Monday, July 24, 2017

Day Trip to Buffalo

Mary Ann and had made plans to go to Canandaigua today to visit Sonnenberg Gardens, but the weather forecast for Canandaigua was not very good (off and on thundershowers) so we scratched that plan and decided to go to Buffalo for the free tour of CITY HALL, given by Buffalo Tours.  I called Buffalo Tours at 8:30 a.m. and confirmed that the tour would take place and got some information about parking.

HOWEVER, when we arrived, we were told that Buffalo Tours had cancelled the tour due to not having a staff member available to do it.  So, we went up to the observation deck and looked around the lobby (it is gorgeous).    This is a view from the observation area, on the 25th floor.  

Then we went to Dinosaur Bar-B-Q for lunch.   I had a pulled pork sandwich and hand cut fries and greens. (really a small salad)

  We really enjoyed our meal.  While there, we looked at some tourist information for Buffalo and we decided to go to the TIFFT NATURE PRESERVE.  

We had some difficulty finding the preserve.  When we got there, we found the main entrance to the trails and headed out. 

After twenty minutes or so, it started to lightly sprinkle so we decided to head back to the car.  It is a beautiful place.   We saw a bit of wildlife: 

I hope to return someday
when the Visitors Center is open, mostly in order to get a trail map before heading out on the trails.  

On the way back to Lockport, we stopped at PAULA'S DONUTS!!!!!

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