Monday, December 3, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I advertised two dollhouses in a local PENNYSAVER.  I never saw the ad, but a young lady named Olivia called and expressed interest in them.  She came to my house one day and purchased them, along with a box of books.  I gave her a set of CHILDCRAFT Encyclopedias and a Spin-Art Set, for her children.  When I found out that she loves books and wants to set up a library in her home, I told her I would get the rest of my childrens books together for her.
Wendy, Olivia and Rejoice
My friend Linda and I took the books and a Holly Hobbie toy box to Olivia today in Richfield Springs.  I think she actually lives in a populated place called  Brighton Corners.   She lives in a huge farmhouse on a farm, where her husband is a dairy farmer.  Olivia and her family are Mennonites and they live in the heart of the Amish area.

It turned out that today was Olivia's daughter Wendy's fourth birthday.  Olivia, Linda and I chatted for a while before Linda and I headed back to town to have lunch.   Olivia told me that her family became Mennonite for a time, and then changed churches, but she and her sister decided to remain Mennonite.
She and David met at Bible College (I think maybe in Pennsylvania).  They moved to New York from
Texas a year or two ago.  She said being Mennonite helps them to live the way they want to live.

After we left Olivia and the girls, Linda and I went to Richfield Springs and had lunch at the Chinese restaurant.  It was very good.   Then we went to the Post Office to see the mural, and we crossed the
street to see the manger scene in the village square.  On the way back home, we stopped at Dyn's Cider Mill for a few minutes.Here is a picture of Linda chatting with the owner.

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