Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Fourth of July 2017

I deliberately planned a "down day" today because my recent days have been chock full of activity and tomorrow will be very busy,too.

In the morning and early afternoon I puttered around the house, sorting through piles of paperwork and putting it away, paying bills, and various other organizational tasks. 

I finished reading Kelsey Grammer's autobiography  SO FAR
and that inspired me to see if I could find CHEERS online, since I never watched it when it was on TV.  I found that NETFLIX offers all of the seasons, so I watched a few episodes of Season One.

Late afternoon, I decided I needed some FOOD.  I went to Niagara Produce and picked up a steak, but then decided I wanted FAST FOOD, so I went to Reids and got a chocolate shake, a burger and fries, and brought them home to eat.  I will prepare my steak tomorrow. 

I normally skip going to the fireworks because I am a bit uncomfortable leaving the house since so many people crowd onto my street to watch them.  But this year, I decided to walk down to the west end of the street and watch part of the display.  I was headed in that direction when someone called my name.  It was Ken Belfield, who was with his son Matt, and granddaughter Brooklyn.  Ken asked if there was a spot close by where they could watch the fireworks and I said YES, right here in my front/side yard.  So we all watched together!  It was a great display. 


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