Monday, November 30, 2015


I recently moved back to Lockport after being away for over forty years.  I have been enjoying getting to know Lockport again by exploring the area and  going to community events.  When I read about LIGHT UP LOCKPORT, I decided to go.  This annual event was held in DOWNTOWN LOCKPORT on Saturday, November 28th.   I had a few free hours in the afternoon and I asked a friend to accompany me.

The events started early in the morning with breakfast at the Cornerstone Arena and continued all day long! After the evening parade and tree lighting at the Palace Theatre, the final event was the movie POLAR EXPRESS at the Palace Theatre. In between, there were a multitude of activities to choose from.

My friend and I enjoyed a free slice of pizza at PAPA LEO'S.  Thank you Papa Leo's for being so well organized and generous. The slices were delicious!

We also went to WINDSOR VILLAGE.  This former flower shop is now a gift shop (GrassRoots Mercantile) offering many locally made items. There is so much to choose from!   The shop was decorated for Christmas and they offered refreshments as well as free tours of THE SPROUT 1825 room.  This attraction is a place where children and adults can take a step back into the past and experience life on the Erie Canal in 1825, which was the year the canal opened.

WINDSOR VILLAGE is a "work in progress" as the owners have lot of plans for new additions in the future.  

At the other end of Main Street, the Emmanuel Methodist Church had a wonderful display of nativities.
While browsing and viewing the manger scenes, participants enjoyed cookies and cider and the warmth of a fireplace.
 Christmas carolers sang familiar songs and I could not resist singing along.
At the WAREHOUSE, I purchased a few Christmas gifts and was given this great bag
and was reminded of all the great shopping opportunities Lockport offers in the form of small businesses. Have you heard about LOCKPORT HOLIDAY BINGO?  When I  made my purchase at THE WAREHOUSE, I was given this Bingo Card:
We have until December 31st to visit small businesses in Lockport and complete a  BINGO on one of these cards and then  turn it in at The PALACE THEATRE Box Office.  The grand prize is a $100 gift certificate to a Lockport restaurant and four tickets to the live performance of Mary Poppins.  So, pick up your card and get started!  This is a good opportunity to meet local shop owners and you might find a unique gift or two at one or more of the small shops .

The tasting room at The FLIGHT OF FIVE WINERY (in Old City Hall on Pine Street) offered samples of their seasonal mulled wine
and cider in a warm, relaxed atmosphere  
as well as more shopping opportunities.  Stop by someday and check out the old tin ceiling in the tasting room and take some time to look at the historical photographs in the area outside the tasting room.   The building was built in l864 and purchased by Birdsill Holly in l884,    In l893 the building was purchased by the City of Lockport.  An addition was put on which housed the courtroom.  There is so much history in this magnificent building which is just steps away from the Erie Canal and the famous Flight of Five.

LIGHT UP LOCKPORT  offered  something for everyone! Families had the opportunity to see two popular movies at the PALACE THEATER. Kids got to see Santa Claus at the PALACE and I heard that he gave out presents. History buffs were able to take inside tours (led by EXPLORE BUFFALO) of  some of Lockport's historic homes.  Christmas shoppers had opportunities to shop at THE WAREHOUSE, The Old Post Office (wreath sale), SCIRTO'S JEWELERS, GOULD'S FLOWERS,  BLING!, THE ART and SOUL  GIFT SHOP at the Market Street Art Studios and many more places. There were horse and carriage rides and children could do crafts at the Lockport Library.  Those wanting more health related activities could take a ZUMBA class at Curves and get their eyes screened by the LIONS CLUB at the Cornerstone Arena. Food was offered at various places including a new diner on West Main Street: BIG BRIDGE DINER. There were a lot more activities, too many to list here. Many of them were free.

The entire day was a wonderful opportunity for families to have fun together and get a dose of the holiday spirit. I plan to allow myself more time next year to enjoy this event.

