Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ORLEANS COUNTY FAIR on July 25, 2017

I picked Mary Ann up at nine a.m. and we headed to Albion.  We arrived before they started charging the seven dollars to park your car!!!!

We were at the fair for four hours and had a nice time.  It was very cool and comfortable. 

We had ribeye steak sandwiches for lunch

followed by a piece of 4H homemade pie (I had rhubarb and it was soooooooooooooo good).   

We went into all of the livestock buildings
and the vendor building and stopped at all the booths.  There was a pro-life display in one of the buildings and we played a game set up by this lady; We attempted to match baby pictures up with the well known people in the pictures.    We did not do very well.

Later on we had salt potatoes (very good).
Here are a few more pictures.  

I don't know what this is and it did not seem to be open 
but it looked interesting and might be something I would like. 

When I got home, I found a phone message from Elaine reminding me of ADULT COLORING at the library tonight.  I met her and Nancy there.  Marty Bowman Wilson was there,too, and also Donna and Monica Alexander.  It was good to see them.

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