Saturday, December 22, 2012

November 1, 2012 LAST DAY IN VEGAS....hooray, we are heading home!!!!!

November 1, 2012 in Las Vegas

I think this day was the day that Peggy and I had the least fun.  Our replacement flight was at 11:30 p.m. today, and by now we had seen and done everything in Las Vegas that interested us.  Early in the morning, we decided to reserve our room at CIRCUS CIRCUS for the night again even though we would not be staying overnight.  Both of us hated the idea of just "hanging around" the strip with no place to go after check out time.

After breakfast in our room, we spent some time getting our suitcases organized and then we decided to check out a couple of the newer hotels that were built on "the strip" since our last visit to Vegas:  The TRUMP and the WYNN.  Also, Peg wanted to go to THE VENETIAN again.  So thats how we spent our morning.  We were at the TRUMP around lunch time.   Peggy was a bit put off by the elegance of the restaurant off of the lobby, but I was hungry, tired and thirsty and since the menu showed reasonable prices, I suggested we eat there and she reluctantly agreed.  She had a barbeque chicken salad and I ordered a club sandwich with fruit on the side.  We both enjoyed our meals. The service was impeccable and we both relaxed and enjoyed the elegance of the DRT Restaurant.

Then we headed back to CIRCUS CIRCUS where we both took a nap.  After that we went to the midway and watched a juggling act.  We decided to use our free tickets for a midway game and chose CAMEL RACE.  It was only the two of us playing, so one of us had to win........and I was the lucky one....winning a small pillow. I won something in Las Vegas!!!!!

We went to the buffet in the hotel for supper.  It was reasonably priced, but smaller than some of the others we have been to.  The food was good.  Some of the workers behind the buffet did not speak good english, so asking them questions was futile.  The items were not labelled.  When Peggy asked what kind of fish it was, she was told "its fish".   LOL.

I think we checked out around eight p.m.  We took a shuttle to the airport.  While waiting to check in we met a few other people who had been stuck in Las Vegas.  They had stories about their struggle to get out of Vegas that were much more dramatic than ours.  There are some really nice murals in the Las Vegas airport and here is one.    Our flight was on time and we headed towards Cleveland.  In the Cleveland airport, we had breakfast from Subway.  FINALLY, we headed to Buffalo.    Gail picked us up at the airport (by now it was the 3rd of November).  It was so good to be back in New York!!!!!

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