Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 Bluff to Moab, Utah

This morning Peg and I left our lodging at the RECAPTURE LODGE  in Bluff, Utah.  We really enjoyed this place.  Our room was a genuine motel room, but the place had the "feel" of a hostel, with a common room with a piano, computer, books, couches and chairs, etc.

Before leaving Bluff, we decided to try to find a couple of geocaches.  We went first to THE GREAT KIVA, but we could not find the cache.  We enjoyed seeing the ancient kiva.  Then we found two geocaches A CACHED LUNCH and LYDIA (which was in an interesting cemetery).  Before leaving BLUFF, we stopped at the restaurant we had supper at the previous night TWIN ROCKS CAFE.  Because it was dark when were there, we missed out on this spectacular sight:  

Then we headed north towards Moab and ARCHES NATIONAL PARK.  We stopped in Blanding and looked briefly for a cache at an old church without success, but just around the corner we found IN THE SHADE OF A TREE.  We continued north and stopped in Monticello and found two geocaches FORK IN THE ROAD and FIRST GEAR.

We hadn't planned to stop at THE HOLE IN THE ROCK, but it was too interesting to pass by.  There is a tour of a home built inside a rock, and lots of other touristy things to see.  After that we continued on to MOAB and ARCHES.  Before we got to the national park, we stopped to see another arch:

Once we got to ARCHES, we took a couple of short hikes to various arches.  Then our troubles began, when it started to rain and get windy.  We stayed in the park to drive to various viewpoints and attempted another interesting looking hike, but had to give that up due to the rain and wind.  Here is one of the arches we hiked to.  

Peggy wanted to call it an early night anyways because she wanted to watch SURVIVOR on  television.  We found our lodging and I told her that if she went out to pick up supper at Pizza Hut, I would do our laundry.  It was a deal.  She missed the first few minutes of SURVIVOR because of picking supper up.  She also picked up a large salad at McDonalds, which we split.

It was a good but tiring day.

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