Friday, July 27, 2012

SHOPPING ADVENTURE (and a bit more)

SHOPPING_FLYCREEKCIDERMILL 013, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr
When we woke up to drizzling rain, we decided to scratch our plans to go to Cooperstown in favor of going shopping just outside of Utica. Megan wanted to get some beads at MICHAELS CRAFT SHOP and look for some clothing for her and the kids. So, we headed out about 9:30 a.m.   Along the way (I think it was West Winfield) we saw an Amish stand and we stopped and purchased pies, bread, donuts and cookies.

First stop in New Hartford was at  FIVE DOLLARS AND UNDER, a store where everything is priced at five dollars or less. The kids found some LEGO people and their mother and I each bought each kid one. Next stop was the craft store, which is very big and has a great selection, but we could not find any modelling clay in small amounts. Third was a huge shoe store and the last shopping stop was OLD NAVY, where the picture at the top was taken.  We had fun getting large bouncy balls out of a machine and trading them with each other.  Both the kids and I have a collection of smaller ones.  .

Then it was time for lunch.  I suggested FIVE GUYS and we were able to locate it, but the kids did not want to eat there, so we checked out at Chinese Buffet, and Tyler did not want to eat there.  We then checked out Ninety Nine and decided to eat there.  It was a good lunch.

After that, Megan said "what next?" and I suggested we go to the FLY CREEK CIDER MILL.  She had never been there, and she and the kids enjoyed it.  They purchased a few items, fed the ducks, I took a lot of pictures and then the kids located a geocache APPLE OF MY EYE.    After that we headed for home.

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