Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I LOVE LUCY Adventure! June 39, 2015

First stop: to the cemetery where Lucille Ball is buried.
Second stop:  DESILU Studios Museum
Third Stop:  :LUCY and DESI Museum (right next door)
We saw these two murals while driving around Jamestown.
And then it was lunch time. (Stop Five)  We had a hard time finding the BABALU Cafe, and we accidentally drove the wrong way on a one way street and then accidentally parked very close to the cafe.  

We each had one of the specials : pasta salad with a half of a panini sandwich, and then we split a cinnamon bun.  It was a very tasty and inexpensive lunch.  

Then we turned on my GPS and went to find this house. Lucille Ball was born in this house in Jamestown.  It is now a private residence
And then we headed to Celeron, hoping to see a statue of Lucy in a lakeside park.  We found it.  
This does not even resemble Lucy and is going to be taken down and placed in one of the museums.  After that we were able to locate this house, its a house that Lucy lived in when she was a child.  
And then it was time to head for home.  We decided on a different route back.  We checked out Lilydale (home of psychos!).  We finally arrived on Route 78 and headed north.  We stopped in Clarence to go to Paula's Donuts, Bill Grays and Abbots Custard (which is in Bill Grays).  

Monday, June 29, 2015


I picked Mary Ann up at eight thirty a.m. and we headed south.  We drove up the Transit to just beyond Orchard Park and then got on 219 heading south.  Our first stop was at this cemetery on 219.

We stopped in Ellicottville and had lunch at The Ellicottville Brewery.  I had the pulled pork with a red quinoa salad.  It was good.
Then we headed to Salamanca. We got into Allegheny State Park FREE because we are now seniors.  We checked out the Anderson Trail, where my family used to stay when I was little.  The cabins look much the same as they did then, but now they have a central bathroom instead of outhouses behind the cabins in the woods.

Then we looked for and found THUNDER ROCKS.  Mary Ann had never been there.  Here are a couple of pictures.  It is just as spectacular as ever, however now I am too old to be climbing on these huge rocks.  There were a lot of people there, and many of them WERE climbing.

Then we headed to the QUAKER RUN area in order go to THE OLD QUAKER STORE MUSEUM.  It tells the history of the park.
and has a replica of one of the early cabins. 
There is a gift shop next door in the same building.  

We headed north and made a plan:  to drive towards the North Entrance, stopping at BRIDAL FALLS and the STONE TOWER.  Somehow, we drove right by BRIDAL FALLS without seeing  a sign, but we did find the STONE TOWER,  
Aftere that we headed towards our lodging just outside of Jamestown.  I was starting to fade.  When we got checked in, I took a nap, and I think Mary Ann did also.  

For supper, we drove to a Chinese Buffet in Jamestown.  It was very good.  After eating, we took a short walk on a walkway along the river.
  Then it was back to our lodging at the Red Roof Inn in Falconer.  They provide juice and fresh baked cookies in the evening, which we took advantage of.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

BEAVER LAKE STATE PARK Adventure 6/20/15

Carrie and I, Karra and Peggy met up with three other families at Beaver Lake Start Park on Grand Island today.  The three other families also have adult disabled daughters and the purpose of the picnic was so that the four "girls" (Carrie, Haley, Barbie and Laura) could meet each other for the first time, and so we parents and families could get to know each other better.

Batavia and more ADVENTURE

Karra and I went to Batavia so she could visit her mothers grave.

Then we headed up to Route 104.  We stopped at THE MILL vintage and gift shop in Elba, New York and then in Barre Center, we stopped at the old grange building where I purchased a book.
where there was a rummage sale going on.  Saw this interesting abandoned business just down the road
Apparently, it was a pickle or cabbage factory (maybe sourkraut) which closed a few years ago.  We tried to make out the name and I  think it was J. Vicari Produce.  

Then we drove towards Albion.  Stopped at THE MILL, a great antique, vintage and gift shop. 
I think this is where I purchased four red TEXAS WARE plates for a dollar!  

We reached 104 and had lunch at TILLMAN'S VILLAGE INN.  I had the LOBSTERWURST, which was a seafood sandwich and it was delicious.  Then we headed back to Rochester.  We saw a lot of places that we would have liked to stop, but we resisted.

