Saturday, December 22, 2012

GHOST TOWN DAY: October 25th, 2012 (Thursday)

Today we left the Motel Six  in Moab (where we stayed to be close to ARCHES NATIONAL PARK).  We headed towards the ghost town of Cisco.  Just before Cisco, we found a geocache.

 Cisco was absolutely amazing.  Its just hard to describe!  So many abandoned homes and businesses and a very tiny Post Office which was abandoned and unlocked.  According to an article on the internet, there are still a few residents, and we think we saw the home of one.  It was the only place we saw that was being maintained and taken care of.  Cisco was used for filming parts of VANISHING POINT AND THELMA AND LOUISE.  We spent a couple of hours there, exploring and taking pictures. 

Cisco Landing Store
I think what was so great about Cisco is that Peggy and I were able to partake in three of our favorite things: ghosttowning, geocaching and urban exploring!  Yes!  There is a geocache hidden just outside and old, abandoned auto repair shop!  I wonder how long this store has been closed:

We decided it would be worth our time to take a bit of a detour and drive to Colorado to find a geocache or two, since we had never geocached in Colorado.  So we went up to Interstate 70 and headed east a bit until we entered Colorado and we found two geocaches, one on each side of the Interstate.  And then we headed to the semi-ghost town of Thompson or Thompson Springs.  We found a geocache just off the interstate before we got to the town.  Then we drove through Thompson to this school where we found another geocache. Thompson Springs turned out to be  another SPECTACULAR place.........many abandoned businesses, several abandoned homes, a few residents and a character named CECIL!!!!
 Cecil lives in Thompson Springs and seems to have a lot of time on his hands.  He motioned us to stop and we chatted for a few minutes.  I asked him if any women lived in T.Springs and he said there are several widows.  He pointed us in the direction of the old abandoned jailhouse.

From Thompson Springs we headed north a bit to another ghost town: SEGO.  Here is a picture of the road to SEGO.

 First we found a geocache in the Sego Cemetery
and then on to the where the town used to be.   There are only a couple of buildings still standing, the ruins of the company store
 and a fenced in homestead.  Heading back to the interstate, we went through Thompson Springs again and once again Cecil motioned for us to stop.  He encouraged us to consider moving to Thompson Springs.  I felt like saying 'this is a hellhole........I would NEVER want to LIVE here", but I didn't.  He told us about the hanging tree in Sego, where "they hung a whore in l930".  It so happened that I had taken a picture of that cottonwood tree.  He also told us about how his house was burned down and how he is knows who did it, and if cops don't get the guy before July 4th, he is gonna kill him.  YIKES!!!

We left Thompson Springs in the late afternoon and headed towards our lodging.  We made a brief stop in Green River, and Peggy bought some melons at a farmstand.  We stopped in Hanksville and had supper at
STAN's BURGER SHAK  and then on to our lodging: a very nice Rodeway Inn in Cainesville, Utah.    It was a great day!!!!!

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