Thursday, December 6, 2012


What a blessing friends are!  I got to spend portions of today with four very special people.  After working this morning, I went to visit Joyce.  I asked her if she wanted to go to Neahwa Park to take a walk, but she said her back was bothering her.  We talked for a while and she started to feel better, and asked if I would take her to WalGreens. (on the way there, she wanted to go to Arby's but we found it closed)  At WalGrens, she purchased a couple of boxes of Christmas cards.  Then she said she needed stamps, so I took her to the Oneonta Post Office.  Then she said she needed a box of envelopes, so I suggested we go to THE DOLLAR TREE, where we both made a few purchases.  Then I dropped her off.

At the Post Office, we ran into my friend Connie and Connie and I set up a time later on to meet at Wilbur Park to go for a walk.  We met up down by the tennis courts and walked for over a half an hour.  Connie then wanted to go get something to eat, but I told her I needed to get home in order to meet up with Carol and Terry so we could go to a church supper.

The church supper in Morris was very good.  Then we went to THE MAGIC CLOSET at a church in Morris, where they give away free clothing and other items.  Neither Terry or I found anything, so we left while Carol was still looking.

It was a good day!

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