Saturday, July 7, 2012


This morning I asked Megan and the kids if they were interested in going to see some huge fossils.  All three of them were enthusiastic, so we got moving and got ourselves ready for the day.  We packed up drinks in the coolerbag and bagged up some snacks and headed out.

On the way Megan commented on the sign for BUTTS CORNERS.  I told her that there is a waterfall down that road and she wanted to go see it, so we located BUTTERMILK FALLS, but unfortunately, it is all dried up.  

My navigation system took us right to the site of "roadside fossils", which is also the sight of a virtual geocache.

  I took several pictures and then we went back to the small GILBOA MUSEUM.  We were given a guided tour and purchased some items in the gift shop, and then we backtracked a bit to see the dam  and reservoir.  Unfortunately, their is consteruction work being done on the lookout point for the reservoir, so we didn't really get a good view.

By then we were getting hungry, so we headed out on Route 30 towards Breakabeen.  I had seen pictures of the Breakabeen Country Store on flickr and had wanted to see it.  Our tentative plans were to have lunch there, but we found out that while they DO make sandwiches and burgers, they do not have an area to eat them in.  Megan commented that "the meat appears to be questionable" we decided to go back to 30 and continue on to Middleburgh where there are several restaurants.  On the way we passed through North Blenheim and saw the site of the covered bridge that was destroyed in the recent flooding.

We had lunch at Middle Village Pasta and Grill.  While waiting for our orders I went outside and took some pictures of some interesting buildings.  I particularly liked this one: 

  I had a mixed italian sub, Megan had a burger, Tyler had chicken tenders and Cassy had spaghetti and meatballs.  Each one of us brought home half or more of our meal.

On the way to Gilboa and Middleburgh, we passed several things that Megan and I wanted pictures of and each time we said "we will stop on the way back"  however, after lunch we decided to take a different, quicker route back to Oneonta (via 88), so we missed those spots.

We arrived home around 4:15.  Later on I took the kids to Morris to find "ODDBALLS, ETC." and for ice cream.

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