Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Becky won four tickets to the Herschel Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda.  We arranged for her, myself, Elaine and Carol to use the tickets today. Elaine agreed to drive and she picked the three of us up at my house.  

We all enjoyed the museum,
 I think these signs are original and have been restored. Notice the way they spelled CARROUSEL !!!!
which told the history of  the carousel building, etc.  I think this was taken in the painting room.  
We all got a free ride on the carousel:  

the Herschell Company also made other rides for amusement parks, I think they did that BEFORE they started making carousels. 

We went to the PANE RESTAURANT on Payne Avenue.  Our meal was good, but service was very slow.  It was a great day and we all enjoyed ourselves.  

When we got back to Lockport I gave both Becky and Elaine some of the BUNDT PAN SPAGHETTI PIE to take home for their supper.  

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