Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pendleton Petal-Pushers GARDEN WALK July 15, 2017

Elaine, Nancy and I went to Pendleton for the first PENDLETON PETAL PUSHERS GARDEN WALK, consisting of three families who opened their yards and gardens for the public to view.  All three property owners were friendly and their yards are absolutely stunning.

Then we went out to lunch at the Country Cottage, and then to an estate sale right across the street.  

We stopped at 5 Corners Country Store on the way back to Lockport.  One vendor has a large display of PYREX for sale, so I took pictures to show to Christa.

Elaine dropped me off so I could get my car, at her house and she and Nancy went to the SWEET CHALK Festival.  I went home and rested and later on Marlene and I took a long walk along the canal in Gasport.

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