by: Carolyn Simmons

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Mary Ann and I met up in order to go to LIGHT UP LOCKPORT....a day filled with open house and activities. Our first stop was WINDSOR VILLAGE
which is in what used to be a flower shop. They have a nice gift shop and a walk through attraction called SPROUT 1825. It tells some of the history of Lockport, and was decorated for Christmas.
Today they offered visitors free coffee or hot chocolate and cookies. Our second stop was PAPA LEO'S where they were offering free slices of pizza between noon and one p.m. At first it looked like it was too crowded and that it would take a long time to get the free pizza, but the line moved quickly and they were well organized. From there we went to the Methodist Church for their NATIVITY DISPLAY.
Many nativities in various styles were set up to be viewed. Refreshments were offered and there was carol singing. It was very nice. Then we went to THE WAREHOUSE for some serious shopping. I found a few small items for my granddaughter and a great Christmas present for my sister, Peggy. Here are some pictures taken in THE WAREHOUSE.
Our last stop was at the FLIGHT OF FIVE WINERY in Old City Hall
I neglected to take a picture of this great old building soThis photo of Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride is courtesy of TripAdvisor We sampled some mulled cider and relaxed a bit in the winery We never saw the horse and carriage ride which was mentioned in the newspaper. It was a nice afternoon.

Friday, November 27, 2015


I do not like to shop and normally avoid shopping on Black Friday, but Peggy had a few things she needed, and asked me to accompany her and I agreed. We set out from my house around ten thirty a.m. Our first stop was Paula's Donuts on Sheridan, where we picked up donuts and coffee. Our second stop was BED BATH and BEYOND where Peggy found a Christmas present for David using the twenty percent off coupon we were given at the front door. Then we went to CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPS and we both bought several items, again using a twenty percent off coupon. It said on the coupon that the deal expired at noon, and it was one p.m. or so, but we were able to use it. We had lunch at Old Country Buffet using a coupon, so the two of us got to eat for a combined total of a bit less than ten dollars. Everything we both tried was very good and the place was very clean today. After that we went to DSW and each of us bought a pair of shoes, much discounted because of it being Black Friday. Our last stop was TRADER JOES, and we each bought several items.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


My church offers free Thanksgiving Dinner two night in a row the week before Thanksgiving every year. The object is for us to invite friends and family members. Last night was the first night and I invited several people to go with me: Barb, Elaine, her cousin Sue, my cousin Becky and Karra.
This year it was not only dinner, they showed a movie DO YOU BELIEVE? The meal was excellent
and I think everyone enjoyed the movie. Here are some pictures.
Karra's cousins were siting at the table next to ours.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fall Geocaching Adventure

Chick and I have been trying to get together to go geocaching for about a month, and this is the first day that it worked out!!! I picked her up and we headed to Cold Springs Cemetery where we found COLD SPRINGS WATER TOWER NIGHTMARE. The water tower really IS a nightmare.
And then we headed out to find the NORTH SHELBY CEMETERY cache, in a small cemetery on a dead end road. This one was quick and easy. Then we drove north to get up to 104 to find the multi-cache CORN AND CACHES. Part one was at a farmstand. It was closed, but they had a LOT of squash set out for "self serve", and I bought several
and part two was at a convenience store a half mile down the road. Both were pretty easy. I took the opportunity to fill up my gas tank. By then we were hungry and we decided to see what NES had to offer. It is a very nice convenience store that offers a lot of choices of ready prepared food. Chick had a bowl of soup and I had a fried bologna sandwich.
Earlier on 104 I thought I saw a sign for a bakery, so we backtracked. We did find the sign but the place seems to be closed down.
They seem to be selling used cars now. Our next try was for NEARLY A GENERAL, near a Dollar General in Gasport. We looked for close to a half hour without any luck.
This small "stand" is behind the pizzeria. We found WELCOME TO HARTLAND in another old cemetery. We could not find JAMES CAGNEY...(I think I had the coords plugged in wrong). BUT, I found SCOOTER DUDE in Day Road Park (my fourth try). It was a great day!

Friday, November 13, 2015


I offered to go with Peggy to take our churches OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD boxes to a church in Pendleton. I arrived at the church around one thirty and we put the boxes in the back of my Pacifica. We went to Pendleton, to the Pendleton Center United Methodist Church and dropped the boxes off.
they are stacking them in the front of the sanctuary. On the way there we noticed signs for a cider mill that we did not know about. We stopped to check it out.
I bought some cheese and Peg bought some apples. We both purchased an apple cider slushie. It was delicious. Back in Lockport, we went to TOPS and shopped for items for the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinners at Faith Tab.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day 2015: Cold Springs Cemetery, Paula's Donuts and MORE

