Saturday, December 22, 2012

October 28th, 2012: from Utah to Las Vegas

This morning we left Hurricane, Utah, where we had stayed in order to go to ZION NATIONAL PARK.  Our lodging provided a very nice breakfast,  which we enjoyed.  We looked for geocaches in Hurricane before leaving and were successful, I think we found four out of five.  One was hidden near some petroglyphs.  The one we did not find was hidden by a pile of lava rocks.

Before leaving the Utah and heading into Nevada, we decided to drive NE a bit and see a ghost town (called Silver or Silver Reef, in Washington County) that  Peggy had read about on ROADSIDE AMERICA.  We found it easily and explored it a bit.  There is a museum there, but it was closed. Here are a couple of pictures taken in Silver Reef:  
Wells Fargo Bldg. in Silver Reef, Utah
Somewhere enroute to Las Vegas, Peggy checked facebook on her smart phone and there was a message from Megan saying that flights were being cancelled and that airlines were allowing customers to make changes without extra charges.  Peg suggested the idea of trying to get a flight a day early, so  that we could get back to New York BEFORE the worst of the storm and before the cancellations.  We called the airline about this, but we were told that there were no seats on earlier flights available, and that also we should wait until our flight was ACTUALLY cancelled, which it was not at that time.

Then we headed towards Las Vegas.  Along the route, we stopped a couple of times to geocache.  The first attempt was in Mesquite, and was unsuccessful. We could not seem to drive to the location of the coords. Instead we found ourself driving around in circles on a busy highway in a busy area of restaurants and stores.    The second attempt was off of 15 in a city which I think is named Glendale.  It was at a gas station/restaurant and we were successful.   Then it was on to Las Vegas.

We arrived at the strip and had a kind of rough time finding the drop off point for AVIS, but eventually we got to it and we made it by the deadline!   We dropped off the car and struggled with our luggage to get it to the check in area at CIRCUS CIRCUS.  After checking in, we paid a bellman to help us with our luggage, which was a good thing because the way the hotel is laid out, you have to meander through several casinos and areas with shops and take two elevators to get to your room, ours was in the SKYLINE TOWER on the 22nd floor, and it was very nice. The bed there was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in!

Not too much later on, we headed to Fremont Street where our plans were to go ziplining under the lights!
Peggy wanted to do this to celebrate her fiftieth birthday re-do.  Her birthday fell during the summer of 2012 when our Dad was very ill, so it was overlooked.  Originally, she wanted to go skydiving to celebrate joining the half-century club, but she changed her mind in favor of ziplining.  It was great!!!!  All of the Pictures can be seen here!  but here is one of Peg and I up in the air:  

We had supper that night at the "R" Buffet at the Paradise Buffet.

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