I stopped at a McDonalds for a Dr. Pepper and we continued on our way.  

June 26, 2015 Drive to Rochester

Drove to Rochester, mostly on Route 104.  Stopped at Cobblestone Museum,
a flea market
and a couple of yard sales.   Checked into Super 8 in Webster.  Met up with Roxanne in Rochester, she took me to the place where she volunteers.

 Supper at Bill Grays (fish fry) and then frozen custard at Abbott's.  The chocolate almond frozen custard is to absolutely to die for!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


The Thursday afternoon (every other week) Life Group that I go to has taken the summer off, but we are going to try to get together occasionally for some fellowship and fun.  Today we met at three p.m. at the church to watch the movie UNCONDITIONAL, and share a meal

The meal was a huge salad with all sorts of ingredients, pizza from Kenyons and desert.  I contributed a bag of croutons for the salad and made strawberry shortcake for desert.  My desert was absolutely demolished!!!!

It was all great fun.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

ELVIS Adventure: June 8, 2015

My cousin (Becky) has often raved about an Elvis impersonator who goes by the stage name ELVIS WADE.  So, when I heard that he would be performing at one of Lockport's Monday evening cruises, I decided to go.  I connected with Becky and my friend Betty and we arranged to go. 

I picked Betty up and we met Becky at Ida Fritz Park. Becky forgot to bring a folding lawn chair, so we went over to WalGreens to see if they had any.  They did and she purchased one.  Before the performance, I bought a hot dog and a slice of pizza, both were very good. 

The show was fantastic.  Wade does an excellent impersonation.  He also impersonated Roy Orbison.  Here he is with his wife Sandy Posey.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Betty had a rare Saturday off from her job, so I asked her if she wanted to go to yard sales, since both Pendleton and Newfane were offering community yard sales.  I picked her up at nine thirty a.m. and we decided to head towards to Newfane.  While driving through "lowertown", we saw a sign for an ESTATE SALE at the home of a woman Betty knew, so we stopped.  We both bought a few items and Betty was able to find out where the woman is living now. 

We continued on towards Newfane on 78North but stopped several times at sales along the way.  I was delighted to find a narrow dresser, which I need for my bedroom.  The fellow was asking $35 but I offered him $25 and he accepted and he helped us get it into the back of my car.  We finally made it to Newfane and checked out a few sales before heading north towards Olcott Beach since I wanted to stop at BYES POPCORN STAND where I purchased some caramel corn with peanuts.  DELICIOUS!!!

As we headed back south on 78, we stopped for lunch at Gordie Harpers where I used the gift certificate that Gail gave me for my birthday yesterday.  I had one of  the specials: chicken salad sandwich with a cup of soup.  The soup was chicken cordon bleu, and it was very good!  We saw this car parked at Gordie's.  We saw this old Pontiac parked at Gordy's.

We stopped at one more yard sale after that as we continued south on 78.  By this time, the back of my Pacifica was getting pretty full.  Besides the dresser, these are my purchases:

Back at my house in Lockport, Betty helped me get the dresser and six drawers into my apartment. 

66th Birthday Adventure: June 5. 2015

Peggy wanted to do something special for my 66th birthday.  She invited our sister in law Janie, our cousin Becky, our other sister Gail and four of my friends for a dinner at DeFlippo's.   Elaine, Barb, Chickie and MaryAnn were the friends  invited.  Chick threw her back out a day or so ago and was unable to come.  Janie begged off because of her fathers hospitalization. 
Betty and Peggy
Peggy and Gail
Elaine, Becky and Mary Ann.

I wasn't expecting any presents, but everyone brought one
Peggy: charm bracelet and money for a charm
Betty: $20.00
Becky: mug and flashlight
Mary Ann: small photo album
Elaine: cookbook
Gail: gift certificate for Gordy Harpers
Barb: non flame candle

I had the stuffed shells with two meatballs.  It was delicious.  Peggy brought a pound of Italian cookies from Molinaro's which we passed around and everyone loved them!
We all had a great time.