Friday, July 13, 2012

A Dusty Friday ADVENTURE

I met up with Leslie at her house a little after 9:30 a.m.  I had been planning on driving, but I noticed a strange light on my dashboard which had not been there before, so I asked her to drive.  We

 set out for the Kortright/Meredith area to find some geocaches. Our first stop was at Kelso Cemetery.
What a disappointment when we could not find the geocache after close to a half an hour of searching.  Then on to another cemetery geocache at Blakeley Cemetery  just down the road and more disappointment, since we could not find that one either.  We were getting pretty discouraged, but we did find the next one which is called UNDER THE APPLE TREE.   And then we were successful with our next geocache, also (ENDLESS VALLEY).
      We set off to find HARMONY HILL RETREAT CENTER, because of a cache hidden there BEGINNINGS AND BRIDGES.  It took us quite a while to find this place but we finally did find it and
we walked on a gorgeous hiking trail to the cache site, but no luck, we could not find that one.  Later on, when I checked the cache description I found that having the clue with us may have helped.  I hope to go and look for that one again someday.   It was getting late so we headed back to Oneonta.  By that time, Leslie's new car was covered with red dust from the dry, dirt roads we had been travelling on.  The dust even got inside the car!
        Sooooooo, when I started up the Pacifica, the light came on again.  I decided to drive to the library to
drop off some books and while  there, I looked in the owners manual and found some information about the light, it has something to do with emissions.  I called Mike and asked if I could bring the car over to be checked and he said "yes, come on right over".  However, when I was leaving the library, the light was not on, so I called and told Rita that I will bring it on Monday if it comes on again.


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