Friday, July 7, 2017


Elaine mentioned a concert tonight at the Erie Canal Discovery Center (FUN, FOOD and FOLK by the Might Erie Canal).   I met her there. 

They were offering Chiavetta's Chicken Barbecue so I purchased that for my supper.   THE TRAVELLING TOWPATH TROUBADORS performed and they were great. 

After the concert, we decided to walk down by the canal to see the newly built replica boat.  We waved to Kay and Bill McDonald (of the Troubadors) and Kay invited us down!!!!

Elaine said she was kind of tired and thought had had enough for one day, but I told her that we might not ever get an opportunity like this again, so she agreed.  Kay gave us a tour of the houseboat they are renting
and we also met Susan and Rich, who have a tugboat and were docked behind the McDonalds.  We had a tour of their boat. 
Here are Bill and Kay
I think the official name of their band is OLD HIPPIES.

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