Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012 DAY ONE OF FALL TRIP

Almost every year, my sister Peg and I take a trip together.  This year our trip plan was to fly to Albuquerque and drive west to see Route 66 stuff and then go north through Arizona to Canyon de Chelly and then into Utah to see national parks and then end up in Vegas and fly home ten days later.......little did we know.......but thats another story!

Early in the morning on Saturday October 20th, Mike and Janie took Peg and I to the Buffalo airport for our flight.  Our layover was in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.  I think we had a three hour layover.  We had lunch at a WOK-N-ROLL while waiting for our second flight. It was very good.  We tried to find out if there were any geocaches in the airport, using Peg's smart phone but we were not successful.

We arrived in Albuquerque mid afternoon.  After getting our rental car (a beautiful Lincoln Town Car), we went to a Mexican Supermarket that we found two years ago when we were in Albuquerque.  We purchased picnic type items and had fruit drinks.  Then we headed down towards Chloride, New Mexico.

The clerk at AVIS had told us about a restaurant she likes in San Antonio, New Mexico, that had been

featured on the Food Network once or twice.  So, we stopped in San Antonia to have supper there, but it was closed.  We found another place, right around the corner THE SAN ANTONIO CRANE.  We purchased meals to take out.
I drove while Peggy ate, and then decided to drive all the way to Chloride.  It was dark by the time we arrived.  We located someone to let us into our cabin (THE PYE CABIN).  While Peggy brought stuff in from the car, I ate my Navajo Taco, which was very good.  The cabin was great!  It had a fully stocked kitchen, two bedrooms and a living room.  If only we could find lodging like that everywhere!  It was a long and tiring day, like most first days of a trip are.  

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