Saturday, March 21, 2015

GEM, FOSSIL and MINERAL SHOW Adventure (Hamburg, NY)

Mary Ann and I were planning to go to a Maple Syrup event, but it was damp and dark and rainy this morning, so we quickly changed our plans and decided to drive to Hamburg, New York for the annual Gem-Mineral-Fossil Show.
I think they may use this sign every year, which is why it looks so worn out.   The mural below is in the second building where the food vendor was located.  

We arrived at the Erie County Fairgrounds around 12:15 or so, and had a very hard time finding a place to park.  After paying our admission fee, we decided to have lunch.  I had a fried bologna sandwich with macaroni was very good!

Then we took our time (I think close to three hours) going through the two buildings and checking out the displays and vendors. I bought several small items for my grandkids and nephews and a couple of colorful stones for myself as well as two tiny bottles filled with tiny pieces of turquoise.  I think Megan would have liked the wide assortment of beads available.
  These emeralds from Afghanistan were priced at $1,000 each.  

On the way back home, we stopped at Paula's Donuts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms LEGISLATIVE DAY March 17, 2015

Peg and I left Lockport around two p.m. on Monday the 16th and headed towards Albany.  The drive there seemed SO long.  When we got to Albany, we went directly to CAPITAL BUFFET......for  their Chinese buffet, which we had there last year.  And then on to our hotel (Ramada).  Peggy went to the work out room to use the treadmill and I got ready for bed and watched one episode of CRIMINAL MINDS.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel (complimentary), and it was really good!  Then we packed and drove to the capital building.

The event started promptly at nine a.m.  Peggy and I sat very close to the front on the main floor, with a group of four people from Long Island Citizens for Community  Values.
The morning program was very good, they moved from speaker to speaker.  

Then we had an hour and a half break while they showed a movie.  Peggy and I decided to take position papers to our Senator (Robert Ortt)  He was not in his office when we got there.  His secretary was very friendly and showed us his office.   Here I am sitting at his desk.  

We missed the movie which was shown during the 1.5 hour lunch break.  I think the name of it was A YEAR FROM NOW.  It was made by 
Rick Santorum and his wife.  

The KEYNOTE speaker was Rick himself...and he gave a wonderful talk.  
There were activities scheduled for the rest of the afternoon, but Peggy and I had a long drive ahead of us, so we headed out.  We stopped for supper at CRACKER BARREL in Amherst and then headed back to my house.  

It was a wonderful couple of days even though it was very rushed and involved a lot of driving.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Fever Adventure

I met up with Mary Ann at the Kenan Center for  the third annual SPRING FEVER ANTIQUE SALE presented by the Niagara Art Trail.
We each paid our $2.00 admission ($1 off with a coupon that Mary Ann had).  We browsed through about half of the tables before having lunch at Reids 2 and then returned to see the rest of the tables.  

I think I spent  $15.00, getting a red and white doily, three colored glass items, a glass Easter egg with my name on it and two very old Easter postcards ( which I will give to my grandkids).

Mary Ann met an antique dealer who went to some of the same concerts that she went to (including the l965 Beatles Concert in Toronto) and they got talking.   I spent ten dollars on tickets for the basket raffle, since it will benefit the local DV program.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Chickie and I have been waiting for a decent day to drive to Niagara Falls to see the falls, which is frozen (apparently, most years it does not freeze over).  Today SEEMED like it would be a good day for it, and I picked her up at 9:30 a.m. and off we went.

I got to use my ENHANCED LICENSE for the first time, when we crossed into Canada.  Our first task was to find good parking.  After rejecting a spot that would have been good, but would have cost us ten dollars for two hours, we found a "free parking lot"  just off of CLIFTON HILL.
 It was a short and colorful walk down the hill and then to a couple of viewpoints for the falls.
We stepped inside an arcade to warm up a bit.

Unfortunately, it started to snow and the snow combined with the mist seemed to partially obscure the view of the falls.  We walked a ways down and took pictures, anyways. I think this is  the best picture I took of the falls.
 We headed back to Clifton Hill and checked out a couple of gift shops.  I think I took this in front of a wax museum of celebrities.

We checked out a few places to have lunch.  We immediately found out that prices are exorbitant.  We rejected BOSTON PIZZA,  FAMILY RESTAURANT, but settled on IHOP when we saw  that they were offering FREE PANCAKES today.   IHOP was on the third floor over two floors of games, etc.

We both got the free pancakes and split an omelet, which came with home fries.  It was PLENTY of food.  The pancakes were light and fluffy and quite large.  The omelet was chock full of vegetables which made it SO good.
After lunch, we could see that the weather had deteriorated, so we walked to the car and headed for Lockport.   In order to get to the parking lot we used, we passed the huge ferris wheel (which was running) and a DINOSAUR Miniature Golf.  
We decided that if we get a decent day soon when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, we may go up to the falls again.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


It has been a long, difficult winter...........severely cold temps and lots of snow.  I get out of the house several times a week for shopping and errands, Bible study and lunch with friends.....but its been hard to schedule fun things to do.

Peggy told me about this even sponsored by the Lockport Care Net Pregnancy Center, where she is on the board of directors.  Its an agency I like to support, so I said I would accompany her.  I called my cousin Becky and she was happy  to hear about it since she also supports this ministry.

The event was held at CANALSIDE, which is an event center in the building that was originally the Lockport and Boston Block Company.  There were a lot of vendors, food was offered and a basket raffle.  

None of the three of us won anything, but it was a nice break from staying home.