Sunday, July 9, 2017


Peggy arranged for the CONNECT Seniors group to go to Tillman's for lunch and then to The Cobblestone Museum.  Last year we visited this museum and toured and learned about the three larger cobblestone buildings, and had decided to return someday to go through the remaining buildings.  Today was the day.

I had agreed to carpool and take both Pam's with me in my car but Pam P. did not follow through with her plans.  Pam and I met the rest of the group out at Tillman's

  We all had the brunch, and it was very good!    Then we walked over to the section we were going to go through.  

A guide met us and we went into four buildings: Farmers Hall, the Print Shop, the Harness Shop and the Blacksmith shop.  It was really hot and humid and I spent most of my time outside the buildings where it was somewhat cooler.  

It was a nice afternoon,  but I was glad to get into my air conditioned car and head back to Lockport.

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