Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pie in the Sky ADVENTURE!

My grandkids and I agreed to try to get to every possible ice cream spot this summer during their two month visit.  They have been here for 9 days, and today we went out to our third place........I combined a trip to Pie in the Sky with geocaching so they could find HEAVEN ON ROUTE SEVEN.  They found it quickly and easily without any help from me.  They each took a couple of those skinny bracelets and I added a few items to the twin containers.  

Then we went inside for ice cream.  I tried the chocolate covered cherry without any toppings and they both had mint chocolate chip with sauce and sprinkles.  Then we spent about twenty minutes looking around.  The kids especially liked "the beehive" and I enjoyed the vintage and antique items on display and for sale.  As we were leaving Pie in the Sky, I took this picture!  

We stopped at the new bridge that leads over to Pony Farm Road to see if there was a suitable place to hide a magnetic key holder, but the new guardrails are more solid than ever and don't offer hiding spots like the old ones did.  

I took them to the fishing/boat access site in West Oneonta just to show them the place.  And then we headed back home.  

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