Monday, July 30, 2012

Tina's Birthday Lunch

As part of celebrating Tina's 59th birthday, Megan wanted to take her and Mike out to lunch.  She wanted a place not too expensive but very nice and settled on THE STELLA LUNA, and Mike and Tina and their grandkids, Lexy and Cody planned to meet us there.

Megan, the kids and I went to Walmart and the library first and we had some extra time so we went over to Neahwa Park where I showed the kids the 400 year old tree,  and the caboose.  They played on the new playground for a while.

When we got to Stella Luna, we found it CLOSED.........even though the website says it is open Monday through Saturday.  Mike and Tina arrived a minute later and a quick decision was made to go to MOREY'S.  We had a nice lunch there and all of the kids were very well behaved.

Megan dropped the kids off at Mike and Tina's house for a couple of hours so she could take a very well deserved nap!  I took one, too.

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