Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cobleskill to The TePee Adventure

WednesdayAugustfirst 069 by JuneNY
WednesdayAugustfirst 069, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

Megan found out that the skirt she ordered in a shop (VIVAYA's) in Cobleskill was ready, and we decided to go out and pick it up this afternoon.  We got a kind of late start, leaving after noon.   We took 88 to Cobleskill, picked up some lunch items at McDonalds and
had lunch in a park at the end of Main Street.  From there we walked up Main Street to the Cat Nap Bookstore.

  We bought a bunch of books, most of them about the holocaust.  Cassy is particularly interested in the holocaust and she found several books about it.  I also purchased several books about the holocaust.  Then we crossed the street to go to Vivaya's to pick up the skirt.. 

Vivaya and her family tried hard to get us to buy other items but we remained strong!  Then we walked back to the car and I suggested we go up to Route 20 and go to THE TEPEE.  Megan headed in that direction and I looked at the map and realized we would be driving VERY close to Sharon Springs, so I suggested we drive through it.  I told Cassy about how many holocaust survivors went to Sharon Springs after the war.  
     Once in Sharon Springs, Megan wanted to walk up and look at the ADLER HOTEL AND SPA, so we did.  Then I suggested that we stop at the active spring WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. In the past, there has always been a dipper handy for getting water, but I noticed that the dipper is gone.   Cassandra found the back door to the bathhouse opened and wanted to go in but I told her "ABSOLUTELY NOT".  But, while the kids and I were checking out
the springs, Megan snuck in and looked around.  After she came out, I stepped inside the door and took a few pictures.
I pointed out some other sights in Sharon Springs and told Megan about THE FABULOUS BEEKMAN BOYS.
   Then we continued back up to Route 20 and went to the TePee.   Up at the top, you can see a picture of Cassandra posing in front of the bison.   Megan and the kids purchased a few souveniers.  And then we headed home.  We stopped in Laurens and the kids got SLUSHIES.  

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