Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday, October 26th, 2012

We left our lodging in Cainesville, Utah (a very nice Rodeway Inn) and headed towards Capital Reef

Our original plans were to just drive through Capital Reef, but it turned out to be so beautiful and interesting that we made many stops.  We found two virtual caches, (THE BIG CLEANUP and THE OLD HOMESTEAD)  visited another old homestead, took a couple of short hikes and took a BUNCH of pictures.  Here is the FRUITA SCHOOLHOUSE 
There are ruins near the OYLER MINE:  

Capital Reef Scene
What was nice about Capital Reef was that we were able to "get up close and personal" with the surroundings via trails. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The scenery from the roadway was equally beautiful: We actually picked up a hitchhiker, Guy Bombardo, a D.J. who was retracing a trip he took twenty or so years ago.  He was travelling by motorcycle and he did not want to drive his bike down a rough road.  It turned out to be too rough for our rental car, too and we had to drop him off and turn around.

After leaving Capital Reef, we stopped for some geocaching in Torrey, Utah. One was successful and the other was not.  Then we headed west towards Tropic, Utah (where we had lodging for that night). Stopped briefly in Boulder, Utah to take a picture of an interesting small building.    After that, we drove along the edge of GRAND STAIRCASE-ESCALANTE NATIONAL MONUMENT and stopped a couple of time to take pictures.  We also stopped to take a few pictures in the city of Escalante.  After leaving Escalante, we were stopped the the Escalante Chief of Police who claimed Peggy was speeding and that she crossed a double line, and also passed him while he was going after another speeder.  Thankfully, he did not give her a ticket.   I am quite sure Peggy did NOT do what she was accused of but she may have exceeded the speed limit a bit.

We stopped in Cannonville, Utah to find a geocache at a cemetery and found another one called Loseeville, which was not too far from Cannonville.

Finally arrived at Bybee's Steppingstone, our motel in Tropic, Utah.  It was still kind of early, so we decided to drive right up to BRYCE.  We saw as much there as we could before it got dark, and had supper at RUBY'S LODGE.  The cowboy buffet was great!  Then it was back to Tropic for a good nights sleep.

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