Friday, July 28, 2017

Class Reunion

I picked Jane up a few minutes after seven and we headed to the ELKS CLUB on North Canal Road.   Its hard to believe its been FIFTY YEARS.  
The  first person who spoke to me actually recognized me but I certainly did not recognize him.  Philip Angevine.  Our mothers were friends,  I told him the story about how I was waiting on his front porch while our mothers visited and I got stung by a wasp.  Jane and I sat with ____________and his partner, Linda.  Several girls from the Wednesday lunch group were there.  

Les Sears told me that he remembers me from the ninth grade at North Park, but I have no menories of him.  

The food was served kind of buffet style:  Beef on Weck, chicken wings, pasta, vegetables and dip and crackers and cheese.  

Jane and I left kind of early.   I heard later on that Mary Ann won the fifty/fifty and got close to three hundred dollars.  

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