Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Geocaching

     Megan and the kids wanted to spend most of the day with Misty and her kids, so Leslie and I set up a geocaching expedition.   It was a bit cooler day compared to the few previous days.   After gassing up, I picked Leslie up at her house.
      We both wanted to wrap up our DNF's from last week near Bloomville so that is what we did first.  This time, it was super quick and easy to find the two cemetery caches (DUH)........I think we somehow got locked into various ideas we got from the cache info and clues last week, and were not able to see beyond our mindsets.  Anyways, we found them and then moved on to Harmony Hill, where we found BRIDGES AND BEGINNINGS under this little bridge.  The reason we did not find it last week is because this is a very strange place to hide a geocache.  When the rains come, and the creek starts running again.................what will happen to the cache?

Small Bridge by JuneNY
Small Bridge, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

     And then we drove to the Village of  Bloomville to continue to find ZenanSparticus's ALL ABOUT THE TOWN caches.  We were unsuccessful with the bullet hole cache.  Also, we tried NANO, NANO, IT ALL STARTS HERE again, without any success.
       We had a picnic lunch at SAL'S TRADITIONAL MEAT SHOP, on the picnic table out in back, with Sal's permission.  And then we went on to find four more ALL ABOUT THE TOWN caches.   I had to "sit out" two of them while Leslie did all the work, one of them was under a bridge, and involved getting down on your knees and reaching under to find, and the other one was down a short, kind of steep hill.  The other two were easier to get to, though.   There was one down a short road right off of Route 10 that we could not get to because there was so much farm activity going on.  One of the geoacaches was found behind this large rock on a back road. 
      We got mixed up somewhat on our way back to Oneonta, and did a bit of extra driving in the East Meredith area!  But it was a great day, and I thoroughly enjoyed being in the outdoors today.  

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