked for two geocaches in Kalamazoo and found one of them at the former Gibson Guitar Factory.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day two: Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park with Megan and the kids 8/8/17

We decided to go to Grand Rapids today to go to the FREDERIK MEIJER GARDENS and SCULPTURE PARK.  Before we headed in that direction, we went to COSTCO to get gas and bottle water and some snacks.

Then we headed to Grand Rapids.

We all enjoyed the garden, greenhouses and sculptures at the FREDERIK MEIJER GARDENS and SCULPTURE PARK.  Here are a few pictures:

It was a very hot day, so hot that we left before we saw the whole place.  

Megan looked up restaurants on her smart phone and we decided to go to the ELECTRIC CHEETAH on Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids.
This turned out to be a really neat place that offered really good food.  The prices were a little high, though.  The hand cut fries were delicious.
  We brought a lot of food home with us.

Later on in  the early evening, Megan, Tyler and I went to PLAINWELL ICE CREAM where Cassy works.  The ice cream there is delicious but the best part was seeing Cassy at work.
After we  got back to the house, Megan, Tyler and I played BANANAGRAMS and then SPOT IT!. Then Tyler and I played a few games of CONNECT FOUR, he won the most games.  

Monday, August 7, 2017

Day One: Trip to Michigan

My friend Elaine picked me up and took me to the airport.  When I checked in, I found out that my flight was delayed about 45 minutes.  I found my terminal and read for a bit, and then I purchased a bagel with cream cheese, and read some more.  My flight to Detroit was uneventful and short!   Megan had a hard time finding my pick up spot because the Detroit airport is SO huge.

We stopped at z Wendy's for a late lunch.  I think we arrived ae Megan and Chris's place in Plainwell around 4:30 p.m.  I unpacked and then Meg and I discussed ideas of things to do during my visit. I gave Tyler his birthday gift.

Tyler and I played several games of DOMINO'S  and we also shot hoops for a couple of minutes.  I can't compete with him since he is so good and I am NOT good at all.
Csssy arrived home from her trip to Chicago.  While she was gone, her parents moved the furniture out of her bedroom and painted it.  I am not sure how surprised she was since I heard her boyfriend Quinn say "maybe they painted your room while you were gone" before they even came into the house.  
Chris prepared  a nice supper of chicken, pasta and salad for us.   We talked about what to do tomorrow.  

Friday, August 4, 2017

Day Trip to Sonnenberg Gardens, geocaching etc. 8/4/17

Mary Ann and I went to Canandaigua to see Sonnenberg Gardens.  We wavered a bit regarding our decision to go since high  temperatures and thunderstorms were predicted, but we decided to take a chance.

It was about a two hour drive to get there.  We arrived a little bit after ten a.m. We started walking the trails, but were finding the map hard to follow.  Someone came along with a tram
and offered to take us to the mansion, so we hopped on. Here are come pictures of the mansion:
and the gardens

After leaving, we headed towards Avon.  We stopped to geocache and found two out of the three we looked for.  One was in a cemetery in West Bloomfield and one was in a tiny park in Lima.  I took a few pictures in Lima.  I especially liked this old fire station. 

We had a great lunch at Tom Wahl's in Avon (I especially enjoyed the root beer in a frosted mug)
and then we located TWIN FALLS, which has a geocache hidden there, but we could not find it.  The falls is not accessible but you can see it from the road.

Then we continued on our way.  I asked Mary Ann if she could stop for a couple of minutes at NIAGARA PRODUCE.  I purchased some sweet corn for my supper.  

It was a great day.