Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Cooperstown, NY by JuneNY
Cooperstown, NY, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

Megan, the kids and I headed up to Cooperstown this morning. I took this opportunity to show them my favorite places in Cooperstown: Brookwood Gardens, The Indian Mound, the stone bridge, Council Rock.  I think Megan particularly liked Brookwood Gardens.

By the time we were finished up at Council Rock, it was lunch time. We went to the library to use the restrooms and the kids and I spent a couple of minutes in one of the art galleries while Megan walked back to Estlie Avenue to get the car.  She picked us up in front of the library and we went to the DEPOT DELI and purchased sandwiches and took them to Badger Park. Unfortunately, we did not find the picnic tables in the woods until after we ate our lunch on a picnic table out in the sun. The kids and I looked briefly for the geocache (THE LEGEND OF THE CHOPPER), but did not have any success

Then we drove to the temporary BLUE LOT at the elementary school, where we parked and then caught the trolley  which took us  downtown where we did some shopping and sightseeing.  The kids each got a baseball card, and Tyler got a YANKEES baseball cap.  We kind of wanted to go to the HALL OF SHAME, but the directions we were given were a bit confusing, so we skipped it.   I suggested to Meg that the kids might like to see DOUBLEDAY FIELD so we headed down in that direction.

When we got to the statue of THE SAND LOT KID, Cassy said she wished she had a baseball bat so she could pose like the statue. I went to a nearby gift shop and borrowed a bat, and both of the kids posed for photographs..
  In the store where we borrowed the bat, we purchased some postcards and I think Meg bought a couple of other items.

Then we caught the trolley back to the school and headed towards Oneonta.  We stopped at POP'S PLACE for ice cream.  I had the creamsicle flavor burst which was really good.  One more stop after that was at WalMart so Megan could purchase some beach/bath towels for our upcoming trip to Canada's Wonderland.

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