Last night my sister Gail called me about the Veteran's Day Service TODAY at Cold Springs Cemetery. When I found out that my brother Mike would be the speaker, I decided to go. Gail picked me up and we headed to the cemetery. Mike gave a great talk, mentioning several burial spot of military men all over the cemetery.
Then Gail and I met up with Janie and the boys. I suggested to Janie that since the boy have the day off from school that we might go to Paula's Donuts. She agreed. I told her that I had good buy one get one free coupons and said I would go home to get them and asked her to pick me up at my house. When they arrived, Mike was with them, since he decided to take the whole day off from work. We headed to Clarence and went to Paula's Donuts. Mike suggested we go to an antique shop just down the road.
It is a really neat place. Mike is very interested in a huge old whiskey barrel that they have for sale. THen we went to "train watch". We stopped by some train tracks (in Lancaster) and almost immediately two trains went by (each going a different direction) and then a truck did some maneuvers in order to get up on the tracks. This particularly interested Mike. And then we headed back to the Transit where we went to this store:
where I purchased some items for my grandchilden for Christmas. And then we went to this place:
Apparently, Mike collects wooden cigar boxes that he buys here.
About a half an hour after I got home, I left to meet up with Elaine, Darlene and Sue in order to go to the church in Cambria for a turkey dinner.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Murder Mystery Dinner

Elaine suggested that she and I go to the Murder Mystery Dinner put on by the Marjim Manor Players at the United Church of Christ. We went and met up with Lynette and her friend Ann and Bonnie Burnett and her friend Crytal. The dinner was great and the play was so much fun. Here are my pictures from this event:

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Two days ago I went to a chicken and biscuits election day dinner at the Wrights Corner Fire Hall, with Elaine and her cousin Darlene. The dinner was good, but not exceptional. On the way back to Lockport, Darlene started talking about the "other" Amish Store. She called it something like FeelFish (really!). I was able to find the address on the internet. Today, Chicky and I were planning on going geocaching, but she has a sore foot, so we couldn't do that. I decided it would be a good day to try to find the Amish Store. I called Pam and she was happy to accompany me. We set out for Olcott and turned right onto Route 18 and kept driving and driving, it was about 35 miles!!!! But we finally found it. I forgot to take my camera, so I could not take pictures, but here is a picture I found online that was taken in the winter.
The store is much smaller than the other one on 104, but I like this one better. The Amish people are very friendly and helpful. There was an adorable little Amish boy running around. Their bakery section is pretty nice, lots of bread and cookies and best of all they make fried pies and apple fritters. The fritters are only available on Friday and Saturday unfortunately. I bought a loaf of bread, some barley, some fly strips and some herbes de provencial. We continued heading east just to see what was down there. We encountered a few Amish farm stands. We stopped at one and I bought a huge butternut squash, a red pepper and some pears. We eventually got to the hamlet or village of Kuckville. It is very small. There is a church (not active, but well taken care of) with a couple of historical signs. I mentioned to Pam that we had not seen any old cemeteries and she thought she recalled one near MARJIM MANOR (a winery) so we headed back west until we got there, but we did not locate the cemetery. We went to THE CUP AND SAUCER for their Thursday special, all you can eat spaghetti for $1.99. I treated Pam since her birthday was yesterday. Then we came back to my house in Lockport and had some carrot cake (left over from her birthday).

Monday, November 2, 2015

11/2/15 Geocaching and Urban Exploring with Chick

My computer is broken, so I asked Chick to find some geocache information for Medina, New York. She picked me up at my house and we headed out. Our first stop was in Gasport to find a cache that I had already found a few years ago at a picnic area, across from THE RIDGE ROAD EXPRESS. Chick found it quickly. Along the way, Chick pointed out a quarry, so we stopped and checked it out.
We tried to find KING 2 at a Burger King, but were unsuccessful. Then on to Medina where we found two caches in BUTTS PARK: Home Run at Butts Park and Don't Fall In. It is a gorgeous park.
Then we decided to have lunch. We chose RUDY'S DINER, which we both liked since it was inexpensive and fast. It seems to be a very popular spot.
Then while looking for ALONG THE CANAL, we noticed an abandonment! Turns out it was a cement factory.
We explored a bit. Across the road is the roadside icon A HUGE APPLE sculpture.
Then we got to the area of ALONG THE CANAL. I had found this one before a few years ago with Peggy. Unfortunately, that cache seems to be missing. It is at the historical society, which is in front of the RIDGEWAY TOWN HALL. We went in to ask about getting an Orleans County Map (no luck) and used the restrooms. We drove by the APPLE GROVE INN (where my class had its Senior Prom) and Chick pointed out a house just across from it that Cher rented when she was in the area years ago. It was a great day!!!!!