Saturday, December 22, 2012

October 29, 2012 in Las Vegas

 Today we had reservations at ten a.m. to tour the NEON MUSEUM (also known as the boneyard).  This museum is outdoors and many old neon signs (and other signs) are stored here.  Unfortunately, two people at the information desk at our hotel told us wrongly that the bus would take us all the way there.  They were wrong, but luckily, someone on the bus told us the exact way to get there.  We got off at a bus terminal type place and hopped on another bus which took us right to it.  We knew were in the right spot when we saw this.....  We arrived right at ten a.m., I think.

The museum was great.  It was a guided tour.  I took MANY pictures which can be seen here:     Here is one:    Someone told us that the Mormon Fort was just down the street and we walked down there after our tour at the NEON MUSEUM, but it was closed.

At the bus stop to head back towards the strip, Peggy made a phone call to our airline and  we found out  that our flight to New York for the next day had been cancelled.  While waiting for our bus to go back towards the Strip, Peggy got on the phone and was able to set up a new flight for the night of  November 1st.  Unfortunately, it was an overnight flight, but it was the soonest one we could get, so we were happy to get it.  Several buses passed us by while Peggy was on the phone and I was taking notes, but we were so relieved to have that issue settled!  But we were not all that thrilled about the extra time in Las Vegas.  

We decided to go to the Fremont Street area and do some geocaching and find a place for lunch.  Geocaching was again unsuccessful, we just did not have ANY luck in Las Vegas with geocaching.  We did find a good place for lunch.  MICKEY FINNS.

 We had an outdoor table and enjoyed our meal.  We shared roast chicken and tacos.

We headed back to the strip and to our hotel, where we both took an afternoon nap.  Normally, this is not something we do when we travel, but since we were stuck with few plans, we felt justified.  Also, I was getting pretty worn out!   We made a few phone calls and found out that the CIRCUS CIRCUS offered a special rate for people stranded due to Hurricane was very inexpensive, something like $35.00.

We had supper at the "R" buffet in the Riviera, which was right across the street from our hotel.  It was very good!

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