Monday, December 31, 2012

Sprout Brook Adventure on New Years Eve Day

Leslie and I set today aside for geocaching as our way of celebrating the last day of 2012.

We met up at ten a.m. at her house and with her at the wheel, we set off, heading towards Cherry Valley. We stopped for several geocaches, but many of them were not at all accessible because of the high piles of snow left by snowplows. We did, however find three geocaches.

We stopped at The TePee, hoping it was open, but it wasn't . The snow piles were too deep for Leslie to find "Go Meet TePee Pete". But at least she was able to see the TePee.........she had not been able to find it before when she looked.

The high point of the day (for me) was finding Sprout Brook and the store/restaurant. The store does not look old, but an elderly man, who was born in l930 remembers it from the l930's and was able to tell us the owners name at that time.

I had a reuben sandwich and potato soup and Leslie had the chicken and biscuits and we split a piece of fresh baked cherry pie. Everything was very good.

The owner was hesitant to let me take pictures inside, but she eventually relented and gave me permission.

We arrived back in Oneonta a few minutes before three p.m.

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